Sub 3h15



  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    A big thread weekend!

    Moof, a stunning sub-3, even if the last few miles were tough. You've achieved something very few people can ever claim. Recover well.

    Keir, sound like a hard day, but well done on toughing it out. The only problem with racing less is that the races you do enter tend to become a bigger deal and come with more pressure. As someone who doesn't race much, I think I'm guilty of putting too much pressure on the days I do pin a number on. It's all about balance though.

    Blisters, another who battled through in less than ideal circumstances. Well done for pushing on.

    Ant, back on the horse with a 40 min 10k doesn't sound too shabby to me. What's next?

    Jools, training banked, taper well and cash in next weekend.

    SJ, sorry to hear about your groin issues. Hope it's nothing too serious.

    Birch, good to see you back racing.

    PMJ, an impressive WAVA score, and a pretty impressive time (in my book anyway!).

    OO50, good podium in your parkrun.

    Commendable XC performances from Speedy and Lorenzo. Seemed like a fitting weekend for mudlarks!

    Men, hope tha chilles isn't too sore.

    GM, good strength of character there. Would like to see how those kids would have gone with a hangover!

    Binned any vague plans I had to run the Salisbury HM for a morning of ironing, vacuuming and washing instead, before getting out for 8 round a very soggy New Forest in the afternoon. The glare off the standing water when the sun finally came out was quite blinding!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Sounds like very tough day for Blisters and Kier. These marathons are tough and don't always go to plan- you both give us a clear reminder.The worse thing that happened to me yesterday was that a small bird sitting on a lamp post dropped an enormous poo, with a direct hit on my face and shoulder- so at least things could be worse for you both. Chins up.   

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Wow! Keir and Blisters with a couple of heroic tales there. Well done for seeing the runs through. When I hit the wall I learned so much and was able to apply the lessons to my next races. I think there are more positives to come from a negative race experience than we might expect.

    I loved the balls out, sh!t or bust approach from you guys too. I did the same in Paris this year. Nursed the injured leg to 16 when if I hadn't  stopped, stretched and masasged it would have gone pop. Decided that if I got to 20 miles without crashing I would hit the gas and just go for it and if it blew up then so be it. Fortunately it worked and I scraped a PB.

    OO50 - That's supposed to be good luck isn't it? image


  • Great thread guys. Thanks for sharing.image

    Still on the comeback trail for VLM sub 3:15 glory with a 20 minute run this morning. 

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the support, in particular the declaration of man love from TRimage

    Just for the record, 3.13.29 was the official chip time, to make sure I achieved the thread target.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Moof - what a brilliant result.  Very well done.  You've waited a long time for it having missed London at the last minute.  Great to really feel your pleasure through your drunken posts too!

    Keir - Phew that sounded tough.  Nice to see TR getting warm and fuzzy there and I totally agree with him that you're not getting the return you deserve.

    Blisters - Another tough one.  Do you think your body might still be tired from the IM? 

    Well done to Ant and GM too.

    Now long now Jools.  You seem very calm?!

    Hope Fraser is happy with his Amsterdam time.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hang on a minute Kier!  I thought you were talking, like, 5 hours from your report but sub 3:15?!!  Very good!


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭
    Keir wrote (see)

    Thanks for the support, in particular the declaration of man love from TRimage

    Just for the record, 3.13.29 was the official chip time, to make sure I achieved the thread target.

    Perspective is a funny thing. I appreciate that given the standard you're at and the times to which you aspire, that's not what you wanted. But if I got close to that in London, I'd be thrilled, chuffed and delighted! Shows what kind of quality there is posting on this thread.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Great work by those who made their targets, and those eg Keir/Blisterswho laid it all down in a forlorn hope. It's what makes you marathoners. Man love all round.

    Extra great work by Moof, holding it together for sub 3 makes it a big achievement, and it's what you deserved. 

    Quick skim back as the web is a tad dodgy here. While you were celebrating a great weekend's racing I had the first gentle jog for a couple of weeks, the ankle is going to be trouble for a while but is a lot less swollen and can cope with 30 minutes or so. This is the latest training camp, hot and very muggy by the Indian Ocean, guns & high security everywhere but nothing too worrying, hurrah.



  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Keir - i burn more matches worrying about you than anyone else. Are you doing VLM ? I might have to hand-cuff you to me, its about time you had another sub3 to your name. The hardest bit for you is lasting the campaign in a low fuss/low stress/not gone too mad too early in the campaign way.

  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    Man hugs....hand cuffs.....

