Sunday session (1/9)

It's 4.50 a.m. STILL stuck in work....(over 6 hours now).

What: something a lot less ambitious than I originally planned. Maybe just 5 or 6 miles steady/easy as opposed to a hard 6 miler as planned.
Why: because I won't be in a fit state
last hard day: Wed
last rest day: Mon


  • At least you get to post the training thread first today Mike (sorry to hear you're at work, can only mean you work in IT).

    What: couple of hours off road hopefully.
    Why: I've had 2 rest days now, sod heart rates I'm just going to see how I feel when I get out there.
    Last hard: Tues
    Last rest: yesterday (does school uniform shopping trip not count as endurance session?)
  • What: Long run, 2 hours
    Why: Because I need to. It is a lovely day and I have no excuse not to.
    Last hard: Thurs
    Rest: yesterday
  • What: 6.2 miles easyish
    Why: my first run of any substance since coming back from holiday
    Last Hard: A week ago Thursday (I think)
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Had to do this run early today as having been away for a week we went to visit friends, I had too much to drink to drive home and I had to pick the car up early as we're going to a christening at 10am this morning.

    Is Grolsch, wine and chinese a good fuelling combination???
  • What: rest day today
    Why: yesterday raced in the Test Way Relay and it all felt much harder than it should have done!
    Last hard day: Wed
    Last rest day: Fri
  • What:8k
    Why:Trying to build up distance and would like to do a 10k in October.
    Last hard:Tuesday.
    Last rest:Fri
  • WORK? At 4.50am on a SUNDAY? Mike, you poor thing! Assuming, of course, that you work in an essential emergency service rather than being like my bro-in-law who takes great pride in the long and unsociable hours he works in his stressful job pushing large sums of imaginary money around as a financial services wallah. Can't see the point myself. Whatever, I hope you're asleep by the time I post this.

    Laura, school uniform shopping is definitely an endurance session, and I hope the nametag-sewing session I plan to do this evening (after the trying-on-of-pinafores session since Angelmouse and Tinkerbell refuse to wear trousers to school) counts as well.

    Best wishes to everyone who is racing today.

    Down to work...
    What: Gym. One hour of Bodypump, thirty minutes of intervals on the treadmill (still aiming for 7.5mph max), and cool off in the pool.
    Why: Today's and yesterday's sessions have been reversed.
    Last rest day: Friday.
    Last hard day: A week past on Friday.
  • Vrap -
    Afraid not!
    The essential service I work for is alas nowadays the retail sector - I'm a DBA (database administrator) in a certain well-known company's IT department.

    Finally escaped 0620 and got to bed 0645.
    Woken ~1030 by the boys squabbling. Mrs S is desperate to get them out of the house in particular as they didn't go anywhere yesterday (elder son umbilically attached to PS2 console all day apparently) while I was at my cricket match. Think it might be politic to attempt to oblige.
    Typing this while finishing breakfast, then apparently we're off to a kite-flying festival. Will try to bank some more zzzzzzz's later on this afternoon....
  • What: Rest Day
    Why: Because I ran treadmill yesterday (plus gym session)
    Last Rest: Tues-Fri
    Last Hard: Saturday
  • What: 20 miles bringing the weekly total to 84.
    Why: was meant to be 18 but got carried away what with the fantastic weather and the droves of people out running in Richmond Park.
    Last Hard Day: yesterday's fartlek
    Last Rest Day: Monday last week.
    Next Rest Day: Tomorrow!!!!!!!

    So I made it through the week without the wheels falling off by I think a rest day is now definitely called for.
  • I think retail now counts as an essential service, Mike - whatever I might think in theory, I know I would be vociferously unimpressed if I ran out of milk on a Sunday morning and walked to Sainsbury's or the Co-op only to discover that they were closed due to an IT problem at head office.
  • 84 miles, Achilles are you superhuman?!

    What: 10 miles
    Why: Because I'm doing the Great South Run next weekend and I needed to see if I could do it (panic was setting in).
    Last Rest: Weds- Sat (knee problem)
    Last Hard: Tuesday
  • Forgive my exuberance but:
    What: Psychologically the best run I have had for 2 years, interuppted by injury and illness. 11.7 miles of hills in 2 hours 14 minutes (don't laugh) at average HR of 113 with max HR on a 1/3 mile 1 in 5 hill of 123 which took 3 min 43 sec.
    Why: Make sure I can do 1/2 Marathon in 3 weeks (3 days after a week in Greece)
    Last rest day yesterday
    Last hard day (intentional)Friday

    My wife says I am so sad putting messages on the forum but its fun.
  • What: 1hr run with club mate at a decent enough pace. It was nice running round the woods just outside Canterbury. We meet a father & young son out running, so we slowed down & told them about the new track we now have in the city. So impressed were they the whole family [4.2]came down & had a look. Possible new members!!!! we need them.
    Why: long run yesterday so a steady run this morning as I have to ease down the training for next week's Great South Run.
    Last rest: Fri
    Last hard: Thur

    Laura, the best thing I ever did with my HRM was to stop using it!!!!!!!!
  • What: swimming again following a seesion on the eliptical trainer. Actually feel fit and positive. aware that I am in danger of overdoing the build up, so will drink copious quantities of red wine at lunch and veg out on the sofa.
    Why: Because I an intrinsically lazy
  • What: have just done Cropwell 10 mile race.
    Why: psycho-boost for Robin Hood Half (needed to prove that I can run that distance)
    Last rest day: Yesterday
    Last hard day: Friday

