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  • I'm back from Istanbul!

    Great race with lovely weather and better support than previous years.  My run went very smoothly.  My time was 1:32 I think which works out as under 10 minute miles on average.  The first mile was very slow though because I didn't know how my calf was gonna be and because it was very congested on the Bosphorus Bridge.  Absolutely fantastic vies though.  No walking and not a bad time for me considering I'd done no running outside for a very long time!! Obviously the secret to a good race is to do lots of swimming and running 15 minute bursts on a treadmill!!! lol!image

    Glad you all had nice, busy weekends! (Great photos Loula!)


  • well done Judeimage

    I am glad you made your race and a great time too 

  • Jude, that's great - sounds lovely; Istanbul is an amazing city, it must have been spectacular.  How is your calf now?

    AF when I mistreat my body it punishes me for days!  I'm still limping.  Physio session this afternoon.  I am hoping that I can start running again in about a week.  Endorphin starvation is in progress and I don't like it.  Usually with an injury I can at least go walking or to the gym after a couple of days, but this injury is very inhibiting - rowing machine, cycling, even swimming will irritate the joint.  Grrrr.


  • Louise - So sorry you are still suffering. Hope the physio session helps. Thanks about my race! Yeh the views were great from the bridge. Calf feels completely normal.  Worried for nothing! Just looked at the results.  I came 479th out of 1386 women in the 15K.  Very happy with that. My splits were 32:00, 30:33 and 30:06.  So negative splits for the first time too.

    Back at work and reality today but have a teachers day dinner to look forward to next Saturday.  Families are invited too so the kids can come.image

    Anyway, BFN xx


  • Congratulations Jude! Sounds a great event. image

    Louise - sorry to hear you are still hurting image

    AF and MC - well done on your weekend efforts.

    Ran my usual 5 miles this morning.

    Big Girl phoned me this morning to ask for advice. She has been offered a part in the chorus of her musical but it requires 3 days a week of after-school rehersals. Since she is already doing a day of orchestra and a day of drama club she doesn't think she manage it. I'm very proud of her for recognising her limitation but she is very nervous of telling her teacher so I'm going to meet her at school to act as 'back up'. image

  • Well Done Our Jude Sounds like you had a fantastic race image So pleased your calf is all better too. Enjoy your teachers dinner

    AF...tut tut abusing your body wiv alcohol......and then forcing it out on a run...well done on the speedy miles and your merriement the night before image I don't think i'd like to have Chico in a race with me I need to be focused on me in a race and not watching out for my wee Chico image

    Louise..Aw noooooooooooooooo hope the physio can help you.

    Chilli well done on your usual 5 miles. Congratulations to your girly and am asure she will make the right decision. So difficult to decide when there are so many things to be involved in. A very talented girl you have image Hope the teacher understands her decision.

    Loula sis. Brill pics of your trail marathon. image Yeah I reckon I will get him a club vesty image He has a red running harness as it is so I could sew a green ribbon on it and then he would be a Harmeny member. He was v tired the next day but I reckon he enjoyed it.

    Weight sesh for me this morning followed by a tready 5k image

    Nandy How was your weekend away.

    Mathschick Have you used the track at school yet ?

    Have a good evening everyone

  • hi everyone

    chili - good that your girl is learning to say no to things - it is really difficult but I am sure her teacher will understand

    Louise - argh, sounds awful, hope you get it sorted soon

    franny - I went up to the track on Friday after school and did a good session, some others came, some walking, some walk/running it was good fun

    off to swimming tonight

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭
    Evening everyone! Just a flying visit from me as I'm still not 100% with it! Weekend away was excellent! We only went to Liverpool so not too far to travel luckily as the journey back yesterday was tough enough as it was!! We stayed over Friday and Saturday night and just with last nights sleep alone I doubled the previous two nights sleep! Did a 2mile jog today and that was tough!!!

    Jude - well done on your run, excellent time and position, you must be over the moon!

    Hi Chili, Franny, AF, Louise, mathschick and Loula, I hope you all had a good weekend too. I'll check in properly tomorrow (both on here and in the real world!!)

    Good night!
  • nandy - sounds like a good weekend! hope you catch up on your sleep


  • Morning all!

