P + D training for VLM 2013



  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Also...did my 3 mile reps at lunchtime. Actually felt pretty good to wake up the legs a little.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Yeah, whatever. Mile reps are overrated.

    And the fibre thing was my concern - my carb intake mostly comes from fruit, lentils etc. But I have never had any problems of that nature while running, so should perhaps stick to what I know.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Trying to only eat sensibly and more protein this week with nuts and fish want to still keep the weight down and will only eat normally three days before, food of choice for the night before is Chicken Korma and two lots of boiled rice. If its warm on the day keep cool by pouring water over your head and legs.

    Chick pace is all relative to the individualimage but thank you.

    Today's meal was baked sweet potato, rocket , tuna and beet root image
  • Seems like everyone is getting nervous!  

    Chick, that is good idea re the gel bottles but I would end up downing too much and shitting meself! 

    Well done on al the V02 sessions done, time to start relaxing now for the VLMers.

    It is my birthday today!  I am celebrating by doing my 16 miler.  Final real last "long" run I suppose.  Did the Borders League race last night, was 5.6 miles, flat and fast bar having to navigate some gates (lost fair few seconds of pace on these).  5.6 in 40:54 (7:19m/m) and could have carried on getting faster and smashed my 10k time by around 60 secs so really pleased with that.  Not feeling the love again today Literatin to do 16 miles day after race but needs must.  Then will be taking the fambo to Pizza Express to have a scran. 


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hey - Happy Many Returns HeOw.

    I've suddenly developed an addiction to peanut butter.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday HeOw

    Another pre-race curry fan, like NP, but with one portion of rice and a large naan bread for extra carbs.  Dont think I'll do this for London as I'm not sure I'd trust a restaurant curry on Saturday night. One of (many) lessons learnt over the years is to avoid chillies the night before!

  • Now is definately not the time to be changing diet. I'm guessing everyone has been on a pretty high carb diet for the last few months to get through training. So there is no need to change eating habits now. Just stick to what works for you and don't start panicking and introducing new foods which other people reccomnd. Tried and tested all the way. Maybe just more of it for the 3 days before race day.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday HeOw! What is a scran?

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Blimey - I would definately not be having a curry the night before. Not sure what I'll be eating, will be out on my own in Greenwich....am avoiding my friends in London cause I know what will happen...

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday HeOw.

    Without thinking, I had a curry the night before an MLR.  Suffice to say it's not a strategy I'm going to be using this weekend!

  • Happy Birthday (again) Helen, great run last night and my Wife thinks your lovely.  Are you still not doing Crewe on Sunday??

    Myself last night, ran the 5.6 mile distance fairly controlled, never intended on going out too fast, averaged 5:53 for the race, good course with some tricky bits to navigate meaning you had to slow right down and pick the pace up again.  I messed up on the finish, I thought it was in the wrong place, flat out sprinting only to realise I had quite a bit of distance to cover, had to compose myself, pace dropped off but still managed a good strong finish eventually.  

    12 miles tonight, its cold, slight wind and i'm on nights.

    Hope everyone else ok, and your taper for London is going well.


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Happy Birthday, HeOw image  Champers at the ready image.

    Ten: yep, been there too. Curry the night before a speed sesh image. Thank god for some bushes image

    Fiona J wrote (see)
    chickadeee wrote (see)

    NP: amazing - your MP is my mile rep pace -- I did the dreaded last P&D VO2 max sesh yesterday and was mega proud of my 6:25, 6:29 and 6:23 splits ...  15 secs per mile quicker than last year. But I was dying! And you string 26.2 of them together. Wow.

    I think that about your pace too

    image   Thanks, Fiona. Like NP said - pace is a very individual thing. Still, when I started this running lark I never thought I'd beat 4 hours!

    I'm hungry ...  just went to the pantry but dodged the cookie jar and made myself some herbal tea instead image

  • happy birthday HeOw image

  • Happy birthday HeOw. Enjoy pizza express.

    15w - in Greenwich there are both pizza express and frankie and benny plus other assorted eateries if memory serves.

    Lit - if you usually eat all that fibrous stuff then there shouldn't be a problem as you gut is used to it.

    Well done HeOw and Craig for racing last night.
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    I'm so sick of bloody carbs already image  I've had to have a couple of chocolate candy bars to top-up a bit image  600g so far today, so at least I'm in the ball park.  In a minute I'm going to have lean minced beef in all it's zero-carb glory image I feel too bloated to care.

    I might have to hang my stomach over the side of the bed tonight.

  • See told you. Sure you're not having pasta or rice with the mince!
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Potatoes image and carrots and gravy.  For the carbs. 

  • Just in from 13, 11 at marathon pace, pushed it a little more and marathon paced efforts was around 6:30-6:35 pace, felt very well even though I had raced last night, 2 easy days now and a 10K in Crewe on Sunday, then my taper starts.

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭


    Christ, theres some frighteningly fast sessions going in this late in the game. Remember less is more. Which one you doing Craig?

    No run as a slight repeat of last years problem to adductors so taking it proper easy and stretching and core work instead. Will do the Mile sessions tomorrow, maybe, if I can be at all arsed, I mean what the hell are they doing there anyway? What benefit is that gonna bring this close in? I reckon Pfitz is a 22 stone couch potato who knows fook all about running and is pissing himself laughing at us bunch of muppets slavishly following a plan he made up whilst eating a box of celebrations watching jeremy kyle one morning.