    I reckon there's the start of a bromance here.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    join the queue !

  • Steady on boys. There's some who keep there marbles in the right bag. Which reminds me about the one area that did suffer from abrasion damage. A little pocket snooker saved too much John Wayne later in the day.

    Message for PMJ. The first V50 yesterday did 3:01.

  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    The first lady did 3.00.01, I would imagine she's happy but gutted. Not a bad effort for a first marathon.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    That's so unfair. You'd think they'd just knock a couple of seconds off. 

  • Abbers - nice soggy running.
    PMJ - started my base-training yesterday. October will be quite a low mileage month for me with 2 taper weeks and a recovery week too! Annual mileage stands at just over 1700, so should pass 2000 for the first time ever.
    Poacher - is that you in the yellow top?
    3:00:01 must be sooooo frustrating, but you can't be disappointed with that for a mara debut!
    Overslept and was too late to go out for my 11 miler this morning, so will have to wait till everyone else has gone to school or work.

  • Man love is all around us, or so the so-ong goes, bahdahdahdah bahdahdah

    Keir, good effort fella. To be honest, you seem much happier and knock out better times when you are just running Hadd style rather than hammering yourself on an intense programme. Hope things balance out for you.

    Blisters, that sounded painful. Are you still enjoying the stairs? I've had the same experience wearing DS trainers - ridiculous cramping during and after a race. I'll make sure they are reserved for shorter stuff from now on. Good luck with them AR!!

    OO, nice aerial bombing tale! image

    Groinal area is still not right.  It's ok unless I try to put my socks on. I can either go barefoot for the rest of my life or book a physio appointment.....

    Fraser, how did you get on?


  • SJ - you have my sympathy.
    Well that was a bit weird going for a run just after 8:30. I should have left it till a bit later. My breakfast hadn't settled and also I experienced a new phenomenon called traffic which kept stopping me from crossing the roads. Still that's 11 easy miles d&d. And on the plus side, as it was daylight I headed out of town and down some leafy lanes.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Gul, a lot to be said for daylight running, although I appreciate it's not always an option! image

    Sorry to hear you're still having groin issues SJ.

    Intervals for me, 5 x 1k @ ~10k pace, so 4m/k (15kph, which is easy to work out on the dredmill!), off 1 min recovery. In the build up to my last HM, I was doing up to 8 x 1k a bit quicker, so 3:53m/k (under 10k pace), but off 2 mins recoveries. I figured halving the recovery time might be a way to knock me out of my comfort zone so I'm not repeating the same training again. Made it feel much harder.

  • Abbers wrote (see)

    Ant, back on the horse with a 40 min 10k doesn't sound too shabby to me. What's next?



    Thanks - what's next is the Avilés HM on 10th November, which gives me a bit of time to get some longer mileage in, which I definitely need.

    Interesting your tweaking the recovery times on those reps - 1 min is very short for a 1km rep. I normally do them off 2-min recoveries - my main concern, though, is nailing the target speed.

    7 miles this morning on surprisingly tired legs...av 7:33mm.

  • Moof - great run and a nice report

    PMJ - 80%+ is a decent day out by anybody's standard. It's one of my ambitions, along with breaking a club age group record. I don't have long though before you hit 50 and blow them all away or until our ex 2:09 marathon runner finaly gets properly fit after 20+ years of not running. He already set 1:22 at Wokingham Half this year when only slightly fit!

    Keir - if we go for it then we have to be prepared to fail from time to time. Well done for having a crack, and the good thing is that you know why it happened so easily rectified. Far worse when it happens with no obvious cause.

    Blisters - same as above image

    Another weekend of nothing for me. Escape artist dog had been getting into the neighbours garden and leaving messages that their toddler decided to play with, so massive hedge trimming and new fence errecting, closely following by torrential thunderstorms. As penance I decided to do my marathon schedule midweek 10 mile route last night. Didn't look at the watch and decided to run at what felt like just slightly harder than long run pace. This came out at 8:04 per mile which is about where my long run pace usually comes out, so happy with that, especially given how warm it was last night - just wearing the head torch had me overheating! Not so happy today though with the pain in my right calf or the other pain at the top of my right hamstring/glute. Lots of old man noises when standing/sitting. Ho hum.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Some good running going on here again image

    Saw the Fizz yesterday to sort a long running (pun intended) back/hip problem which has given me nerve tinngles and weak leg sensations for months. It's been slowly improving but wanted confirmation. Sure enough a bulging disc pressing against the nerve seems to have been the issue. He gave me a good beating and I felt much better. Also told me to keep exercising so I went down the gym and beat my treadmill PB for 5k, ducking under 20 mins for the first time with a 19.46. very happy with that.

