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  • I too did parkrun this morning. Incorporated it into a 20 miler in absolutely foul conditions. For the first time ever I actually felt ok throughout and could have gone further. I have no idea about pace as garmin died at about 10 miles but I didn't feel like I slowed. Now doing packing for hols tomorrow. Of to sunnier climes for a week for a spot of warm weather training. image
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    Got 18.15 in the park run. So I guess my goal is to go sub 18.
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    And enjoy your hols this week Fiona. Your timing is perfect, it's going to be blooming freezing this week.
  • Not only were there as many/more / different distractions in the 70s 80s.. there were also NO garmins  gels/ high tec lightweight kit, etc etc  people today are just generally lazier and want easy quick results for less effort..yes sub 3 is good but really within in most fit young/or maybe not so young  male club runners capabilities..

    Get well soon mark you have put in some hard work a few days off wont hurt (says she who was a miserable old cow cos she had to miss 3 sessions )

    Good running /training everyone 

    V02 sessions done after 4 hour drive back from surrey image..out tonight..so may leave long run till Monday. will see..

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    Enjoy your break Fiona.  I'm not at all jealous, at all, really.

    Men - you've earned the R&R.

    Get well soon Mark image

    JF50 - unfortunately, I was one of the ones who was "distracted" from sport in my youth image  Better late than never, I suppose.

    15W - that's a fekin' awesome time!  Does that make you one of the front-runners?

    I ran five miles recovery on the treadmill today.  Felt fine and heart rate back to normal, so looking forward to tomorrows long run.

  • Mark - sorry to hear about your unfortunate visit to the hospital and hope you manage to shake off whatever you might have. Rest for sure.

    15W - that's a solid parkrun time, to have that much speed with the endurance you've got at the moment is amazing.

    Slow recovery 9 minute miling for 7 miles for me today. Just about shaking the half marathon heaviness from the legs, topped up by yesterday's 5 x 600m which I ran too fast because I was in competitive jerk mode eyeing up some Strava course records...

    Not sure how long to run tomorrow. Schedules say 17 or 18, but I'm yet to do a 22 miler and I figure the further out from race day the better. Any thoughts? Is tomorrow as good a Sunday as any to up the miles a bit?

  • p.s. this week's marathon talk has some interesting stuff to say about what to eat when tapering. Check out the interview with Matt Fitzgerald. 

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    Al Runs wrote (see)

    15W - that's a solid parkrun time, to have that much speed with the endurance you've got at the moment is amazing.

    I was 10th. The winner was a whole 2 minutes faster than me....
  • 15W - that's a solid parkrun time, to have that much speed with the endurance you've got at the moment is amazing.


    Excuse my dumbness in regards to the above comment, what does this mean in regards to speed and current endurance, i'm new to this so I might need an explanation.image

  • 15W - take the compliment, there's always someone faster...

    Craig - I've previously found that as I'm training for a marathon I lose a bit of top end speed, e.g. my 5k times get a bit slower. Seems that P&D manages to boost endurance and keep speed at the same time. Praise be!

  • p.s. this week's marathon talk has some interesting stuff to say about what to eat when tapering. Check out the interview with Matt Fitzgerald. 

  • weird...post appearing from earlier

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    Evening all,

    NEW SHOES!!!

    Inspired by advice in this very thread about a million pages ago, I have been meaning to get some lighter-weight shoes for speedier stuff, so today I went to my local running shops and played on their treadmills. No-one stocked the Saucony Kinvaras, so I couldn't try them but I did try on a different (heavier) model for sizing, which was okay and I'll bear them in mind for the next time I need to succumb to my running shoe habit. Tried the adizero range too but way too narrow for my chubby baby feet. And I ended up with New Balance 890s, which are light and bouncy and not even pink (a bonus).

    Also some new shorts, just in case it's ever warm again. I got carried away.

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    Craig - I am amazing. That's all.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    15West wrote (see)

    Craig - I am amazing. That's all.

    Not as amazing as my new shoes.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    True. If I had amazing shoes like you I probably would have won.

  • My 5K time is around 17:39 and I have a fast 5K race approaching, I was hoping on going quicker I heard somewhere that marathon training can improve your short speed.

  • I did time keeping again today at Delamere Parkrun - the course was slower than last week, a lot of rain had hit it and was muddy - the winner came in at 16:27 (I think, from memory) and was a youngish lad and he wasn't even breathing heavy, just glided in, like he was kind of floating.  Sometimes, they just don't realise how good they are - he was one of them.  The lad who came in third didn't even look "fast" if you know what I mean.   I am not sure if any of you listen to Marathon Talk but I loved an interview they did with a young lady athlete called Jocelyn Payne - she came today (I had no idea) and was first lady.  Again, looked like it was no effort.  I think her time was 19:24.  I love Parkrun - it is a real mix of pace ranges and ages but no-one cares, they all come to do what they can. The people who finish last get the biggest cheers, as do the kids.   

