Getting back running after broken foot

Hi all, I fractured the cuboid bone of my right foot on the 10th March, spent 2 weeks on crutches 5 weeks in a boot total, foot is still a bit achy now and its 13 May, I have been told I need to be able to walk without pain for 1 hour before I even think about running, has anyone got any experience of this or any tips please, I am sore after just 15 mins at the moment. Feel like a sloth!


  • Hi, I fractured the second metatarsal in December and was in plaster and on crutches for five weeks. When the plaster was first taken off, I was in a lot of pain and it did take a couple of months for me to be able to walk without limping. I went for walks and built up to an hour without any soreness afterwards, though I did still have a bit of a limp. It was two-and-a-half months after my break that I started run/walking with the C25k plan. I'm now running 5k comfortably and building up to 10k.

    It was a long and slow process, but it's important to take it easy so that you don't injure your foot again. I found that swimming and cycling really helped to build up my fitness before I could run and stopped me going mad.

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    Thanks GWTSE that is reassuring to know that its not just me who is slow to recover, I was beginning to think I would never be right again! Im just not very patient!

  • I think you're doing quite well.  A runner friend of mine who is currently on crutches after breaking two bones in her foot has been told not to expect to be doing any serious running until next year...


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    Yes I am beginning to realise that I am being a bit impatient, I was talking to someone who basically has just had same experience and he says it took him ages and to just listen to your body, my foot is definitely improving everyday, I spend a fair while on my feet for work so I am tired at the end of a day but like I say it is improving, I am going to try a small stroll at the weekend and see how I go.

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    I forgot to mention is that I have arthritis of the big toe which I am having ongoing treatment for on the same foot, I take 2000ml of Gloucosamine & Condroitin every day, I am sure that this is slowing down progress, as both sides of my foot are sore (I need to hover!) My OH has got me the old bike out of the shed so I might have a go at that too. I know I will get there its just frustrating! Thanks for all your support though it is good to hear others as it gives reassurance image

  • Hi All, I also have just been diagnoised with a cuboid fracture in my left foot after going over on my ankle.  Have been in plaster for 10 days and then a boot for a further 5 weeks and cant run for 12 weeks total, which stops my doing London Tri in July.  Gutted as training had been going so well. Can swim though.  Wondered how you all were getting on with your getting back to fitness after this injury ? 

  • If you get the chance to see a Physio then do. I fractured my 5th metatarsal, thought it was healed was discharged by the fracture clinic and then re-fractured it. It's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the damage to and tightness of muscles and the fracture discomfort. Patience is the key, like most I didn't want to hear this and ultimately it cost me a year. 


  • Thanks I think that the advice has been take it slowly, depsite this being the last thing I want to hear, I was going to aim for some shorter triathlons/runs later in the year but I think this is too ambitious just to get back running slowly and see how it goes, as I dont want this to be a reoccurring injury and I needs to give it time to heal.

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    I still havent run but I am walking further everyday, I spend a long time on my feet for work and while it still gets tierd by the end of the day the pain is now a dull ache

  • I suffered a displaced fracture of my cuboid doing an off-road race. I spent 5 weeks in a boot and still can't walk any distance without my crutches. It's been 7 weeks since the injury and I'm so frustrated with inactivity. Watching the Great North isn't helping!!
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