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Hi guys - I have a pair of 'skins' leggins I use in the winter time, but I have never bothered with a long sleeve top and I keep hearing they are really beneficial also..

I just wondered if you guys had any experience with these, and if you would recommend one over the other at all? Ideally, I could run or cycle in the top - I daresay its multipurpose anyway?

What are your thoughts on one brand to the next? X2U usually are cheaper with good deals about are they not??

What about in the summertime - do any of you go for compression socks when wearing shorts, and are these just as good?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  


  • I can kind of see the benefit of the compression leggings. I don't believe it - but I can understand it.

    But tops ? So you're adding resistance to your breathing ? Do your pecs or arms ever burn when running ?

    I think its all marketing BS - but if you want the top - look at redvenom. Cheaper than the bigger makes.
  • Interesting thanks foryour feedback Cougie - I guess ideally I am looking for a nice long sleeve warn top for running in the cold instead of a t-short and a thin jacket!

  • I use a 2XU top when I have been open water swimming and done long session But I don't run in it
  • Ahh ok - I had no idea you could use them to swim in- is that the same type of compresison top though is this one specifically geared to swimming?

  • I said when... I wear it afterwards for recovery
  • Ahhh ok sorry - can you feel any benefits?

  • about as much as I do with the leggings...............  

    My OH has been convinced that they don't work, until I bought her a pair of tights for our wedding anniversary, and now she is convinced they help her recover


    I do think they help, I wore them after yesterdays race and apart from feeling my age today, no noticeable stiffness etc

  • I agree - I think they help with stiffness the day after I must say!

    The questions is - what type of tops do you guys go for in the winter months? Compression, tight fit, long sleeve or what exactly? 

  • I wear the Under Armour cold weather long sleeve compression top. I think it's a fantastic piece of kit. I've never found a problem with breathing as mentioned above and keeps you warm in all weather.

  • Under Armour - never heard of it - presume it does exactly what other compression stuff does too though right? image

  • Surprised at that, there's plenty of it out there. I can only compare it with a Puma and it's far superior. has loads of their gear.

  • Hey guys and girls!

    Ive used loads of stuff! image Here is a small breakdown....

    Ive tried thermal gear, great for keeping you warm but rubbish at keeping the water

    Nike dry fit, Im not really a nike fan but their dry fit gear is amazing! Fits well, takes water away and breaths well....can be a little expensive, look for sales! image

    My personal favourites are my Hind tops, fleece lined, really comfy, removes moisture, breathable, amazing! The only issue maybe getting them! Owned by Saucony. Try Ebay for a bargain! 

    The other compression stuff I use is only after im done running.

    Compressport calf gaurds, I find these really hard to use while running but for recovery I find them outstanding! Really tough to get on and expensive but worth every penny if you need to recover in a hurry.

    Hope that helps a little image

    I have a blog if any of you are interested click the link below! image

    Happy running peeps!

  • I use compression tops to prevent chaffing - no other reason neededimage

  • ha ha ha its a good enough reason by itself!!

  • I brought a compression/base layer top from decathlon for £16 and it briliant value

    Keeps me nice and warm on thse frosty mornings

  • pmo wrote (see)

    I use compression tops to prevent chaffing - no other reason neededimage

    Spot on. Prevents the dreaded nipple bleed. No need for plasters and vaseline.

  • I have a 2XU long sleeved compression top that I used instead of a rash vest for dinghy sailing, usually under a wetsuit. Felt it helped me recover (my weedy little arms would suffer from pulling bits of string for hours), and kept me a bit warmer on the water as well. 

    I've never run in it, simply because I get too hot even in a normal LS top and jacket after a couple of minutes running though.

    Needless to say I quit the sailing because running was warmer... image

  • Sub Sports on Amazon are worth a look. Prices are more reasonable than Skins or 2XU and they (from experience) are more akin to 'fitted' tops rather than compression and do indeed prevent chafing as a primary usage. Sub Sports claim they are compression but they're not really unless you go for the RX version. The 'Cold' top is fleece (brushed fabric really) lined and i've really enjoyed wearing it this winter at a size up from my usual size. Buying the size meant it then didn't restrict breathing either. I would recommend image

  • Thanks for all of the advise guys - looking into it all now!!

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