  • Manchester Men. Tune up race weekend and my taper starts as of Monday.  Felt very well today, I was up the hills just decided to push it a little to marathon pace, only going to do about 7 miles at marathon pace, ended up doing 11.

  • Hi all, been lurking for a few days, hopped off the Snowdon marathon to see what's going on in P and D land. Wish I had found the forum earlier as you seem to have had a good banter for the last few months. Love that comment about our mentors Mennania, made me laugh. I have totally disregarded all their advice and run 4 marathons since start of 18 week training plan so don't really expect to get the target time I set myself in December. Will now look at 3:30 with a wind behind me and plenty of sun tan lotion! 

    Some of you guys are looking at some seriously good times thoughimage

    This is 19th marathon but first London and I'm dreading the hype and chaos. I've not been to London since I was 2! (44 yrs ago!)

  • Wow brer - 19 marathons!?  Hope to be past your record by end of 2014... image  You need to go to Marathoners Anonymous though!  Craig and I (we aren't a pair by the way!) also doing Snowdon, see you there hopefully. 

    Craig, bless, your wife lovely too.  Well done on last night, you did great.

    Literatin - scran equals a big huge scoff. 

    Ten - hope you are not too nervous and I am sure the upset tummy won't leave it's mark. 

    Thanks for all birthday wishes!  38! image  I still thought we were in the Nineties.

    Did my 16 miles, started easy around 9:20 finished at 8:48 and although I felt fine after last nights race, I had a Costa latte just before I left and it repeated on me from mile 4.  Was harder than usual but that is down to birthday tiredness and tune up race. Made me realise how well the plan has worked though, for me to be able to get faster on a long run after racing the evening before was bliss. 


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    HeOw happy birthday you young thing you xxximage
  • HeOw - for some reason I thought you were a good bit younger than me but obviously not. Did you all enjoy the birthday dinner and did someone remember the cake with candles or did you have to buy it yourself?
  • OK...catch-up time.

    HeOw - happy birthday!

    Lots of talk of diet and carbo loading. I don't plan on changing too much during the taper. Few more calories from carbs, and fewer from fat protein. Think that's about right. No way would curry work for me the night before a race. Chicken and broccoli pasta for me.

    I did my 3 mile reps yesterday and it was the confidence boost I've needed after underperforming in a lot of recent runs. Hit my miles at 5.44, 5.43 and 5.42. Pretty much raced it but I guess that's what VO2max is meant to feel like. Lit don't worry I don't think it is an essential training run this late in the game but for me it was the good run that has been eluding me for far too long. I was very happy yesterday morning...

    Thanks Lit, Ten, Fiona for massage advice. Going to give it a miss and spend the money on beer and pies in 10 days time.

    Ten - you must be getting excited now. You've been the model p & d student and I reckon you're going to have a great run. Just be realistic and sensible if the weather is as hot as they're saying it might be. Is anyone else on here doing Brighton?

  • Oh yeah, details:

    Name – Bib number – Start – Wearing – Time – Chandos?
    Mennania (Johnny) – tbc - Green - Black with Clic Sargent shirt - sub 3hr - Yes
    Literatin (Katie) - 283 - Blue - Nasty white club vest with two blue hoops – 3:15 - No
    Fiona - tbc- green - green surgical scrubs, white coat and Heart UK vest - sub 4 - No
    No Pain (Gary) - 30752 - red FGFA - Fetch vest - Sub 2:55- Yes
    JF50 – 1317 – blue – orange Arthritis Research vest – tbc - No
    15West (Stephen) – 32957 – red FGFA – blue tshirt – Sub 2:55 - Maybe
    Pottermiss - (Fiona) - 22692 - Blue- Yellow T Shirt Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research - sub 4.15 - No

    Al Runs - 31020 - red FGFA - Blue vest - Sub 3 - No

    sorry have I made the list untidy again..?

  • Did the VO2 session on the treadmill.  Wanted to prepare myself for a hot day on the 21st.  Sweated buckets but still managed it.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Bunch of amateurs. To make lists tidy, hold down shift while you press enter.

  • Morning..

    At work so just a quick post.

    HEOW happy birthday for yesterday,..

    CHICK  I just want to say no need to feel guilty silly you moo..I should have known better, I had no idea just how badly I underpronate on the right, I just struck lucky picking the correct trainers all those years ago, and have always stuck to them, I am not giving up on the Kinvara completely I shall race shorter distances in them and train in the asics as advised.

    Still not run but spinning like a mad woman..things feeling alot better but not100% , fingers crossed for the 21st, I wouldnt even think about racing if there was a niggle, running in general is far more important to me the VLM..to risk being injured for months.

    I would add my name and number and tidy up that list but I cant remember number off hand.

  • Fiona J wrote (see)
    HeOw - for some reason I thought you were a good bit younger than me but obviously not. Did you all enjoy the birthday dinner and did someone remember the cake with candles or did you have to buy it yourself?

    Yes I thought you were younger than me as wellimage  Happy Birthdayimage

    Ridiculously busy at work when I need to be relaxing, even stopping me from getting on the blogs and forums.

    Ten, good luck on Sunday, you are the first of the P & D test subjects from this thread, we need to know how well it works.

    Lit have you done those mile repeats yet?

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