    Was able to run in the rain at lunchtime today on a hilly 6 mile course. Took it a bit easier and averaged 7.34s. Good to see some progress after a low quality summer of running due to injury. Hopefully I'll maintain the upward curve and set a good base for the Brighton campaign which begins in December.

    Spinning class tonight and then Bake Of!! image


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Quick skim back and feel compelled to say something:

    Keir - I posted that thing from McMillan as I thought it might resonate with those who have work/family/life pressures to juggle with training.  I think you need to give yourself a break and let things happen when they can which will take the pressure off.  The result is still pretty swift considering so don't beat yourself up too much. I admire the way you went for it.  Rest and look forwards for now.  Run some fun 5 and 10Ks perhaps (if they can be "fun").  Cuddle your children. And your wife.  (I added that as I often forget that bit!)

    Moof - yay!  Top effort and well deserved.  I felt it was only a matter of time from reading of your training and racing efforts on here.  Where do you go from here now?

    Blisters - you triathletes are amazing the way you throw in a race off no specific training.  Well toughed out. Is that a word? Toughed out?  I fear that my time in the US is starting to afect my speling rathr bedly.

    I won't mention Ant's PW.  Oh.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    I don't cuddle Keir's wife in case anyone was wondering.  You see how rubbish I am at articulating these days?

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Bromances and cuddling other people's wives?  This thread has it all!

    7M incl. 2 @ MP for me.  MP came out at 6.41 according to the Garmin, but clearly going any faster than 6.45s is forbidden until the final 10k, if not the final 7k.  Thought for the day: Don't Be Greedy.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    4 Horrible miles for me in ghastly weather. Force 6-7 wind and I thought I could do with some more punsihment after the weekend of excessive demon grape consumption. Made it to 2.5 miles and felt terrible, almost bonked, considered stopping but didn't and got a stitch to boot. Could only muster 7:12 mm avg and it felt more like 6:12mm. Maybe tonight's run was more penance! Put that one behind me and hope tomorrow will be better.

    Gul - Nice 11 miler and it must have been a big change for you. How you manage those early runs is beyond belief.

    Jools - Well played. Your sensible approach to training will serve you very well in Frankfurt.

    SB - Nice speedy 5k on the DM! Must admit I've never tried any running on the DM.

    AR - Apologies for the tardy response re your NY mara, I totally forgot you were doing it. Hope the taper is going well and that you are feeling good about the race. I am looking forward to watching it. Is it the 1st time you will have done it? My fizz informed me that her uncle won it in 1966 when it was called the Cherry Tree marathon. He was an Irish immigrant who spent his spare time running around the city to get to know the place and ran it as his first mara and won in 2:26. Apparently it was a different course then and ran through some rough areas and the local kids would throw rocks at the runners! How rude!!

    Ant - I still think that your 10k time was good, what is your pb for the distance and when was it? I have yet to break the 40 mins but yet I seem to be able to run 5k in 19 mins without much difficulty. That is the one monkey I need to get off my back big time. Was hoping to have another crack at it before I turn 40 in Jan but I've looked at the Jsy race calendar and the next one is in Feb!


  • Beware Of The Fish wrote (see)

    PMJ - 80%+ is a decent day out by anybody's standard. It's one of my ambitions, along with breaking a club age group record. I don't have long though before you hit 50 and blow them all away or until our ex 2:09 marathon runner finaly gets properly fit after 20+ years of not running. He already set 1:22 at Wokingham Half this year when only slightly fit!

    Yep, I can't deny I have had half an eye on those records myself but there is little I can do if someone else comes along and rises the standard. The same with the club champs this year: Staines 10k  I ran 37:18 and came home 7th for the club but at Swallowfield I did 38:01 and came home 3rd. My last 3 outings for the club were 3rd, 4th and 3rd again so suddenly a fistful of points and (if my maths is rightimage ) I am guaranteed 4th overall male and have a good shot at 3rd but last year I was 6th. Age graded, I picked up 3rd last year but this year 5th looks to be likely. The point is I enjoy measuring myslef against others but really it is against myself that I am really competing and that is what pushes me. If there are a few prizes or records on the way it is just the icing on the cake (just finished watching Great British Bake Off, wasn't it great!).


  • Some good skill demonstrated, I have a feeling that the level of expectation has been raised in this house. Christmas will need some thought and planning.

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