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  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks Lit and Chris, I will give those a try. My Mrs does yoga, so she can tell me if I get my pigeon right!

    Hi PC2, good 3k and avery sharp session there. One thing though - we do listen to Ric! Might occasionally wind him up, but we definitely listen!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    PC2, thanks for the endorsement. You may find the results yielded from 'easy days hard days' become more effective the more exteme the contrast between them becomes.

    The information about this is well over 20 years old. The idea is that as your sessions become more extensive and intense, the recovery becomes easier and longer.

    That's the way I'm doing things at the moment. A big interval session followed by two days of jogging, and not because I'm knackered.

    And drinking masses of water, of course.

    Something that caught my eye as I finished my morning run.


     He didn't fall off.

  • PC2 wrote (see)

    PMJ - Where do you find your US races? I've tried and Running In The USA but can't find one suitable for when I'm there (3 weeks around Washington from 2nd Aug).

    Washington State or DC?

  • I always forget that, DC

    Ric, just got to work on getting out running more often and for longer

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    If we had a thread hall of fame, the See man would be right at the top of the list, so great to finally meet him at the Watford 3k tonight. When I heard he was coming all the way down here, I realised it would just be plain ridiculous if I didn't get myself the 20miles or so over there.

    Bit late to be smashing out any race reports, but to differing extents, good nights for the two of us

    For more details, an in depth race dissection and more, tune in tomorrow image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    SG, do you mean we'll have to wait until tommorow; as in Friday?

    The cloudburst in the early hours had certainly raised the humidity levels. Still covered the usual (for now) distance.

    Went around Ruislip Lido having to try and avoid stepping on any of what must be a billion tiny toads.

  • Looking forward to the race reports. Had a leisurely hilly(ish) 7 miles last at 7.30 pace. After 2 tough days on the trot I couldn't of pushed much more if I'd wanted too. It seems to have done the trick though and the legs are a bit looser this morning. Might have a go at 10 steady miles tonight - aiming for 6.30 pace. On that note, what are people's views on steady run paces?

    My easy runs I usually do between 7-7.30 pace. Tempo's I try to hover around 6 min miling and the fast stuff I just go for on the track. So is there benefit in throwing in a weekly or twice weekly longer steady run at 6.30 ish pace which is kind of marathon pace for me i guess. Any view welcome.

  • JohnasJohnas ✭✭✭

    tasty running PC and being so close to Deano is a sign that things are going well!

    c'mon then The Steves - spill the beans

    Hi Chris... if mojo is low then might be worth identifying some target races to aim for. With no autumn marathon but a big target race of London next year, i'd personally focus on some short stuff with a decent 10k attempt in autumn (brighton is good), then a winter of x-country for strength building, ready to launch into marathon training in January with a focus on having a crack at a half marathon PB in the build up.

    Your easy and tempo pace sounds right. And in answer to your earlier question, if you spend the remainder of the summer on the short stuff, i wouldn't do much more mileage than you're doing and i wouldn't bother with a long run more than 14/15 miles. Some people do find greater rewards on high mileage but depends what works for you.

    Personally, i don't do steady runs/MP runs unless marathon training. Other than a speed session, a long run and a couple of tempos a week, all my other running is easy.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    They must've both run sub 9 with the amount of time before posting a report.image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Nah, I think they're both still out there running.

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Good afternoon all,

    I got in at 2:35 so I've been a little sleepy today (still fitted in a run and gym already image)

    The drive was well worth it yesterday, felt well rested and warm up and strides I felt quick so knew things were looking good. Race was under floodlights and started at 10:05! Felt like a diamond league meeting image

    Was nice to meet SG, albeit far too briefly. When he says he goes off quick he isn't messing about! I wondered if I'd entered a 1500 race at first as we all steamed through a 75s opening lap with SG doing circa 70!

    My splits were: 75, 80, 80, 81, 80, 80, 83, then a 35 last 200. I thought I'd blown it in the penultimate 400. But hit a bit last 400 to come in at 9:55, a 10 second PB. Went past a few people on the home straight too. Last 200m was all heart as my legs has long gone! Great race, with lots going on to keep the pace. Well done to SG on his run and thanks for the encouragement.

