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  • G'day all.  Indulging in guilty pleasure at the weather here...

    Took yesterday off after feeling a slight strain day before (we get so paranoid as big dates approach!).  It's feeling much better today so I'll be off for an intervals session later.  I am always so impressed by those of you that go out in rain / snow / ice.  Next winter I think my updates will comprise 'looked out of window.  went back to bed'.



  • MC-I am in Sussex! The M23 is about 10 miles north of me. Mrs Af was meant to be going to East Grinstead via the M23 this morning for work she has made other arrangements. I am workking from home today so ok. 

    Franny-Well done on your 7 miler. I am thinking of getting a treadmill as I want to do more speed work and think it will help me.Also to get other members of the household active e.g youngest step son who is doing my head in by spending all his time on the lap top playing stupid games!!

    Well the roads are bad the pavements aren't too bad so managed 6.2 miles at a slow 9 minute mile pace. Not real after effects from Sunday. Short runs tomorrow and thursday and may be 14 + on Friday. Planning another 19 next tuesday with some people from my club, and that will be my 3rd 19 + mile run. 

    Bye for now....

  • AF - take it easy on the snow and ice, you don't want an injury so close to the big day now

    think I am going to turn today into a rest day as my right hip is a bit tight, foam roller session this evening thenimage

  • Well maybe I shouldn't have said anything about the weather because we have lots of rain....

    Never mind, piano lesson tonight and no time for a run anyway.

    AF - you are doing so brilliantly! 20 miles at that speed with no ill effects!

    Everybodys running has improved so much in the time we have been together as a team. It's just me letting the side down I'm afraid. Oh well, hubby is going to get a fantastic job so I only have to work part time and I'll be able to run every day..........ha ha ha!

    BFN folks. Hope nobody is stuck in the snow....

  • Jude - You are not letting the side down. Please don't ever think that, or think that we are thinking it! We all have 'life stuff'. Jobs, health, children, parents, other stuff and commitments. We all have to adjust and work round it all. We just feel for you cos we known how hard you work all the time. Anyway belonging to the CRAC Team is at least half about eating cake image

    1 mile swim at lunchtime and haven't stopped eating and snacking since!

  • Jude- I agree with Chilli totally.

  • Jude - you are definitely not letting anyone down. Your job is taking up loads of time, and then you have 3 kids and a husband too, sometimes that is just the way things are and you fit other stuff like running in if you can. ANyway, you have run more than I have in the last 5 months!

    chili - try drinking after swimming to curb the hunger - it is more likely to be thirst.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    i second Chili Jude!!!! everyone knows i only do this running malarky for the GoBEYOND cake they serve at ultras!!!image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    oh and the lovely jelly babies at Centurion events ...gotta say that image

  • I run to give me head space to deal with all the other stuff in life. I'm guessing you do the same Jude, distance doesnt matter. Run because you enjoy it, not because it's a chore.

    Lou and I are running a bit of Ridgeway on Saturday.

    Miss by eck brought home a leaflet for a fun run on Easter Saturday. There's the option of 3 different loops - the longest is 2.25km so none of them will tax us, even if I need to push moo and pace the other two. Do I sign everyone up. Entrance fee each is ??2 to raise money for the Wessex cancer trust.
  • Morning all!

    Thanks for the replies, lovely friends.  The problem is I can't run, never that running is a chore. And I have got soooo much worse because of that. Just fed up with my job and living here tbh and there being noo solution that wouldn't affect everybody else in my family negatively. Plus it was my mum's birthday yesterday and they all met up at the weekend with my brother and sister and their families and had a lovely time etc.....Piano student cancelled too, at the last moment. Not big problems I know in the scheme of things, just wish I could find an answer. 

    Anyway, have a good day all.


  • Morning

    Jude, it must be hard being away from the rest of your family.  I know I miss mine, it's one of the reasons I am moving back.  And doing a job that you don't enjoy is way more exhausting than doing one you like.  Hang in there and and enjoy the weather....

    Leg was feeling fine yesterday so I did the pace session with my club - first bit of speedy work for a while, so nice to have a change of pace and even more, to have some company. 

    Chili, it's strange but some sports seem to make me much more hungry than others.  Cycling makes me ravenous, even though it's less intense than running.

    By 'eck, so nicce to have a chance to all run together and for a good cause too.  Do it!

    It's shamefully sunny again here today (actually it is sunny about 363 days a year here).


  • morning

    by eck - yeah, get the whole family doing it, if it is nice weather it should be a fun day. You can challenge the kids to beat Mr by eck!

    Jude - it can be really hard living and working abroad, specially if you are not happy at work, and you seem to spend a lot of hours working. Hopefully something will come up for your hubby that will make things easier for you

    the sun is shining here!! it is cold but beautiful

  • Miss by eck stands a good chance of beating him over the shorter distances. Actually, they both are likely to beat me over anything up to 5k. After that, training and experience come into play image

    Little moo might toddle or I may push him jn the off road buggy. Depends on how muddy it is, and how competitive some of the runners are.

