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    Craig, I wont stick my neck out and say you will go under 1.20  at Chester, but..its on the cards this year !! what is the course like at Chester ?

  • Chester is largely flat with a slight climb at the end, nothing major. I class it a fast course. I am not overly fussed about time next week, just taken a place off a club mate. I suppose anything around the low 80s would be a nice time to take away. 


  • HeOw wrote (see)

    Sorry I have been absent, I have been in Ratners purchasing wedding rings for 15 and I. 

    Fuck mesocycle 5, I have never followed a reverse taper.  I will be sprinting up hills next week and then probably racing Chester Half.  Seriously though, I won't.  I think the plan deserves the respect by following the last bit to the letter and those of you who don't, are not in this Cult and will be expelled.  

    I am now off to look at other thread.  I cannot cope.  

    I'll be in the Headmaster's study in 5 minutes, went out for a 5 at recovery but it was too nice and ran 8 at MPimage.  Heart rates seem to have dropped back to normal though so it felt good and pretty easy

    I missed the proposal but congratulations HeOw and 15W, you'll make a lovely coupleimage

  • Just spoken to VLM and I can apply for a GFAimage

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    Nice one JF50, congratulations. Next you'll be with the elites...

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    Keeping up with three threads is hard work.  Did 6 at GA with 1.5 at 5k pace last night. All good although stomach and groin defo dont like pacey stuff.

    Craig - I am gonna club it tonight with Delamere on Sat and a 12 lsr on Mon with 3 at HMP and maybe a recovery and GA before next sunday at Chester where it is going to  KINAVIT! I will not be going under 1.20

    Great news JF50

  • Men - I hate to point this out but you did a look of pacey stuff the week before last.

    JF50 - fab.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Yeah Men - chill out.

  • Thought I would do a race report.  Cos I am bored. 

    Manny Marafon 2013.  The Day HeOw got Spiked.

    So, get up the morning of D-Day and get my eye wiped by the weather, which had been my obsession for 14 days pre race.  Perfect conditions. Meets Craig, Jay (female runner with Craig's club) and a couple more of their fellow club runners who were spectating and handing out fliers at the race at service station and we all go together. 

    Usual pre race shenanigans, Craig and Jay seem quite calm and couple loo stops, at final loo one, just Craig and I were waiting in queue around 10 mins pre start and panicked a bit when we realised we had a fair walk to the start.  Without going into TMI but err, female monthly inconvenience decided to make appearance and I knew then that my legs wouldn't play ball as I know my body well. 

    Gets into "pen", stands by the 3:45 pacer but then when gun went, lost him and when I realised that I was struggling running a 8:50m/m in the crowds, I kept it easy and decided then to not follow him. Looked for Shazmo but couldn't see her.  Was weird feeling, I just didn't feel in the zone from the outset, like I was only going out for a long run on my own.  No adrenaline at all.  

    First few miles went ok but I knew by mile 5 that I was not having a good day.  My legs just wouldn't warm up and I kept waiting for pace to kick in.  It never really did.  Saw Craig, Jay and Gaz when we turned around and that was nice. Ended up having to strip off mile 5-6 as I had cap and long sleeved top on under club vest and I was boiling. So, theres me, running in me bra whilst juggling a vest, fanny pack, hairband and cap.  Cap and top got lashed and I was soon decent again. 

    Crowds were great but I never tuned in to the race at all, wanted it to be over asap. Really wasn't feeling the marathon love and barely spoke to anyone.  Saw a fellow Helsby runner who had came to cheer us on, shouted to her I was boiling.  

    Miles 9-15, ran through Altrincham I think and my eyes rested on a bloke with a little girl holding a tray of jelly babies! Shouted "Stephen, STEPHEN" (it was 15!).  He didn't hear me and I was gutted, could really have done with an acknowledgement at that point!  Get's to half was in 1:53:10 and knew in no way could I keep the pace up for another 13.1 miles.  Was so gutted I felt so crap, I had put so much into my training but I thought I would give it my best and good chance I could pip 3:50.

    Miles 15-20.  Cannot remember much other than mile 18, I was very thirsty and someone was handing drinks out at side of road, cups of "water".  Grabbed one, downed it and it took a few seconds for me to realise that it was salted water.  I spat and thought "what the fuck!?" but understood why people do it, obviously to replace salts but it was foolish idea.  My stomach was already churning from my gels (I had had 4 High5).  Mile 19 came and I saw a Helsby club runner who was slowing down, patted him on shoulder, smiled and carried on and I was at this point focusing on mile 20 mat.  I knew my stomach was troubling me and I just wanted to pass it. Was still in the 8:40-50m/m pace and thought to myself I could push it up mile 21.  Ha ha. 

    Mile 21, I felt sick.  Really nauseous and started burping. I slowed a bit and ended up baulking and twice brought bile up, not proper sick, just all the gels and salted water.  I straight away felt wrecked.  Carried on as best I could, couple runners asked if I was ok.  

