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  • I'll explain the course......it's the hilliest, most painful 10k I've ever done!! And it was freezing!!

    Well done on the halves guys, and trig too.

    My back is still causing me a lot of grief, decided last wk to stop running for a while, and then yesterday did god only knows what and crippled myself, my back is its worse ever. So other than the schools run, 2 miles each day, I'm not doing a great deal. Have been told I have flat feet and should see a podiatrist and get orthotics, but that's not something I know anything about.
  • Will think about it Gatton, but Caro is not really selling it to me lol image

    Hope you enjoyed the wine Clarki.

    I'm not an expert Caro, but it sounds like old age to me lol image

    Taken it easy so far this week, Boxercise on Mon and 10 quick miles on exercise bike only.  Trying to do nil-impact stuff cos of foot.  Off to the wilds of Brecon in a bit for another social piss-up lol.

  •   Wine hit the spot Daz thanks very much !!

    I have to agree with Caroline on the Longleat, its a b**ch of a race, and to be honest if it wasnt for meeting the very lovely Gatton, i would not be doing it, but Daz being the fine athlete that you are, it would be a doddle to you mate image

    Did a small 3 miler on tues, and although legs felt a tad heavy, the run was ok. Going out tomorrow for another small run, but would like to go slightly longer 5/6 on sunday.

  • Came on to say happy new year to everyone but looks like noone about! In case anyone is lurking though... Happy new year!

    2nd baby VB has arrived (not as safe and sound as we had hoped/ planned for but she is doing ok, 7 weeks old now and hopefully we will get good news from the doctors soon) and after a blood transfusion I am also good and ready to go! May look out the thread Caro has mentioned about running mum's!

    Hope everyone is well and injury free. Have lost track... Is anyone runnin London this year?
  • Woohoo - huge congratulations to VB and the ever-growing family! Hope all is well soon. 

    Happy New Year to everybody else too! image

    I hape a VLM place, but unsure whether to use it!

  • Happy New Yaer Everyone.... Sends hugs to VB and the new VB hope all goes well for you... I will be at Reading Half and London Expo if anyone wants to come and say HI. I have a vested interest in running the 2014 London so my training has satrted... slowly very slowly. I do have 15 months to get there. Raising money for the Heart Unit that saved my life. Too early for this year so god willing will be there in 014.

    Good luck on any events your taking part in Daz.. It would be good to meet you again this year with a bit more time for a chat.

  • Hey everyone, can't believe our thread still going! Most of you I catch up with now and again on Facebook.

    Been out of action since August last year as spiral fracture in toe and stress fracture in 5th metatarsal and midfoot. Been in an air cast until a few days ago. To say I have been going out of my mind with not running is an understatement!!! Still a long way to go and only just re learning to walk. No marathon for me this year which I'm particularly gutted about as was so close to sub 4hr last April. So hoping to be fit enough for 2014 and as will be just after my 50th if I go sub 4 it will be a GFA. Gatton maybe we can start training together slowly?

    So what is everyone up to and anyone doing London/Brighton this year or similar?

    VB how is your baby now?

    pinks xx
  • Hi Pinks, good to hear from you! I hadn't realised you'd been out for so long! That must have been so frustrating for you. Fingers crossed for 2014 for you. Mr VB and I have both entered the ballot for the GNR this year-must be mad-but something to aim for and I can't possibly do worse than last time!

    Amalie is ok thanks for asking-we're seeing the paediatrician on Thursday and should find out hopefully whether she's going to need an operation to repair the muscle separation and hernia in her stomach and whether thats why we cant seem to get her to put on much weight, and also whether they're going to need to do anything about her skull. Basically a lot resting on Thursday!

    How is everyone doing? Gatton how does Mrs G feel about you starting training again?
  • Shhhhh She doesn't know yet... Pinks... now that sounds like a great plan to me.

    VB big hugs from Mrs G and me. we are both doing well thanks. I have started on the dreaded treddie and using my bike. I walk for my paper each morning. It is either 2/3 or 5 miles depending on time and weather. I am also training my grandson so he can get fit enough to joing the Royal Marines. Plenty of gym and swimming. getting me fit as well so all good.

  • Oh VB what is the matter with her skull??  I'm guessing you've already had the appointment with paeds - how did it go?


    Ha ha ha Gatton I promise not to let on to Mrs G just yet!image

  • Knew I could rely on you Pinks... VB hope things get better for you.xxx

  • Wow it has been quiet on here.  Hope all is well with you all, especially VB's growing family.

    Remind me, who is actually doing VLM this year?

    I'm still undecided, my training has been virtually non-existent.  Take a look here: http://www.fetcheveryone.com/training.php

    My longest run since Cardiff Half was a 9 miler last week.  In an attempt to pull my finger out, I've ignored the 10% training increase rule.  I did a 10 on Weds, and now a 16 this morning.  It wasn't pretty and I'm stiff now, so will prob make a decision over the weekend.