    Oops, looks like Nandy has joined the AF school of training  image image

    Feel like a real idiot now - yesterday morning I stupidly lifted something while seated and have strained something on my left side, so my trip to the physio was very sad / funny, limping on both legs (!).  But it was a good session - the main injury to right SI joint feeling less painful and I'm strapped up on the left side.  The good news is that I can recover from both simultaneously image and try not to do anything else idiotic.  I might just be able to cycle (in the gym) later in the week, which will make me feel much happier.  It's strange how you can just feel your fitness oozing away after a few days even though logic tells you it isn't. 

    I do feel I should point out that the topic of CAKE** has not been on the agenda much, so I am going to attempt baking fruit cakes later in the week.

    **Other than beefcake, with thanks to LLB

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/imagesCA8KS07A_0.jpg

    oooo hello!!!!


  • Morning all!

    Loula - Gosh that's a sight for sore eyes!image

    Nandy - thanks! Glad you had a good weekend. Top marks for still trying to train after that!

    Louise - Hope you are able to cycle! Take care!

    Hi to everybody else!

    Fitness room last night and swimming tonight.

    Have a good day everybody! xx

  • Louise - Ouch! But good to hear that you are on the road to recovery.

    And you are right there simply has not been enough cake around recently. We shall have to rectify that immediately. I have some lemon shortbread and apple cinnamon cake. So does anyone fancy a cuppa?

    Had a meeting with the school yesterday regarding my Big Girl. She is delightful and wonderful and oh so over-achieving! They told me she has been asking for extra homework! Anyway we now have a communication going. They are going to provide backup at school. I am going to continue to do the CBT worksheets and stuff from home. She changed her mind and decided she does want to do the school musical so we have come up with a compromise - she can do it as long as she does not request any extra homework.

    It's cold and wet and really rather miserable outside and I just do not feel like running. Can you please give me a boot out the door?

  • Flying visit....

    Loula...No No No ....

    Louise-Hope you are ok..

    Chilli-Your Big Girl is a star.....a boot up the proverbial has been sent...go for it...

    Hi Franny,Nandy,MC etc....

    6.8 miles yesterday and boot camp...and 8.2 miles today in 1.06 the speediest I have been for ages with three miles under 8 minutes---hoaray..must be the cold miserable weather.Also the 1st time in 6 months that I didn't bandage up my shin splints..may do 3 miles tomorrow as 16 planned for friday.

  • evening all

    chili - hope you got yourself out! Asking for extra homework? If only I taught kids like that!

    loula -ah that was a nice picimage

    AF - good to hear the shin splints are improving 

    Louise - good to hear you are starting your recovery too

    rest day for me today

    have been fed up at work this week, roll in xmas holidays but I think I have another 4 weeks or so to go image

  • MC - sorry about work.  I know how you feel.  Just been writing worksheets......

    Chili - Am I too late for the cake? Glad your daughter isn't missing out on the musical at school.  School memories are made of those sorts of things! What are CBT worksheets? Know how you feel about fitting everything in.  Daughter does at least 12 hours swimming training every week and that's not including travel time.  (The move to our local swimming pool still hasn't happened yet.) Even the boys are doing about 7 hours + training a week. Then there's the music.......image

    AF - Glad you have your super speed back!

    Well there is another swimming competition this weekend for daugter.  While I'm pleased she is having more opportunities to compete this year it does pretty much write the weekend off for all of us.  Competition lasts for 3 days, so she'll have to catch up on Friday's missed work and she'll miss her violin lesson again on Saturday etc....... But, if she does well she could qualify for a competition in Istanbul later next month. Fingers crossed.  

    I had a good swim this evening.  Each week seems to bring new people.  This exercise lark seems to be catching on here!!!image


  • Hi everyone

    A quick flying visit for me as me and hubby are away for a long weekend tomorrow until Monday to Amsterdam image

    Did interval session last night with the club. It was evil but Good when it finished haha

    AF..you are such a speedy chap.

    Ooooooooooooo Loula  niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee image

    Well done everyone on their running/exersize.

    Will catch up when I get back.

    Now try and misbehave and have fun imageimage

  • Franny-Enjoy your naughty weekend away in Amsterdam...a very naughty place indeed.Well done on your interval session.

    Decided not to go out for a run this morning and rest my old legs before my hopefull 16 miler tomorrow. 

  • Franny - enjoy your weekend!

    Jude - all the best to your daughter. Wow, that is a heavy schedule, but what an amazing achievement! CBT = cognitive behavioural therapy. I have some worksheets that are to help her understand her anxiety and uses different techniques to help her cope.

    Training is not going particularly well. Am having a few gyne issues which is frustrating. I had and MRI scan done 3 weeks ago but they appear to have lost the report, so am still waiting to hear what kind of operation I need.