    Mile 22, felt bit better then stomach started churning. Knew would need loo stop. Saw a portaloo mile 23 and in and out in 2 mins flat, didn't take much, very loose number 2 was had and carries on as be

  • Mile 23, I suddenly felt faint and started "swaying" (according to the ladies who came to my rescue). I ramped up to the side of the road, put head in hands and wept. Don't know why, I just know I felt so so wrecked and I thought it was all over and couldn't believe the travesty. The ladies brought a chair over (they were officials who looked trained in First Aid but not St Johns now I remember back) and tried to get me to sit down. I wouldn't, as I knew it would be all over if I did that. A girl who was spectating ran over to me, held me and spoke to me saying "Helen, you can do it, don't cry, you have 5k left, do you want me to run the rest with you?" Bless her. I think I nodded and all these people were cheering me shouting lovely things and I cried more. She ran with me with a few hundred yards but she had jeans and ballet pumps on, she was struggling. I gave her a hug, asked her name "Jenny" she replied and thanked her and carried on, tears rolling down my face. Everyone was looking and telling me to dig in. So I pulled myself together and did as best I could. 

    Next couple miles a blur, again, friend from club cropped up at mile 24 and I just shook my head at her, she knew by looking at me. I just remember counting the mile markers off, didn't look at Garmin, it wasn't my friend anymore. I got to mile 25 and thought "you've done it girl, don't give up now". I had nothing left to give though and just tried to keep strong and think of the kids and husband waiting for me at the end.

    Mile 26 and the end was nigh. I started to run as fast as my little legs would carry me. Saw husband and girls and he said I just pointed to the sky!?! No idea why! Had NO idea of my time, looked at clock and saw 3:53 (gun time), Garmin said 3:52:05 and thought well blow me, I DID IT! At that point I thought I was nearer 3:55 and was so chuffed to PB. Stopped watch, checked time and although was disappointed my goal of 3:45-3:49 had gone, I knew I had given that race every last part of me.

    I felt nothing at the end, no particular euphoria (I felt ecstatic end of Chester). It was not down to disappointment of time, time goes out of the window final 10k of race to be fair, you don't really give a fuck anymore if things go awry, I just didn't enjoy any of it. Small snippets of the race come back to me that I loved (seeing people running who I know) but that is it. 

    Since Sunday, have been a bit gutted about it all, left me feeling a bit flat but that is the name of the game, you cannot smash it all the time and although I PB'd, the race itself didn't give me anything. I was never in the game.

  • Night NurseNight Nurse ✭✭✭

    Heow, I too can also tell in the first couple miles whether its going to be a good or bad run they sometimes come from nowhere, no explanation although it looks like you had plenty of reasons to the feeling like pooh and to be throwing up..image you did bloody well to finish !!!! and you pb"d ffs

    My last marathon was a nightmare also, and this time I didn't get to the start, why do we do this to ourselves ??

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭

    Same, I can usually tell straight away in races that it's not going to be a good one. Although, I can also sometimes perk up a bit a few miles in, but this is usually more with a training run that starts off with me feeling fought. 

    Sorry you're not feeling great about it all HeOw but try to take pride in the fact you carried on despite the setbacks. Not giving in takes guts. You might have only got a small PB (in your eyes), but it is still a movement in the right direction. 

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Jesus, HeOw, that sounds even more horrific than you described before. Did you ever manage to track down Jenny again?

  • No Lit, I haven't - would love to though as she was a "life"saver to me on Sunday, I think I may have pulled out to be honest.   

    Shaz/NN - yep, pretty much within first 5 miles you just know don't you. I never felt like I warmed into it Sunday and legs just didn't want to play ball.  CV system wasn't letting me down.  Definitely need to sort issue of bad hips out, I really have no excuse, I know they let me down as they did a bit at Chester.  I think that is one of the reasons I am not reaching my potential at marathon.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw - sounds like you had a good day! Good report that...painful reading. Didn't know you broke down at mile 23 you poor thing...kudos to those that helped you especially the spectator... Also really sorry I missed you at mile 9/16...you should have shouted "15!" like Shazmo did (that confused my daughter some what!).

    Anyway, you live and learn right....hopefully Chester will fit more kindly in your mentrual cycle!

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    HeOw, I hate to sound like a twat, but pilates might be good...

  • Great post HeOw, so much more emotion in it than most of us guys put into a run.  You've PBd so take some heart from that.  I think that all of us secretly want to do a bit better than we did and that's what provides the drive.  I think all the runners on the thread are a competitive bunch, I don't think you could follow the programme without being. 

    Great run

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I'd quite like to do pilates...will never happen though...maybe I should get a dvd or something...

  • Out at 5.15 this morning for a steady 5 miler, sunny but bloomin cold, wished I had taken gloves.  It's great here now and looks like a fantastic weekend ahead.

    Saw a muntjac deer and lots of rabbits, very pretty.

  • HeOw, great race report. Really gutsy run. Well done on getting to the finishing time so close to your goal time despite all the problems.