    So VERY happy with the outcome, time for a cheeky 1500 in 2 weeks! I'm happy to open a sweepstake on what I'll run, because I have no idea!


  • Nice one Stevie C.. Great result. Sounds like you paced really well and last week's rest has paid off with a strong finish. 

    You running the 1500 at Longford Park?


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Well done Stevie - the 10 has been cracked!! Damn shame I couldn't get over to Watford last night with SG to meet you and have a crack at a 3000m myself....

    4th day of no running today, but a double 14 on the bike (2nd one to come). Right hamstring is very painful, despite the lack of running and a whole load of stretching so I'm wondering if riding a bike might be making it worse.


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    As per my midnight musings, good to finally meet one of the key players on this thread after so long. Like SS says, shame it had to be a brief one, but by 11pm you're stuck in the pitch black as they turn the floodlights off, and its basically a polite "time to leave" message.

    Cracking performance from the See lad, taking 10secs off after so many tries at the distance is really good work. And the pacing job on those 5 laps is incredible, and something I seriously need to learn.

    I probably didn't help my overall performance with a couple of bits of sheer amatuerism.

    Firstly, I'd remembered the rule of don't undersell your ability so you don't end up in too slow a race. (Put down 10.00 last time, and ended up in the slow race leading for most of it, feeling like i was cruising)

    This time i went 9.30, which seemed sensible.

    Saw the seeding, and saw that there were only 2 races, fast one ranked 8.00 to 9.30 image

    Ever so slightly browned my trousers (metaphorically speaking) at the prospect of being miles off the back,  much to the amusement of Stevie and the 4 from Handy Cross, including Frankie, so i did the sensible thing and got in the race with the other chaps.

    A random 20 something girl was trying to convince me that the fast race would "be fine", and she almost suckered me in. Luckily I asked her pedigree....4.14 for 1500 apparently! Checking PO10 she's got the All time 133st quickest time, and is something like 16th in 2013.

    She went on to do 9.22, even though she'd done a 1500 that same night...

    Anyway, having held everything up pissing about changing races, and cheesed the organiser off by not having my number on properly and having to have it put on by him... we lined up.

    Starting in lane 2 was always going to be foolish with my sharp starts. And I'd kind of forgotten that being only 2 races I wouldn't necessarily be at the front of this one. Also I had the See-man next to me, so thought I best get cracking.

    Little bit more pressure on this one, with the 5 people i knew in the race, the pre race pissing about, and vaguely remembering 9.46 felt "comfortable" last time out.

    Smashed off, and right in the mix going through 200 in 35 and 400 in 70ish, and then splits after the first 200 as follows

    1.16,1.18,1.19,1.20,1.21. Spot a pattern?

    A gaggle came past during this, and all of a sudden mentally it was feeling tricky. Frankie came past with 2-2.5laps to go, and even though he was blowing, coughing and doing all manner of nasty noises, I thought forget him, just get to the finish.

    Some girls went by in a pack, and I was wondering what was going on, but carried on.

    Lap 6 must have at least held the pace back from dropping off any further, and as we had 150metres to go Frankie looked a bit far ahead. 2 girls were boxing me in a bit too.

    However, with 100 to go i thought, screw this, and smashed past them, and monstered in on Frankie's inside, and what felt like a nicely timed win.

    Checked the results 0.26 of a second margin!

    8th out of 32, Final time 9.44.74    for an incredible.... 1 1/2second pb image

    So positive view.....pb, and number 6 of the year, and only a second victory over Frankie after years or eating his dust (and surely the smallest margin we'll ever have in a race)

    negative view, pacing not good at all, and only taking so little off the pb.

    I feel like i've experienced 2 sides of the coin at my 2 3ks. First one, felt too comfy, didn't push hard enough, second one, overdid the start. Am surprised at how much harder the second one was compared to the first, but that's pacing wrongly for you!

