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  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    aw ecky ((((hugs)))) * brings mug of choc*

    hope you are ok? yes running with a weight /backpack is tiring  and if you arnt well dont train with it, aw just be STARGIRL!!!!!!

  • oh Ecky! So sorry to hear you're not well. Sending big hugs. Stargirl would be so pretty. Are you coming to stay with me?

    Franny - well done with your run!image

    And AF image

    Well, I have some disappointing news. Have been to hospital for a gynea appointment. I will not go into details but treatment + emotionaly and mentally getting my head round it means I've decided not to do the Outlaw Half triathlon image I can still train but not able to push the mileage up as I need to. August marathon is temporary on hold too.

  • Awwwwww Thanks Loula, thats just what I need. I think you are right Stargirl it is. I just need to find that silver Tu Tu again. I can make another cape and stick starts on this time.

    Thanks Chilli. Is it still okay for us to stay with you. I dont want to put you out especially as things are a bit tough at the moment ((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))

  • chili - hugs from me. Shame about the outlaw as it would have been lovely to meet up with you, but there will be other times and other half ironman races, just take care and get sorted soon

    ecky - sorry you are ill, but don't race this weekend, it will just knock you back even if you think you are feeling ok on the day. Better to recover and be fit for London. Stargirl sounds goodimage

    my little boy is being sick, had to come home from school  and still keeps puking. I think it is going to be a long nightimage

  • Awwww no Mathschick, I hope he feels better soon. Thanks for the advice too, you are right. London is far too important and Trev can come out to play some other time.

  • Ecky we would love to have you. And it won't be any trouble. Just let me know nearer the time how many. It will be lovely to see you.

    MC - so sorry image we were going to camp up there for the week and I was hoping we could meet up. Not sure now what our plans will be. Whilst I won't be able to do a half mileage I may be able to do something shorter/less difficult so might try to find something since we have the weekend booked off.

    Hope your lad stops being sick soon!

  • Chilli-Sorry to hear about your news. Big hugs from Sussex!!! 

    Ecky-Keep positive hopefully the cameras will spot you in Lonodn!! Hope you feel better soon.

    Franny-Well done on your 16 miler yesterday.

    Apparetnly 18 this morning & weather a bit miserable- hey ho!!

    It's Friday.....

  • Morning

    Sending big hugs to Chilli((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) hope you get sorted..take care hun xxxx

    AND HUgs to Ecky ((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))) hope you feel better soon. best not to race this weekend if you've been poorly.

    AF..enjoy your 18 miler this morning.

    I am off to visit my mum today...well thats if she is in...lol..last time I was going to go she had things arranged with friends..ha ha


  • Morning all!

    Chili - Sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope you get well/ sorted soon. Take care and try to take it easy. x

    MC - hope your son is feeling better this morning.

    Ecky - get well soon! You take it easy too! Being Stargirl for London would still be brilliant!

    AF - Hope you enjoyed your long run.

    Franny - Have a lovely time with your mum.

    Hi to everybody else!

    It's raining here and temperatures are gonna drop again this weekend.....

  • Ecky - sorry you are not well - cam offer a purple tutu and head thingie image

    did 30k and then went for final Dubai Champagne brunch for friend's birthday imageso might be confused now

    it took a very long time to type / correct that.....image image

  • LOL Louise...you had too much champers girl imageimage Well done on your 30k image

    AF..hope you enjoyed your 18 miler this morning and tht weather wasn't too awful for you.

  • Louise-Enjoy the champagne and well done on your 30k.

    Well my 18 miles was in fact 15.2 miles as weather pretty horrible, planning my final long runs next week and then this tapering thing.

    Back to work... 

  • Oooooo well done AF...15.2 miles is still a long way and impressive so soon after your race.image Don't work too hard

  • Franny-Will be taking it easy this weekend. Childfree- horray! Meal out in a local pub tonight & then dinner with family tomorrow night. 

  • chili - I think the same people that do the outlaw half are doing a sprint distance the day before - might be worth emailing them to see if they could swap you over if you think you would be ok for it? I'll probably be there to support the sprint as a friend from my tri club is doing it

    AF - well done on the 15 miles and enjoy your child free weekend

    little boy hasn't been sick today but still not feeling great

  • Well done AF!

    Mmmmm, thanks MC, will think on that.

    Thanks for all your kind thoughts and hugs everyone - much appreciated. I'm okay and cos I'm already fit I can pretty much continue at this level as long as there are no problems. So...

    LSR of 10 miles in rain and wind with my gorgeous No.2 girl image

  • Morning all!

    Hubby has taken kids swimming. As little 'un didn't want to go, I'm at home with him. It's lovely to spend some time with him.image

    Chili - well done on your 10 miles! Was your girl runnin? That's amazing! I must admit, I'm a little confused but so happy you are well enough to continue running as before!

    MC - Hi! Have a good weekend. Hope your boy is back to normal.

    Louise - Champagne brunch sounds lovely! Glad you had fun!

    AF - well done on your 5 miles. Enjoy your child free weekend.

    Hi everybody else!

    May get a chance for a run later today but as it's pouring with rain at the moment, I'm happy cuddling with my boy.

