Wide Fitting Minimalist Running Shoes

I have and still am wearing Adidas Adizero shoes and Adidas Boost.  I have developed a mortons neuroma in my right foot and I think a wide fitting shoe would benefit me hugely.  As I have only ever worn Adidas shoes, does anyone have any suggestions, advice about any other shoe which would suit as an alternative?  I had a cortisone injection back in May which got me through the Edinburgh marathon and will do anything necessary to avoid surgery as I am running in London marathon next year?

All advice greatly appreciated, thanks.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I find nearly all shoes are wider than Adidas ones.

    I'm not sure what size you are but maybe look at the men's versions as they are usually wider.

    I have wide feet and usually go for New Balance as a lot of their models come in a wide fitting version as well.
  • Hello Martina, I have quite wide feet (at the front) and when I tried on some Adizero Bostons found them ludicrously narrow compared to basically all other brands. So my answer would be 'almost anything else' is likely to be wider-fitting, but I personally am very happy running in New Balance, Saucony and Brooks shoes, all of which give me more room than the Adidas ones.

  • Oh, x-post with Millsy. Adidas really are quite narrow. You probably won't even need something labelled 'wide-fitting' if you're used to the adizero range.

  • inov8's come up wider than others. Saucony I find to be too narrow. I do hae a very wide forefoot though. Brooks I find narrow as well. 

    Because a I a very narrow heel I can't wear mens shoes as they are too wide here and often not wide enough in the forefoot.

  • I think most minimalistic training shoes have a large toe area to allow the foot to move naturally.  The most minimal shoe I have is the Vivobarefoots; and there's plenty of room in those.

  • Yes, adidas are narrow fitting, so finding wider shouldn't be a problem. Agree that Vivobarefoots are the widest in the forefoot (mostother shoes are too narrow for me). Some of the Inov8s not bad. Proper minimalist shoes (as opposed to racing flats) tend to have wider toe boxes. New Balance do B and D widths of many of their shoes.

    Good luck.

  • Have a look at the Brooks Pure Drift, as these have the widest toebox I've come across (can spread my toes and still not touch the sides!) and you also get a decent amount of cushioning, with a zero drop...

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    You can get Adizero Adios 2 Wide fitting shoes.

  • plenty of room in the Mizuno Cursoris in the toe area.

  • COYS - I have had my eye on the Mizuno Cursoris for a while, but wondered how much cushioning they have, as I have no sport shop locally that stocks them...

    Don't suppose you've tried the Brooks Puredrifts and can give a comparison? 

  • Try Altra shoes. Very wide fitting but try on sizes in shop as they come up small so you might need bigger size. These are the only shoes that fit me. All other so called wide fit shoes are a joke.
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