    Final thought

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    is firstly not to write so much...

    but was just saying how the 1st race i'd escaped what a real track race is about...leading it, not overtaking anyone etc.

    This one had it all, clipping people, being clipped, overtaking, being overtaken, being boxed in, sprint finish, bigger field etc!

    back marker in the fast race was 9.32, and although it'd have been interesting to cling on the back of that one, probably not wise. Although probably wouldn't have set off so fast in fairness!

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    had just been wondering whether we'd had the final thought or if it was still to come...

    Well done Stevies.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Well done Ss from me also. I'd been asleep half an hour when you started. I operate in different time zones these days.

     And well done SG also.


  • Bluenose74Bluenose74 ✭✭✭

    Well run" the Boys"... I still feel that you both weren't giving it 100%... In neither of your reports did I come across any key words, such as... Threw-up... Collasped in heap... Blowing through my arse... (and my favourite) Coughed my bollocks up.... But still a decent nights work....

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Ah, come on Stevie - a 1.5 sec PB? That's just leaving head-room to get another PB next time out image

    Seriously though, well played and especially so for getting Frank's scalp (hi Frank if you're lurking by the way!).  Sounds like a pretty interesting race all in all.

    I've worked out why you don't want to do a marathon though - the race report would need a whole seperate threadimage

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    My philosophy is good, average or bad race, short or long I'll still find a few pages of race report out of it image

    But agreed with you both, pb was the utter minimum requirement, and the sneaking Frank just about pushed it above average.

    I'm sure it's the lack of top end sharpness and a poor pacing job that limited me a bit yesterday. For the last 3k I'd done some 1500/3k work, whereas the last 6weeks have been mostly easy paced, whilst strengthening the pelvis, and getting back to it through relays and MP work.

    It's certain for shorter stuff you need that top end practice.

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    4 miles AM, gym in the afternoon (got peer pressured into that), and 4 x 1KM tonight. Reps were: 3:14, 3:20, 3:20, 3:16. Sounds like an elite athlete's day... bar the average rep times!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭


    In the same year that a Briton finally wins Wimbledon, SS finally gets that sub 10 3000!  That is one of the really big thread targets finally broken.  What with SG having got the sub-35 monkey off his back this year, it's just Bus's sub-36 10K to go.

    Fantastic racing from SS though, got to be worth the however many hours round trp to get that sub-10, and in the end you completely smashed through it.  Good to see you got swayed by the SG fast start as well.

    SG, excellent to see another PB from you too.  I imagine in any other situation you'd be happy to have 2 girls box you in.  Love how you always seem like a fish out of water on the track.

    Chris, welcome.  I never specifically set out to do 'steady' runs, although some of my easy runs often end up being too fast and entering the steady zone, but it isn't deliberate.

    Bit of a confidence rebuilder last night after Sunday's mess.  18 with 10 at marathon pace, so the 10 averaged 5:59.  Tough, but good to get it done.  Pacing a bit all over the shop, anywhere between 6:20 and 5:45, need to sort that out.

  • Great reports guys. A P.B's a P.B so its all good. Especially since its not so huge you can't easily get another. I've never raced on the track and imagine its a world of pain from start to finish, complicated further by people tripping you up - so kudos for good races all round.

    So much for a steady run tonight. Went out with the intention of 10 steady miles. Plan was for 6.30 - 6.45 pace. I ended up going out easy and after 5 miles around 7.00 pace I got bored and did 3 x 1 mile efforts with half mile recoveries. The tempo miles came in at 6.06; 6.04; and 5.58 to finish. Just under 10 miles knocked off and I quite enjoyed it in the end. I will go for an easy run tomorrow...I will go for an easy run tomorrow...I will go for an easy run tommorrow....

  • Nice results from the racers, tidy PB for Stevie and a nice collection of scalps for SG

  • Long Island Road Running Club summer 5k series.
    Results are up on

    So after a few weeks of hot weather in the UK and then moving out and training in the heat out here, it turned out to be a bit cooler on Wednesday night so just hot and not very hot. Got to the race early to pick up a number and eye up the opposition and all looked good till a tall, skinny African lad turned up.