  • Franny - Have a great weekend! Well done on your intervals!

    AF - Enjoy your 16 miler tomorrow!

    Chili - sorry to hear you still are having problems. How awful that they have lost the report! Hope you don't have to have the scan again. Tke care!

    Been to the fitness room this evening and now marking homework.......

    Take it easy guys! 



  • Sorry! Had to dash off before I'd finished my post.... except now I can't remember what else I was going to write.

    AF - enjoy your run in the morning image

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Morning Everyone!

    I did write a long post yesterday but I had a disaster! I highlighted part of it and pressed backspace but the whole internet went backwards and everything was lost!image So I said 'oh dear!' Logged out and carried on doing my work!image

    Chili - That is awful! I hope you get some answers soon and all gets sorted!

    AF - Good luck on the 16miler and well done on the speed improvement!

    Jude - Good luck to your daughter this weekend! You're going to need to build a trophy room by the sound of it!

    Louise - I hope you make a swift and full recovery!

    MC - It'll soon be Christmas!! I finish on the 19th for two weeks, I cant wait!

    Franny - Enjoy your weekend away!

    Loula - tut tut!


    Have a good day! Weekend is almost here!!!image

  • It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope Franny has a nice time in Amsterdam.

    Chilli-That's not good. I hope things get sorted asap.

    Jude-Fingers crossed for your daughter.

    Did my 16.26 mile run with my lady from the club and we couldn't control our pace...were going to go for 9 minute miles which would is a sub 4 hour marathon pace that I promised I would get her next year. However, we ran the 16.26 miles in 2.21 which is 8.40 minute miles which is more like 3.45 marathon pace!! I felt good and finished strong. Feeling confident that my niggles are nearly a thing of the past.

  • AF - well done on your very fast long run.

    Hi Nandy and Chili!

    Daughter has had 2 races out of the 6 she has entered and has qualified for Istanbul for both of them. image (50m back and 400m Freestyle).

    I've had my swim this evening and just chillin' now. At the pool tomorrow morning to support daughter, private lesson in the afternoon and school dinner in the evening. 

    Have a good weekend everybody!

  • evening all

    nandy -  I have done that with the backspace key a few times! Very annoying

    Jude - brill news for your daughter - she is amazing

    AF - wow, well done on your run

    had a run yesterday morning, swim yesterday evening and today went to the track after school but I was so tired my run was a bit rubbish - still, better than nothing 

    franny - hope you are having a great time

  • Jude - fantastic! I'm sure you are all celebrating her amazing achievement. image

    AF - that's fast! image

    MC - sounds like you are training well though and fitting lots in.

    Hi Nandy

    Franny - enjoy your weekend.

    Had planned a 10 mile this evening, but ended up having to take a daughter to the doctors for what I think is an allergic reaction. So only did 5 miles. It's not so pleasant to have to run in the dark. I can't go down to the country park or woods so am limited to the busy town roads.

    Nope, still no news from the hospital despite me phoning yet again.

  • morning all

    chili - hope your daughter is ok. What did she have a reaction to? 

    I still feel totally shattered despite sleeping like a log last night. Have to take my son's trumpet to get it fixed this morning so having to skip spinning and swimming, but maybe that is just as well given how tired I feel. OH says I look like something from The Walking Dead....

  • Jude - that's amazing.  I don't know how you keep up!

    Chili, that must have been very worrying for you and your daughter - has she had a problem before?  

    MC, good to have a rest day every now and then. 

    I'm still limping, and no chance of running in the near future.  Hoping to be able to swim or cycle soon.

  • Afternoon everybody!

    MC - Hope you are resting!!

    Louise - Oh no! That's so frustrating for you. Sending get well vibes.

    Chili - Hope daughter is OK. 5 miles is still 5 miles! image

    Just had my private lesson and phoned hubby at the swimming pool. Daughter has just swum 800m Freestyle and knocked another15 seconds off (her last record was set 2 weeks ago.) so it's now 10:21. She knocked off 4 seconds this morning in the 200m backstroke too.  That means she has qualified for Istanbul in another 2 races so she is a very happy girl.  (I'm just relieved tbh!) 

    Off out for school's 'Teachers day' celebration dinner in a posh hotel this evening with all the family.  We went last year and the food was lovely.  We'll have to eat and run tho as daughter can't be too late to bed as she has 2 more races tomorrow.

    Hope you are all having a nice weekend.  xxx  

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