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  • Today ia going to be one of those days. I reckon I'll spend a good hour on the phone sorting out moo, then the nurse has to come abd sort his tube cos snot makes the tape holding it in place come off. At the moment, it is hanging on for dear life by a bit of tape less than a cm wide. Miss by eck has already told me I give moo far more attention (this while moo is still asleep and we're eating breakfast together). And it's raining, I have no hot water, no ventral heating and no kitchen.

    Sorry, pity party over
  • Awwwww By Eck ((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))). I really hoped that this would make thing better for you. Kids always say things like that though. I am going through it with Middle Ecky as we are giving Big Girl far more attention and think her work is far more important yet when we try and help her she storms off and says she is okay. You cant win.

    Morning Louise, Jude and everyone else.

     I find myself on the front page of the local paper this morning as I was I was so annoyed at our town being called the Fat Capital of Britain that I agreed to be pictured in my running kit with a few others to try and put the record straight. I was told it was for the letters page though and never imagined it would be right there glaring out at me. It does mention my local running club and Slimming world though so Im a happy bunny image. Running for me later too with "TREV" substitute.

  • morning

    by eck - glad you managed to get out for a run. Sounds like life is still hard work though, hugs from me

    ecky - well doneimage how exciting to be on the front page

  • Thanks Mathschick although I now realise how old I look image

  • Love you hun.  In other news, my weight is now down to 87kg, so 4.5kg off target.  Yay.  However, I have not done any serious exercise in about a week, and I am concerned that actually the weight I am losing is not fat, its muscle.  What chances? I seem to be losing a bit round my gut - if I hold it in, I can now do up a pair of 30" jeans, but that leaves little room on the legs.  Think I might end up with a more expensive pair that is thin waist but generous on the legs.  To the extent that 30" can be considered thin if it is accompanies by a bit of a muffin top...

  • I doubt you'd be losing muscle that quickly. You have done lots of running around, and had a good work out stripping wallpaper.

    I'm not sure I'll get out for a run tonight. I've spent ages on the phone today and I'm brain dead
  • Afternoon everyone image

    Well done for getting your run in yesterday By'eck and hope you do find time to get out tonight. Hope Moo's tube stays put...can they not leave you some extar protective tape so as you can apply it..I must say I am impressed with Moo that he hasn't wanted to pull it out.

    Mr By'eck...well done on the weight loss and I agree probably not muscle.

    Louise..you are llowed to be smug after all that exersize and enjoy cake.

    Well woke up 6am it was raining..took puppy out to do his business...back to bed ..up at 8am...still raining...breaky of porridge...took Chico out for his 1st proper walk..still raining...home...into running gear...still raining on and off...14.65 miles done and dusted..home refulelled and took Chico out for his 2nd long walk...well deserved cuppa time now I thinkimage 

    Hope everyone has had a good day so far................speak later

  • Oh and Ecky...you iz famous again...good stuff sticking up for your community...well done image

  • Just worked out, I was 117kg on 18 December 2010.  That was 115 weeks ago.  On a loss of 30kg, thats 250g per week, including six months when I couldn't exercise and several periods of stagnation.  I reackon about half of those 119 weeks were going up. 

    Just looking at the stats, I had 26 weeks of stagnation early on, then some loss, then 16 weeks of gradual gain (3kg), Then some loss.  Then another 14 weeks of gain (another 3 kg), and down from there.  So actually, I've lost 36kg in 56 weeks, just with a lot of going nowhere or slight gain.  Which is just over 500g per week.  I'm quite chuffed, and long may it continue.  If I can find my Norwich shirt from 1994, I might see how well it fits, as I think I will be able to get into it again.

  • Mr By Eck, thats a fantastic loss. You must be feeling amazing. How is Moo doing now?

    By Eck, I hope you manage to get some rest later. You must be shattered.

    Thanks Franny. It was very strange when I went to the supermarket and saw all the papers out on display with my mush on them. Well done on your run too.


  • Thanks Ecky.  Not sure how Moo is doing now, but he seems to be getting used to the idea of being tube fed late at night.  He woke up a bit last night but he seemed to settle when I went in.

  • I just want to say I am chuffed to bits wiv myself image Is that allowed ???

    I was looking at my running stats on Fetch and it seems my running hads improved somwehat since I started running in 2009 when I did my 1st ever road race as part of the relay for the Edinburgh Marathon. I did the 8 mile leg and my time was 1.23.39 COMPARE that to Sundays 10 mile race where I got 1.27.07...Amazing...so while your out there running folks and you get the days where it seems you are not improving YOU MOST PROBABLY ARE..image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    hello all!!!! wowee a LOT of congrats in order!!

    to mr by eck on his fitmess and continuing weight loss and lovely Franny T on her recent fabby 10miler and ever improving times over past 3 years!!!!

    well done!!!!!!

  • That's a pretty impressive improvement Franny - 25%.  Well done.