    Well done 15 - please come visit us at Delamere if you can, you won't regret it! 

    Literatin - I have NB trail shoes but not tried them for road shoes.  You are used to Brooks Defyance, let me know how these shoes go for you. I hope you are ok with them - I doubt I will ever change over mid marathon my shoes ever again.  

    Mark - hope you are ok.  Please look after your chest and hope your father in law is ok. 

    Foot still niggling, tested it again before on easy 5 miler.  It is not creaking anymore but it was doing my tits in on the run, it is painful on the top (the joint is stiff) so I am not sure really anymore re how I can train for Manchester properly with this niggle.  It is affecting my gait and I cannot really afford to take 2-3 weeks off to let it heal properly at this stage and do justice to Manchester.  So, will see how I go this week and if I cannot get back into training, I will have to abandon Manchester and do a marathon in June. 3 months of brilliant training and I feel like a cripple running.  Gutted. 

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    HeOw, that is awful. You probably can't take 3 weeks out, but you can afford, say, one week. A bit of extra rest might make all the difference.

    Re. the shoes, I still have the brooks defyance (and a spare pair) for the marathon, these new ones are for the shorter, faster runs. I tried on one of each at the same time just for fun and the weight difference was very noticeable.

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    Hi Peeps work and life getting in the way was on duty the last two days and last night image lots of reading back and far too much to comment on everything.

    HeOw hope the foot just stays as a niggle and gets better. lit hope it warms up so you can get into your shorts and show your legs off. Craig that's a super fast 5k and 15 west if you look at the Ecos Park run in Northern Ireland today you will see that I came 3rd and 1st in the 50 to 55 age group in....... 18:15 exactly the same time as yourself sirimage not bad on the back of another 80 mile week image

    Al and JF50 we where in our 20's in the 80's and 30's in the 90's now we could have gone faster then but I was a young dad and worked 24/7 trying to earn a living and keep the wolf from the door.

    JF50 looks like our first jobs where the sameimage
  • Literatin - yep, I have done the same with my Adizeros and Brooks concrete boots and when I put the Adizeros on in comparison - they are fabulous.  Still don't give me your speed though!  

    I ain't writing if off yet, I may do 14 miler very slow tomorrow and just see how my foot reacts. If I can stabilise the pain in some way on the runs and it isn't getting worse then there may be hope.  I can't tell quite yet though, I just know that I cannot see it totally clearing within a week or so. I have missed a week so far, another week and I think my confidence will dip too much.  

  • Thats not good to hear Helen, I really hope things take a turn for the better this week, I really do, I remember months ago you mentioning Manchester and have followed all of your progress and runs, I entered Manchester & started P&D on the strength of your comments, I hope this works out for you.

  • Bloody hell NP - that is remarkable, just checked the stats and your age grade is 81:46% and the highest of all the runners.  That is better than being 1st.

  • Thanks Craig for those comments, I am sure it will be ok.  I am bit gutted though, could have been avoided, I am so sensible with training too.  I know non-runners must think "what are they moaning for?" but as we know, blood, sweat and tears go in to the training, time is precious and spent away from the family to train for one race. When it looks like you can't do it, it feels a bit of a kick in the teeth.  I have looked into Shrewsbury Marathon end of June.  Anyone want to pace me?! image


    15W a sterling performance, well done.

    I will say NP, thats a fantastic effort, excellent running. 



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    If only I could turn the clock back to when I was in my 20's lol... Thanks HeOw and Craig think I could still go faster I slipped on mile 2 and took the pedal off the gas a littleimage We have the World Police and FIrefighters games here in August and I'm doing the 5ooo m and Half Marathon and I would hope to be in the medals within my age group if possible.
  • Glad I made a few chuckle with my comments. Still think its true that club runners were putting in more miles back a couple of decades ago. You only have to look at the decline in uk marathon paces at the top end over time. Steve jones still holds the uk record posted over 25 years ago. That's pretty piss poor given the massive advances in sport science since them. So those old boys must have been doing something right.

    Really hope the foot sorts itself out Heow. You deserve it get better after all the great training.

    Some great 5ks today as well NP and 15W.

    21 miles in the bag today at a nice 7.20 pace. Felt good throughout and it means I can race cross country tomorrow if the legs are feeling up to it. They probably won't be, but will take a check in the morning. Enjoy the long runs for all doing them. It's almost spring like!
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    Chris J77 wrote (see)
    It's almost spring like!

    ...except for the 1 degree forecast with snow all morning here. image

  • You are obviously not in sunny south Wales!
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