    Gary Fatbloke: Chinese definitely counts as a fuelling substance. I'm having a few 'pasta problems' and have substituted large quantities of rice instead. Yesterday they came from the local Chinese takeaway and I had a really good run today.
  • What: 15 miles down the Kennet footpath with similar paced runners from club, back quicker than we went out...
    Why: Long, reasonably paced run for the week, as training for upcoming 10km race and XC season (i.e roughly 3x's the length of the longest championship course)
    Last rest day: Friday (& did I need it, phew!)
    Last Hard day: Thursday, or today depending how you look at it!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi all.
    What: 14 mile off road run-did and very pleased-see events forum.
    Why: I don't know!
    Last rest day: yesterday.
    Last hard day: today.
  • Fabulous run, did favourite route as posted under 'favourite run', beautiful early morning, sunny. Thought of Cath and Dalya and decided I should be grateful I'm healthy rather than whinge just because I've had a few bad runs.

    I wasn't trying to run fast (it would have beend disrespectful in such a beautiful place and to my mood) but was pleased to notice I'd knocked 6 minutes off my previous PB for this particular route.

    Off to read your race report now Hilly.
    Achilles - in awe of your mileage this week. Glad you had a great run Head Gone, sounds like you deserved it.
  • Nice to hear so many of you enjoying your runs and the good conditions. I'll read from time to time but am stuck horizontal again with a well-known back problem. Boring!

    Well done Laura, Achilles, Hilly and all,

    All the best. Marj
  • What: 5k race followed by facial at Harvey Nics!

    Why: Because I'm worth it!

    Thanks for kind thoughts, Laura.

    Query: I start new job tomorrow, which means that I must get used to early a.m. runs in order to be sure of keeping the miles up. Any pointers? I'm not a great morning person!


  • Laura - wow, sounds like a brilliant run, congratulations. shows what you can do when you let your body take care of business and don't obsess about heart rates, perhaps? ;-) it was a great day to be alive and out there.

    Dalya - good luck with the new job.

    I too did that thing of trying to pack in the mileage at the crack of dawn, well considerably before the crack of dawn actually, in the first part of this year, and the only thing that's really hard about it is the getting out of bed. Once you've done your work-out, you not only feel incredibly virtuous, you also feel incredibly good and energised for the day.

    I just say, starting a new job may be stressful so take the running a bit easier to start with perhaps; and do start your work-outs slowly and gently, because first thing in the morning the body needs a lot more warming-up than usual, so walk round the house a bit before heading out of the door and don't immediately launch into fast-paced running; and finally try and get some carbs down you before you exercise, if you can face it, even if it's only a sports drink, or best of all a banana.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Laura, is that you back to your old self then? Good to see you're running well again.

    Achilles, how do you fit in the mileage? I struggle to exceed 60 miles per week.

    I've had a quiet week, having to take two days rest on Monday and Tuesday due to severe muscle soreness after last weekend's long run. Finished up doing about 42 miles.

    Today: 5k time trial in 18:22
    Why: I like to do a fast run or race the weekend before a main event. Not as fast as I would have liked but still a bit stiff and tired from Friday's 10 x 800 off 90 seconds (now that's a tough session) + Saturday's heavy weight training session.
    Last rest day: Tuesday
    Last hard day: Friday
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Well done Laura,
    sometimes I think the best runs come when we just forget about times and heart rates and just relax enjoying the beauty of our surroundings. Happy running!
  • Drew -

    10 x 800m, now that is a killer work-out, great for your marathon training though, well done. Incidentally, did you read the Gordon Pirie book where he talks about intervals and recommends taking as much recovery as you need, which was the way Gerschler invented them in the first place? I have to confess that's the way I do them, cos I couldn't I don't think handle your 90 second recoveries. Well, I could but I know I'd burn out long before the end that way.

    As for packing in the mileage, I've had a bit of a crazy theory going which for the time being seems to work, which is that I don't do short recovery runs anymore, aiming instead to do at least ten miles. In fact, if I can summon up the nerve I might post something about this - so you can all shoot it down in flames! ;-)
  • Thanks for comment Laura.

    Must admit to being a slave to HR. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and just head out.

    Where I live in Bristol there are some great routes but all awesome hills, although the girl I ran with toay said nothing like Brecon Beacons where she went last week, but its all relative I suppose.

    we should all thank God we are fit and able to run, no matter how slowly and enjoy.
  • Drew has put my day in the shade but here goes anyway !

    What: 60 mile level two bike ride and followed by 5x 4 minute paces ( with two minute recoveries ).

    Why ? Because last Sundays half meant that I didn't get my long run (160 minutes) in until Thursday.

    last rest day. Friday

    Last hard day: Thursday
  • what: Wolverhampton HM
    why: first HM
    last hard: last sun
    last rest: fri

    finished in 1:30.22, was on target for 1.25 but was defeated by some tough climbs between 9 & 11 miles & had to walk some :-(
  • Good to be back on dry land again so out for a 16 miler slow run, 2hrs 16 so happy with that. Not sure about the 10 mile "recovery" runs, how do you manage to type with a straight jacket on Achilles?
  • what: 21m (first run over 20)
    why: training for 1st marathon at Oct

    Fabulous morning, steam rising off Virginia water as the sun rose ... finished in 2 hr 50 & spent most the day recovering.

    Learnt there's a big difference between 18 miles and 21 .... 26 suddenly seems a very long way. Rethinking target time of 3:15, seemed the right thing to go for after sub 1:29 in my last half (hilly), now not so sure !!

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