    Gentle mile warm up and a few strides and then formed up at the start line, looked to be well over 100 runners (turned out to be 167). Hooter sounds and we were off. I took the lead and wondered if the African guy was a fake but after a 100 metres of so he pulled alongside and past. I was now in second but there were two guys behind me, one a 12 year old kid. I thought I wasn't going to let him beat me and so pushed on and yet he hung on. Got to a slope at about 2/3rds of a mile and I dropped him there to have second place clear to myself. Went through 1 mile in 5:40 and the heat and that early pace started to tell, but soldiered on. At 2 miles I had a clear lead and settled down to grind out the third mile. Nice that I had a marshal on a bike ahead of me to follow. Passed the finished and it was just an out and back loop to go but at the end of the out I could hear someone behind me. Looked back and it wasn't the kid but the other guy who was up early but who had gone way back and I had written him off. As he caught up with me I surged thinking he must have worked hard to catch up but he had plenty left and took me and left me for dead. Brought it home for 18:21 at the finish.

    Splits were 5:40 and then a couple of 6.0x so that first fast mile cost a bit, would  have been nicer to do a 5:45 or 5:50 and wind it up a bit later. Picked up the age category win but the main thing is that nobody older was faster than me.

    First  "lady" home was a 9 year old girl in 20:40. Looked that up on WAVA and it is 84% which seems low but I guess we assume 9 year old girls can't run. Age graded standard for such is 17:33

    Next up is Chicago 10k. Have just been booked for a post race TV appearance: "Hi Philip, We are interested in interviewing some of our runners who are coming from out of the country for our telecast of the race."

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Philip Jones cracks the US racing and broadcasting scene in one fell swoop!


  • JohnasJohnas ✭✭✭

    Well done on the PBs The Steves. nice work!

    and congrats to PMJ on the category win... sounds like it was competitive in all age groups!

    Long runs like that Dachs are excellent prep - looks like you nailed it too.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Good race Phil, in what seems an odd set up?

    12 year old kid near the front? 9 year old girl first female? And what 9 year old girl has done 17.33 out of interest? Or is this one of those theoretical ones?

    Was it a prize for the 3rd/Vet win, or was it more like your parkrun/summer 5k series set up?

    Dachs, lovely 10miles there!  And you mention my hunt for a sub 36, the hunt for a sub 1hour 10miler was longer, and now you're strutting that in training.

    You're right on the track stuff, seems a completely different world. I spoke of the 1/4sec ahead of Frank, but on checking the results, seems I also lost to someone by similar without realising. Bizarre!

    Stevie, the winner was a FV40 looking at the results! I could have sworn it was a bloke who zoomed off at a pace even I thought was reckless. So did that guy tail down, or was the woman very small short haired and male looking from behind?! image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    There appears to be a number of training sessions on the thread that seem to be of psychological importance if anything.

    I suppose confidence does come into it. But a training session that is really just a proving session doesn't have much effect beyond proving that you can do it.

    Regarding distance training as a specialised form of body building (leg muscles mainly) any training session is a trade off between 'enjoying yourself with a good hard blast' that wrecks you, with doing the job carefully but is essentially a rather dull procedure.

    From my side this week. A succession of 'one effort' runs yielded a succession of sub standard paces while the virus was being dealt with. Just a waiting game really and lo and behold, yesterday must have been the 'all clear' as the pace increased dramatically for the same effort (perceived).

    Details: Monday to Thursday, paces 9:05, 8:56, 8:38, 8:43(humid). Friday 7:59!

    Of course, if I'd been forcing the issue I would never have noticed the difference.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    There was me thinking an 8am wakeup on a Saturday was too early, and there's old son Ric with a 3am posting!

    High 8s and 9s certainly suggest a man of your level is a bit off colour.

    I'm doing my usual Saturday 6 a bit earlier this week, as forum forefather ALD has come up with a free ticket to the Anniversary Games today.

    That starts at 2pm, so I best get this 6 wrapped up starting at 9!

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