Bupa London 10,000 - Monday 27 May 2013



  • I had to call tehm last week with a change of address and they said the numbers are not sent out for another couple of weeks.


    i have nooooo idea why I entered this but it will be nice to trot round the sights while I am still compus mentis enough to notice what I am running past image

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    I can relate to that TP although the first year I did it I managed to run past St Paul's without even seeing it!

  • Thanks LRR and AndyP image

    Considering a social again this year, we'll be there - Lord Moon on the Mall post race drinks. It's packed with runners tho so not easy to spot people. Myself and gmike will be there, and hopefully Mr K. The usual lot image Think we run past this pub (off Trafalgar Square) nearer the start - used to be the finish!

    AndyP - guess what?! Dunno what time I put down last year but gmike is usual Red A.. I'm Red C!! Must have had high hopes when I entered last year!!

  • Is there a secure place to leave a bag etc for this event?

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    I'm in. No number yet. 

    22J22 - yes there is a very effecient bag storage tent. I love everything about this race, or at least I do when I've got to the finish line. 

    TP - Would be good to meet up. I'll be plodding round in around 1hr 20 I think. 

  • Hey Soupy image How you doing? What other mad events have you done in the last year?


  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Hi Tracy - didn't do much last year apart from the mad Sodbury Slog. I blame TP for that but I loved it - you'll have to join us next year. image

  • Too far away! no, I've given up mud image Triathlons all the way now - not even another Brighton Marathon!! Oh, just did Walk the Walk London this weekend.. that was fun. Slow but easier to walk one than run itimage

  • It wasn't me, I didn't do a thingimage

    i was about to ask the bag storeage question as I will have to check out of hotel and take my worldly goods with me.

    Thats about my current pace too Soupy, I will FB you nearer the time image

  • TracyB wrote (see)

    AndyP - guess what?! Dunno what time I put down last year but gmike is usual Red A.. I'm Red C!! Must have had high hopes when I entered last year!!

    Now that is ambitious!!  Mr K is usually in that pen I think.  I was in Blue A once and he was in the pen in fron t of me, the time when he had his "dodgy shorts" image

    I don't know my pen yet but probably put 55mins to be optimistic!!

  • Hi think I put down 55mins.. I did a 56min undulating 10k in November I think it was.. but was running on adrenaline due to wedding planning!! I had a few sub-60s end of last year... but doubtful just now. You might be in the same as me then!

    Mr. K. is in Red B this year.

  • Oooh - i'll make sure I say "Hi", before you speed off into the distance image

    Do you have your number now then?  Notrhing landed for me yet.

  • I cannot run this event now and understand the entry cannot be deferred or transferred.

    If I passed the pack to someone else what is to stop them arriving and running under my name?


  • andyp - yes I have my number hence Red Cimage a friend has received Blue B today...he's actually faster than me at our Park Run!

  • image

    I saw mine last night. Blue A. Thankfully me and my son are in the same pen image

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Blue B for me but due to family issues I've only managed 4.8 miles last Saturday and not run since.  Could have to walk a while image

  • trigger2 - take some change as there may be an ice-cream seller, or a bar or two, en-route image

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Not a bad idea andyp! image

  • I received my race pack today......Green C. Right in the back. The last time I ran this race I did 56 minutes. Do you think the organisers could have made a mistake or have I stupidly put down the wrong time?

  • I'm Green B and I probably put down about an hour or so as estimated finish time.  still, its the same course for everyone, we just don't have to be out of the loo queue quite so sharpish image

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    I'm green B too. See you at the start TP.

    CR -  It starts in different waves to stop too much congestion so if you are quicker or slower for your start place it doesn't matter. Each wave has its own start gun and there is plenty of room for passing - not that I do much of that. You'll be fine. 



  • I havent received ine yet image

  • fingers crossed for today's post Caz.......

  • Sinusitis seems to have scuppered my chance of taking part image

    Hope everyone else has a great day!



  • I'm looking for a last minute place on the race. If any one is looking to transfer their place get in touch.


  • I believe that transfers are not allowed, which is a shame because I cannot run now!

  • Hi guys

    Going to be running my first ever 10k at this event. I'm going to be in green B group & was wondering on a sensible time to aim to arrive in green park?

    I understand that the race begins at 10am but just wanted a guide on how the starts are staggered for each of the groups so I can give my family on a good estimate on when they might see me run past the 9k mark.

    Training was going well till I got the typical ITB pain on both legs. Thankfully massage and purchasing a foam roller seem to have sorted this out but have rested the last few weeks. At least I will be fresh & ready to go image



  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Hi Jonathan - I think the starts are staggered about every 10 mins if I remember rightly but its not set in stone to predict a time at 9k very accuarely. And I think its staggered mostly by colour. When green A are given the off, B will work its way up to the start line almost as soon as they are gone for another count down and another start gun. Its not a massive long time to wait so I'd still get to Green Park in good time. 

  • Hi all, I'm a newbie here and I'm in!

    used site loads over years just never registered


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