    Will anyone be at the Expo on the Sat?

    What else is everyone up to?

  • Thought I would just pop back on as I recognise this thread from 2006 when i did my first marthon.

    Pinks do you remember me from back then? guess long time ago. Am so impressed to still see you posting on here. impressed with your running achievements too. Im Doing London again this year..soo excited!
  • So how has the training been going then Fenn, are you ready to go for it?

    Won't be a PB run for me this year, might go for a little jog around London though.

  • No PB for me either. I have just done an 18miler today so think I will make it to the race line, I have a few niggles though...sitting on the sofa with an ice pack on my knee image
  • Well that's a bit further than my longest run.

    I hope to squeeze in a 20 in the next week or two, then will see what I'm going to do.

    Hope the ice pack did the trick.....................

  • Daz... will be in my usual place at the Expo so if you make it came and say hello.good luck with your training but be sensible and remember there is always next year if you have  to defer.

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Hi Guys lost the thread for a while.  Glad to see some of you are still around.

    When is the Expo?  I might pop up there on the Saturday especially if there's a Gatton hug to be had.

    No marathon for me this year (again!).  Had a place in Brighton but I'm not going to get there as was beset with knee problems towards the end of last year and they're still not really resolved.  Had a strained medio collateral ligament and it's taking an absolute age to right itself.  Currently only doing parkrun every Saturday although have to start training soon for BUPA 10k on 28 May.

    Take care everyone and post soon!image

  • Trigg and any others the VLM Expo is from Wednesday 17th April - Saturday 20th. Will be in registration area or manning one of the exit routes. hope to see you there...


  • Hope the knees get better soon Trigg.

    I've not been doing much.  After one ok'ish week 2 weeks ago, did only about 18 miles total last week, then had done bugger all this week.  Pulled my finger out and did 20.01 miles yesterday, I was buggered at the end, but only slightly over 8m/mile pace.

    Attempted a 5-mile recovery this morning but after about a mile my right knee was in some pain, so abandoned the run and did 2 miles in about 18 mins. image  Deep heat on knee know.

    Just awaiting travel confirmation from another running club about joining them for their VLM trip, so will prob see you on the Saturday afternoont like last year Gatton.  I aim to participate, but will take it easy!

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear you're suffering Daz.  Haven't quite decided what day to visit the Expo yet.  It's the week we return to school after Easter hols and also Christopher's 20th birthday on the Thursday so will see.image

  • Maybe see you there Trigg if you make it.

    I'm confirmed on the trip, so I'm doing it.  I'm gonna be at Expo on the Sat afternoon, so will seek you out Gatton.

    I'm trying not to overdo it now, I've missed loads of training and can't make it up.  Did 12 on Mon, 5 yest, and just did a fast'ish 4 in just over 29 mins.  Taper is on!

    Am DEFINITELY NOT racing VLM, but feel quite comfortable for a sub-4, maybe even sub-3:45.

    Have a good one!

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Still very impressive Daz!  Will look out for you at Expo.  Have made decision to defer this year's Brighton Marathon place to next year - I'm not done with it yet.  Am still struggling with knee issues.  Went to see personal trainer today and she's suggested another session with the physio so am waiting for an appointment.  Damn hamstrings seem to be causing a few problems!

    Hope everyone else is well image

  • Daz /Trigg be good to see you on Saturday I will post on here on Wednesday night where I will be.. take care and travel safe

  • Probably a wise decision about Brighton then Trigg, get the knees sorted by physio and hopefuly all will be well.

    According to trip itinerary we should get to Expo at about 1400.  I think the plan is as per last year, we'll spend 2 hours there.

    Have RW mailed my mobile no to you both, am sure we can catch up briefly.

    Sad to see a fatality at Brighton Mara as well.

  • Have received your message Daz and look forward to seeing you again.   It is a shame the lad was so young. I know only too well what it is like to have a heart attack and was lucky I had some great treatment and re hab...

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Got your message Daz - looking forward to meeting up with you both again.  Will be on my own and plan to travel up sometime late morning after the local parkrun.  Not quite sure what time I'll get there but will doubtless catch up with you xx


  • Hi everyone, as per usual it's been a while since I checked in on the thread. Such sad news coming out of Boston at the moment... Hope you are all doing well. Will be watching on the tv on Sunday before I go off to work.
  • Hi VB... Sad news as you saay but London has to go on as an act of difience to those who have done this. Yes it will be a bit of a nervous time for many but we will be there to cheer those along the route.

  • Absolutely the show must go on as they say! I'm only sorry I can't watch "in person" this year. Will definitely be there in spirit.
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