    Jude, missing your family is horrible. I know you have spoken a couple of times about moving over here. Have you discussed it as a family?
  • Aw Jude...((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) it such a shame you are so far away from your loved ones and have to make sacrifices for your husband and family.All these wee things mount up if your not happy and can feel like a big weight on your shoulders..I pray that you find an answer soon hunny.

    By'eck..yep enter them all for it and have a great family run.

    AF...Good luck with finding a treadmill..i presume you have somewhere good to put it.

    Have fun on your ridgway run on Sunday girls image

    5 Miles for me today with 3 miles at hopefull marathon pace image Will do my long run tom or Friday.

    Have a good day everyone

  • Awww, Jude. I'm sending hugs too. It's so hard/sad when there seems no answer.

    Louise - enjoy your sun

    Loula/Byeck - have a great run. Am so sorry I can't join you image

    Sounds a good session Franny

    Well, I have just come back from a bike ride and feel terrib

  • Opps! It decided to post itself!

    I went out this morning with my cycling group of retired gentlemen and decided that since I can do 25+ miles now I would join the moderate group. They were doing country roads with hills. I couldn't keep up image They were on mountain bikes, I was on a hybrid  and they are all aged 60/70 and far fitter and faster than me. So I left them and made my way home. Only did 15 miles and am exhaustedimage. I did get up to 29mph on a downhill bit though image

  • Chili-You still went ou did exercie and managed 15 miles. I guess if you are not used to cycling in a group it takes time to adjust.

    Jude-Big hugs from Sussex. You have made big scrifices and that is to be admired. Hopefully things will sort themselves out in due course.

    Franny- I am intending to put it in the garage once we have sorted it out. Argus seem to have 2 very good ones at about £499 which is hald price. Not really sure how much I need to/want to spend!   

    byeck-Get them all out there!!!!

    Managed 6.6 miles this morning still a bit of snow and ice around.

    Speak later...

  • chili - don't worry, and they have probably been cycling all their lives. 15 miles is still good, and well done on picking up the speed downhill, it scares me to go that fast!

    drove home in a blizard, feel really tired and not sure about bothering with some training today or just leaving it till tomorrow. 

  • Sounds like you need a rest MC. Have you a lot of snow up there?
  • not much has settled, but we have had a lot on and off. It is going to be a cold night so the roads will be horrible in the morning

    but hopefully the weather is going to warm up a bit after tonightimage

    made some muffins instead of exercisingimage apple sultana and banana muffins, nice and fairly healthyimage

  • Morning

    Chili, I'm sure it was similar to running out too fast - starting out at someone else's pace.  I'd be terrified at 29mph!  Handlebar deathgrip and this face image 

    Had an 'easy' hills session last night, which is meant to focus on downhill form, so you go back up very gently.  Psychologically they are great because you don't try to monster up the hills but you still do them.  20x up and quite a short steep hill for me followed by a session of circuits in the park.  I'm the one doing squats off to the side 'cos I can't do burpees.  Resting today.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭


  • morning

    Louise - I like the sound of the easy hills session - think I will try that one day

    turbo this morningimage

  • 15 days to go.  Gulp.

    Here's the event route info.  It's the profile that's scary.



  • Running down hills is great fun, but can be scary if you are going too fast. I dont do cycling but can imagine the feelings is the same
  • Afternoon,

    I managed to go down a hill at about 35 miles an hour on my mountain bke- a tad terryifying. Then rode back up it- harder to ride up that hill than run up it!! Like byeck I like running down hills - but not if they are too steep!

    Louise-Looks interesting!

    Where's Franny hiding?

    5.8 miles this morning and it was indeed cold.

    Club run tomorrow- not sure how far we are meant to be going.

    Speak later.


  • Helloooooooooooooooo

    I'm here AF...just had a busy morning...Chio walk as pre warm up to my LSR...went out and did 16.20 miles..chilly but suuny and the ice was all away..then home for quick change and bit to eat before taking Chico out again...phew...sitting with nice cuppa tea and scone now image Well done on your run this morning and enjoy your long one tomorrow.

    Louise..interesting route image

    Well done everyone else on their runs and cycles..

    Have a good evening everyone


  • Helloooooooooooooo, hope everyone is okay

    sorry not been on for ages. Had Trustee meeting all day Tue and then came down with a stinky cold. I feel so poorly with aches and shivers. Hubby reckons I have Yuppy Flu. I am supposed to be racing 20 miles this weekend but may not be able to. It looks like I may have to run London without Trev after all as just not done enough running with the back pack. I may have to start with the Birmingham HM in Oct as that's televised.

    So I am back to the drawing board and need a costume idea.

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