The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • pug316 - as i do not appear to have rec'd a reply to the PM I sent you I could not proceed with your order and as I had no other way of contacting you.

    Your details are no longer in the spreadsheet I linked to above

  • I'm after a tri suit? Hoping to get one before The Slateman next year, cheers Darren

  • Looks like there are not enough orders for tri suit, but may have a chance of a tri top? Large if poss? How do I process this, need some gear for next seasons Slateman please image
  • Schmunks For my cycle top can it be extra large and my cycle jacket extra large please. Thank you very much. Schmunks Slag is going to pay for my staff and can you post it to his address please when he places his order as well. Any problems just let me know thank you very much.

  • ayone know about the ladies tank sizing?

    What bust size is a medium or a large, (in reality)????


  • OC - I am a 32D, in normal clothing Im a 10/12 and I take a medium 2xu tri top (which I have to squeeze myself into and out of) and have decided to op for a medium monaco and large tank.

  • OC mine is a medium if that helps

  • I'd never have taken 'O- Captain Picard -Cannon' for a cross dresser!!  image

  • am i too late to become a pirate and a pirate dresser?  Met some lovely pirates at IM Wales and very keen to join you image for next years excursions - already down for Wimbleball and possible Macmillan entry for Wales (again.)

    Would like a bike top, Monaco and arm warmers if poss?

  • I borrowed a small monaco for outlaw and whilst it fit (quite large round the armpits) the length was quite short and it rode up a bit. I'm normally a size 10. Any thoughts as to which size. I'm going to order medium in the cycle top was just worried if the armholes would come to my waist if I got a medium monacoimage

  • Ss cycle top is nicer than the Monaco, a lot more room image, it doesn't matter how small you can be the Monaco rides up! 

  • Can I get a bit of help regarding sizing. I am down for a Monaco and tri shorts and I am currently bangnin the middle of the size chart for large, However the plan is to lose weight. Now people say the sizing comes up a little tight so do I go for a large with the view hat it will fit well with a bit of weight loss, or should I go for x-large with the view that it will be comfortable?

    Does that make sense? image

  • Go into Evans and try some on for size ....

  • What's the equivalent of a XXL monaco for a ladies tank? The monaco fits fine except the armholes are too big, so a similar size for a ladies tank will probably be perfect for me, I think

    Its a long way to Evans from here image

  • I have sent a reply to your email Schmunks but I'd like a large gillet please. Thank you image

  • Any chance i can change my monaco to a cycle top please schmunks - i'm gonna have a problem with gaping armholes in the size i need.

  • All mediums for me please Schmunks - many thanks.

  • I take it the jacket is measured as a man's size?

  • Yes yes   image

  • Cheers Melds image

  • Hmmmmmmm - according to The Charts, I need a L tank and XS jacket.  My monaco and cycle top are both M and a good fit.  
    Eeny, meeny, miny, mo............

  • My bike jacket is a small and my tank is a medium if that helps you ...

  • I'm trying to think from meeting Nursey at Outlaw.

    My jacket is also a small, my bike jersey is a medium and my monaco is a large but too big now.  I wonder if you should go for a small jacket like what the witch and I have, Nursey?

    Not a clue on the tanks.

  • I have no idea what size to order now! I'm guessing large cycle top and medium monaco to show off my beer handles

  • should i stop shouting my name?

  • ToughGuy - the monacos are always smaller than you think. I have a medium cycle jacket and medium cycle top and a large Monaco (I take a 38R suit jacket  if that helps???)

  • Mouse, I think that sounds about right, thanks. 
    M...eldy wrote (see)

    My bike jacket is a small and my tank is a medium if that helps you ...

    Since I aspire to be just like my mentor, Meldy Poppins ("practically perfect in every way"), I'll go for S jacket and M tank too. 

  • image you been drinking again Nursey?

  • Hi Schmunks,

    Could we please have:

    1 x L Monaco

    1 x L Tri shorts

    1 x XXS Tri shorts

    1 x XS Cycling top

    1 x  S Girls tank

    Cheers image

  • I am more concerned Rafi owns a jacket ....  court appearance?

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