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At the moment I am a member of david LLoyd so can use any gym and there is one right by work, so 2/3 times a week i go there and run 3 miles at lunchtime. Obviously I then have full shower facilities.

Due to wanting to save some cash (it costs us £110 a mth as a family) we are thinking of joining a local gym to home.

My concern is that I will lose the option to get a lunchtime run in. I have seen various people on here comment that they run outdoors at lunchtime. Just wondering do these people all have shower facilities at work or just have a wipe down in the sink and a bit of spray??


  • There are shower facilities where I work for cycle commuters, so I could just use those if I wanted a lunchtime run. Probably have to bring my own towel by that time of day though.

  • Showers at work - no way I could get away with a sink wash the amount I sweat :-S

  • Ewww. Showers or I'm not running. Yuk.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    hmmmm, ok, was hoping a few people might stink it out! I dont want to lose my lunchtime run option. was thinking over winter, its cold and I only run easy/recovery lunchtime so not a huge amount of sweat!!!

  • Hmm. Winter, central heating, steaming up the office...

  • birkmyrebirkmyre ✭✭✭

    I was fortunate that my college and then my 2 workplaces had showers

  • I run at lunchtime or before work sometimes - it's the only way that I can fit in a run on weekdays - and my office does not have showers. I have a swill off in the sink afterwards and a spray, put on fresh underwear. I do try to cool down a bit before putting my work clothes back on. I always make sure that those work clothes get washed after. And I don't run much more than 3 miles, so don't get too sweaty.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Good answer Emma, its always better to be told what you want to hearimage

  • JvRJvR ✭✭✭

    We have showers which people use if they've cycled or run on the way to work or at lunchtime.

  • I get to work two days per week at home which helps, but there are no showers available when I'm at the office. At the office I use the sink and baby wipes and bring a towel; however I don't sweat much compared to most people I know and work in a casual enough office that I can wear shorts and a polo shirt during hot weather. However if I need to be presentable for a meeting with a client then I won't risk it!

    The main thing I find is to make sure to cool down and dry well before getting changed back into work clothes - getting changed too soon results in sweating more back at my desk than when I was out running!

  • Can't do it - the beetroot face afterwards is too embarrassing image

  • If you can't shower off after a lunchtime run, it's clear... there are 3 categories of people...

    1/ those who simply can't get away with it because they sweat too much.

    2/ those who can.

    3/ those who think they can.


    (I'm in category 2 or 3)

  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭

    there are really only two categories:

    1/ those who know they simply can't get away with it because they sweat too much.

    2/ those who think they can.

  • I've started cycling to work. No showers unfortunately - just a sink. I'm armed with shower gel, towels, deodorant etc and I manage. I need about 10 mins though to cool down before getting dressed. I've even asked if I smell afterwards and no one has ever said anything (and believe me there's one woman who always get a dig in and she didn't complain)!!

  • Work through lunch, finish an hour early and run then?

  • Actually no, Skotty. there are natural variations in the quantity of apocrine glands you have, which are the really smelly ones. For instance, people of Asian and African descent have fewer, hence are not so liable to body odour. There is a natural variation among any population and I count myself among the lucky ones, confirmed by my SO. Of course, leaving damp kit on lets bacteria breed in the dampness itself if left for some time, which produce their own smell, so it's best to whip that off straight away.

  • I'm intrigued now to know what your SO is.....image

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Yes, what is SO??

    Peter- unfortunately i dont think that would go down so well here! Also i normally run at lunchtime as part of a split session so will say do 3m at lunch and 5 in evening, normally to lessen the impact on my legs.

    I am in the advantageous position where I have my own office and control my own radiator/window/fan, so i could just shut myself away for the afternoon and not inflict my foul stench upon colleagues.

  • his smelling oriface............

    his superior officer

    his secret opinionpoll

    his sexy otherhalf

  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    I run at lunchtime nearly every day and am not a member of a local gym. I'm not customer-facing as all my clients are abroad and my contact is by telephone. And I slouch about the office in flip-flops and shorts. So mine is not a typical office/workplace.

    After stretching I lock myself in the downstairs loo which is quite big - about the size of a typical differently-abled toilet.

    I splash cold water on my face and hold my wrists under the cold tap for a few minutes. 

    I use dampened paper hand towels to wipe my pits, crotch and crevice (too much information?) 

    I used to use the handsoap to wash my pits but the combination of harsh soap and washing them twice a day played havoc with my skin, so I don't bother using soap now.

    I'll then prepare my lunch and eat at my desk. I'll continue sweating for a few minutes but I don't think I smell bad.

    Anyway - that's what I do.

  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭

    If there are no showers, I'd keep the runs short [though I sweat anyway], wash in the sink as best you can.

    Wear a sleeveless top at your desk until you've cooled down [if you're a woman, try a skirt / dress too - lots of flapping the skirt always helps!]; then put on a cardi / jacket.

  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭

    Oh - and [yes I have done this before!] - not to put too fine a point on it - pantyliners with a perfume help too!image

  • We're very fortunate to have showers where I work.  I guess it'll be sink, wet wipes and deodorant for you though oh and that dry shampoo stuff is quite good too.

    It's a shame that it isn't a legal requirement to provide a shower in the work place with all the drive to get people to cycle to work.

  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    We have a free gym at work and showers in the toilets. I can imagine the frustrations of people who don't have any facilities. I agree that if a company operates a cycle to work scheme then they should provide showering for their employees,  in fact I would extend this to any work place who has a sports club of any nature.

  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    gary - must be a big sink.

    re showers at work. I will go to my grave to ensure it never happens. As it is I sometimes have to wait for one or other of the 5 or 6 people who run regularly at lunchtimes to finish changing. If we had showers installed and more people started using them, it would be a nightmare.

    Long live the status quo - though I'd probably let Staus Quo go.

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