  • Franny thats brilliant and yes you are allowed to be proper chuffed with yourself. Really proud of you too for coming back from injury too.

    Hiya Loula.

  • Moo is eating oxtail stew. He has been poorly most of the day but calpol is wonderful stuff.

    Franny, thats a huge improvement. You are super speedy.

    Ecky, can we read the article online?
  • By Eck, I didn't do an interview this time, it's just a front page pic saying I'm from the Athletics club and SW and that I am into healthy eating. They did say that they will do a follow up with local groups so I'm hoping to get some publicity for our running group.

    Glad Moo is having something to eat. He does have very good taste in food.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    woohoooo our Ecky is famouuuuussssimage

  • Ecky!!!! image Congatulations

    And to Franny and Mr Byeck and Louise and everyone else.

    Just pilates for me today.

    Yet another traumatic day for one of my girls. For the past 6 weeks the twins school has been running a reading challenge. For every 6 books read your name gets put into a draw for a Kindle. My No.2 girl decided to win. So she has been reading avidly. Determination, discipline and a touch of obsession to finish 42 books! and these aren't little thin ones but Jacquline Wilson type books. We tired to warn her it was a raffle but since the most anyone else in the school had read was 18 books she was convinced she would win. However it was a girl in her class who had read 6 books who won. Lots of tears and the lesson that even when you work extremely hard life doesn't always work out. image Not easy for a 9yr old.

  • franny and mr by eck - massive well dones

    Chili - that is hard for your girl. They could have done it by the number or words read (I think you can get the number of words in a book from somewhere, our librarian seems to be able to do it for the books my tutor group read) rather than a raffle. Hope she at least enjoyed all the books!

    shattered after a long day that included a parents evening. just want to sleep now

  • Morning all!

    I'm awake very early worrying about school and the planner and materials I have to write this weekend when I want to be doing something else with the kids etc Might as well start doing some of it now.

    Sorry for moaning. 

    Well done Franny!

    You are famous Ecky! Woo hoo!

    Bad luck for your daughter Chili.  What a shame!

    MC - hope you had a good rest!

    Hi to everybody else!image


  • No run for me today. Moo is poorly and still fast asleep so no nursery. And his tube came out so we'll need the nurses again. Our poor kitchen fitter has to hear the mite complaining. Luckily he is very understanding.

    Jude, what is thd time difference between you and US? I'd like to get some idea of how early it is.
  • Morning

    Aw Chilli..thats a shame for your girl..Hope she is ok

    By'eck...Poor Moo....he is having a rough time of it...Will the nurses teach you how to pass the tube or would you rather not.????

    Jude...I worry bout stuff like that too especially when you would rather be doing something nice.

    MC..hope your not too tired today.It's cake day isn't it???

    Brrrrrr its freezing here again..just went to gym for some crosstraining.

    Have a good Friday image

  • By'eck - Thinking of you.  Will you have to wait long for the nurse? Does she come to you?

    The time difference is 2 hours. I woke at a quarter to five.I'm usually awake by 5.30 anyway as hubby wakes me up when he prays.... I bet I'm getting more sleep than you though By'eck.image Hope things improve for you soon.....


  • Didn't have time to visit yesterday.

    Franny & Mr byeck-Well done... 

    byeck-Hope Moo is ok?

    Short club run in the rain this morning...then rest.....then Sunday evening party if I do well in my 20 mile race. image

    Actually it's Friday so let's go for it....image



    Awwwww Chilli, thats just awful and really does seem unfair as she put so much work in. I think they should have had a special certificate or a little something for the most books read too. I know its not easy though.((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))

    Morning Franny, enjoy the gym.

    Morning Jude, Boss and everyone else.

    Awwwww By Eck, sending you a special big (((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))

    No running for me today but managed 1h with pretend "Trev" at club last night. I have been offered a backpack so that I can carry him whihc has straps to secure it round my middle. I will need a lot of vaseline though as Im sure I will get some kind of chafe.



  • Afternoon

    Take care Byeck

    Ecky - sounds like you are running well.

    Jude - sending hugs to you hun

    20 hilly miles on the bike today. Pretty slow cos I was cycling with a friend on her mountain bike, but it was nice to have company.

  • Afternoon all

    xx to Moo

    Franny - well done - it's nice to have the data to look at after all the hard work.

    AF don't drink too much - big day Sunday....

    My task for today was a 3 hour session - 22k - and 6th run of the week so legses very tired.  Biggest week I ever did at 86k.  Rest tomorrow thank goodness, and at least I don't have to work etc.  You all manage to juggle work / children as well image.

    Now going to eat / drink about 2000 calories in one sitting.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    afternoon all..hows everyone?

    aw chili , sorry to hear about your girls book trouble, but its just a lesson learnt i guess in that life isnt fair sometimesimage

    yikes louiseG, sounds like a big exercise session!! cake requred !!

    by eck, hope moos tube is sorted-looking forward to our ridgeway run next week!!

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