    BFN x

  • Sorry AF - meant to say 15 miles!

  • morning everyone

    my poor little boy has a fever now - when we picked him up from my mum's yesterday he did have and just went to bed, he still has one this morning and threw up the calpol I have given him. But he wants to play on the ps3 so that is a good sign

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    morning all!

    firstly MC, hope little lad gets well soon-tht sounds a nasty bug poor thing!

    chili (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) im so sorry to hear tht you cant make outlaw. i know tht was your main target for 2013, but there are lots of other shorter Tris you can do perhaps? the distance and miles on bike and run is taxing on your bod and you must look after yourself hunny. the running is fun and important to us , BUT your health is more important-so rest and do as you are told ok? *wags finger sternly*

    franny sis!! hows you and your miles? not long now and im getting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about NDW again- i will be uncontrollable by Aprilimage

    yesterday i didnt manage to get on here -was a non stop day. miss LLB had a dance comp with primary school staright after school yesterday in a village about an hour away. it was  STRICTLY CHILDRENS DANCE SHOWCASE- it was superb!!!!

    12 local school competing(primary and a few secondary entries) they have had 5 weeks to learn a waltz and a latin american routine on just one lesson per week after school taught to them by their usual primary school teachers . it was amazing and miss LLBS school were 4th!! the scholl thaat won were very very good and polished BUT they had an unfair advantage in that their teacher was an ex latin american dancer !!!! tut tut - but never mind , all the kids were having such a good time, audience were allowed to whoop and cheer and make lots of noise for their school and everyone paticipating-was lovely. will try to upload a few pics i got

  • Morning

    Wet a d miserable here.I am doing overtime at work this afternoon as short staffed.

    MC aw poor wee lad Hope he perks up soon

    AF enjoy your child free time

    Jude.nice that you can spend time with little un on his own

    Loula Well done missy llb Are U running today? Hope your weather better than mine Yes not long now and miles are upping nicely This week is a cut back week The plan seems to be working well for me so far.

    Have a good day everyone image
  • weather is a bit rubbish today

    had a snooze on the sofa this afternoon while my little boy watched loads of simpsons. At least his big brother is being nice to him while he is ill so it has been a quiet day. Hope he wakes up feeling better tomorrow, he hasn't eaten anything and not sure how much liquid he has had and kept down. Might consider ringing the out of hours dr tomorrow if he is still the same - he has been ill since thursdayimage

  • Loula - sounds a wonderful performance image

    MC - it must be the day for naps. I haven't slept properly for several weeks and this afternoon when we came home I suddenly couldn't keep my eyes open any longer! image Had weird dreams about flying an airplane but really did sleep. Hope you lad feels better soon.

    Jude - my daughter was on her bike and we go along the canal were it is flat. It's becoming a special time that we spend the two of us, which is precious in our house where 4 kids means not much 1-1 time.

    Loula - I will be a good girl. I'm going to try to cut down a bit on my work load for after Easter. When treatment starts I may have to slow down on training, but at the moment I can continue as long as I feel well enough to.

    Parkrun this morning - only big girl ran cos I was race director and No.2 was tired from her 10 mile cycle.

  • Hellooooooooo

     Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I am still feeling very drained from my stinky cold so may just try a little run tomorrow. Middle Ecky has a netball match tomorrow so going to watch that. I am gutted that I cant race but I can always console myself with Cake image

    Louise, Well done on your 30k, ooh any Champers left.

    Mathschick, sorry your Son is still unwell. We have a really nasty bug going round at school at the moment.

    Hi Loula, Chilli (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) and yes young lady, you need some rest time.

    I have decided too that I have to run with Trev even if I have to walk most of it. I have got some vitamin C,B and Zinc as I think my immune system is low at the moment.


  • Had an eventful run this afternoon.
  • Good eventful or Bad eventful?

  • Hmmm, not my best planning, and I started with a little 4-5 mile detour.

    Ending up having to use the phone in a chippy. They gave me hot tea and some chips while I waited for mr by eck to pick me up cos it got dark very early and id already braved a hail storm. No idea how far I actually did but I think it's more of a walking than lsr route
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    MOOOORNNNINGGGGGGG-chucking it down with snow here !!!!!

  • Morning

    No snow here just wet wet wet.Went out and did my sheduled 6 miles with some fast bits included along the way image

    Loula..are you going out in the snow to run today? Well doen on your 10 miles in the rain yesterday..Brave girl image

    By'eck..interesting run you had..am confoosed as I thought you and loula were running together yesterday on Ridgewayimage How far did you go yesterday and whats been your longest run so far???? Its not long till your ndw50 is it?

    MC..hope your boy perks up..some nasty little demon bugs on the go

    AF..how are your leggies doing..you running today or having realxing time without the kids?

    Speak later folks

  • Loula, we just have rain. Is it a lot of snow?

    Franny, well done on your 6 miles.

    Just back from Middle Ecky's Netball match. They won which is fab and they played brilliant. I was gutted to have to miss my 20 mile race today but that more than made up for it. I was going to pop out for a little plod but still feeling a bit icky. Off to go get a new loo seat cos I just broke ours image

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