    I too was handed a cup of water on a tray around  mile 18. Luckily for me I find it impossible to drink from a cup when running and ended up with most of it down my vest! I only had a sip of it so sounds like I had a lucky escape. Ironically I cramped up badly at mile 19 so I probably could have done with the salt - but I don't think salt water is the best way to top up! I think at the very least the person handing it out should have mentioned that there was salt in it. I have just bought some salt sticks caps and I am going to try them on my next long run.

  • HeOw - fab report of a really tough day. I was welling up reading it.  As you have said you could not have given anymore.  The determination that you had will stand you in good stead in future marathons.  I think you might be forced to admit that pilates may be helpful to the hips and core. image

    JF50 - I'm still wearing my gloves to work in the morning but at least I've managed to dispense with the scarf and hat. image

  • AgentGingerAgentGinger ✭✭✭

    good race report HeOw, and nice time image

    i have a race number for MK on Monday, 2912, although i'm not sure they do live tracking or anything as fancy as that.

    i had the worst run ever yesterday, if you can even call it a run. went out for a gentle lunchtime jog from work, got about half a mile in when i started to get severe and sudden stomach cramps. had to walk and at first hoped they would pass, perhaps i'd drank too much water that morning or something and the sloshing upset my stomach. anyway, didn't pass so i just about made it into a pub and to their loo before suffering voilent diarrhoea. apologies to anyone who might be eating.

    immediately i started sweating excessively and felt faint and light headed and felt hot, and my breathing became quick and shallow. i had to sit on the cubicle floor for 10 mins before i had the energy to stand. tried to make the walk back to my office but had no energy. sat down on the pavement, then kind of lay down and curled up. a passer by asked if i was ok and called an ambulance, who checked me over and gave me a lift back to work.

    my fingers had a tingly sensation that they said was due to the hyperventilating. high oxygen and low co2. my blood pressure and HR was also low, but after about 20 mins in the back of the ambulance returned to normal. i was just left with some light headedness, kind of like a sugar crash. they measured blod sugar though and said it was within normal range.

    feel fine today, so not sure what the cause is. i suspect the faintness and sweating was caused by the stomach cramps. i read that stomach cramps can cause a vasovagal response, but to be honest i need to visit the GP and find out why i would have a sudden and voilent episode of stomach cramps and diarrhoea that pass as suddenly. if it was food poisoning i would expect to have continued bowel upsets for the next day or so, rather than being over in 20 mins. if it was an allergic reaction, i'm not sure to what. i ate and drank nothing different to normal yesterday or the previous day. anyway, i'm sure the GP will check me over and send me on my way, but worth going along anyway.

    i dont think this has anything to do with running, it was just incidental that it happened after i'd laced up my trainers for a run. i was waddling along at recovery pace, and only half a mile into the jog, so hardly exerting myself. i plan to race MK on monday, and i just hope i don't get an attack of the gingerbread man image

  • AG - I had the exact same thing on Wednesday night. Thankfully for me it was in the house and not whislt out running. I had almost exactly the same symptoms you describe. The worst stomach cramps I have ever experienced followed by diarrohea. I thought it was appendicitis at the time as the pain was almost unbearable. The most worrying thing was the breathing problems as well. I also had numb arms and hands which was even more weird. So its been 2 days now without any foodor running. I'm hoping that its just a nasty bug that will pass but I'm still not right. Hoping its not a long term reaction to having overdone things and not recovering from the marathon properly. Think I'll definately be taking it easy this weekend though on the running front until I feel right again. Let me know what your GP says AG. Hope you are feeling better.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Good grief AG...rest up well before the big day......maybe it's a gastro bug going round?

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    also get well to you Chris - give your body chance to recover fully before setting out again...

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    Jeepers Chaps, hopefully it has 'passed' as it where.

    Well dug out HeOw- a PB is still a PB - sounds to me like most of us ( and probably all the blokes) would have chucked the towel in. Means you have a score to settle at Chesterimage.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Ermm.. I hardly dare mention... I've also been laid up with severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps and lethargy/lightheadedness for the past two days! WTF?  Is it possible to catch it via a forum? image My daughter has caught it now image Needless to say, I haven't been running, but I'm gagging to get out in this weather even though I'm not quite 100%.  The wierd thing is that for the past week, I have had naff all contact with anyone outside of my own family or those I've run past. I can't think how I could have picked it up.

    AG - hope you recover quickly and can start eating well.

    HeOw - you did very well indeed under the circumstances. I still can't get over people actually handing out salt water image. Crazy.

  • Thanks all, feels a bit dramatic reading it back, after all, it is only fucking running but you all get what I mean, the whole last few miles were more than a battle! 

    Men - are you doing Delamere parkrun in the morning?  I ain't timekeeping. image  Husband is out so can't go. Pesky kids ruining my timekeeping position.  Gutted because I so would have swore at you too... 

    AG - oh no mate, fingers crossed you can shift it totally before Monday.  Same to you Chris and Ten, sounds unpleasant.  

  • Blimey AG and Chris, hope you get over the problem quickly.

  • maybe its the body's way of rebelling after being put through so much and playing ball for 18 weeks?!

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