Newton trainers??

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I want to try a new design of trainers-I have muzuno wave 8 at the moment i over pronate quite a bit they are ok but never been 100% with them, can not put my finger on why-make me feel more flat footed than i actually am!!

I have a marathon in 6 weeks so buying now will give me time to try them out.

These Newtons sound good-on there website anyway-plus they look really nice!

Any one tried them/have some?-do they really help change style of stike to mid foot?-does that take some getting use to?


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    personally I found the Newtons very overpriced.

    From what I understand, they will encourage you to strike with your forefoot and I wouldnt reccomend doing this so close to a marathon.

    The process can take months rather than weeks and is very hard on the calf / achillies.

  • Noooooooooooooo.

    Different way of running. And they're overpriced too. If you had a year - maybe. Not 6 weeks.
  • It is too close to the marathon to think about changing now! I would recommend some Newtons though, they are expensive so shop around to find somewhere with a deal on but they last for ages.

    I got my Newton Motions almost 2 years ago and god knows how many miles later are still going strong.

  • thanks for all the advice.

    Daniel did your running benefit from the change of style?

  • I used to run in newtons when I transitioned into barefoot style. Their gravity trainer was good although trail version was less so, wore off pretty quickly. I no longer run in newtons as now fully barefoot but think they are very good in transition. If you'd like quick injury then start in newtons on your long runs, just in time to affect your marathon in 6 weeks time. It took me 6 months to learn to run in barefoot style.

  • I definitely prefer the forefoot running style, but I am sure it is different for everyone. Just take it slowly and allow your body lots of time to adapt.

    As with the poster above I now use a mixture of the Newtons and more minimalist Merrel Sonic Glove for running.

  • I have been using Newtons since I started running in April 11. Wouldn't wear anything else. Unless you can get into central London for Sweatshop's Trump st store you won't be able to get a pair until June anyway. Everyone else is sold out.
  • What everyone above says plus: Newton website infrequently runs a "buy one, review it, get one free" promotion.  It's the only way I could afford them.  However, I still can't run more than 10k in them and that's after years.  (Need to use old-fashioned Asics for anything longer.)

  • Thanks for the advice everyone!
  • Not so close to marathon, but are worth a go. I have been running in Newtons since Jan last year, and I love them. However, I was already a midfoot striker and did some of my running in minimalist-ish shoes so the transition for me was reasonably straightforward. I soon found it very difficulty to run in my clumpy old asics - they felt like bricks attached to my legs!

    As to whether my running has benefitted, I think it would have done if I was doing the same amount of training as before, but I'm training a lot less. However, a few miles into a longer road run I really start to feel the benefit - I find it easier to settle into a faster rhythm somehow. But if you are not a midfoot striker, it is going to take time before you will feel comfortable enough to reep a benefit from it.

  • I used Newtons for my long runs after transitioning to forefoot strike. I didn't get on with them very well (also after a particularly miserable long run in the snow I ended up with a set of huge blood blisters that matched where the 'cleats' on the sole of the Newtons are).

    I switched to Saucony Kinvaras and couldn't be happier with them image

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    Is it recommended then to change stiking pattern then change trainers?

    What is the best way to analyse stiking style, then to change it?

    Whenever I pick up pace or distance I seem to get injuries from PF, ITB, or knee  pain so some sort of change is needed

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