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  • Well done MC! Nice to run through the forest on a bright fresh morning. Sorry your hip was hurting but so good you could run most of it. No medal?

    Good luck with the marking and the lesson prep. (I don't like my job but am trying to keep positive this year.) Not long till the school hols at least.....Enjoy swimming.

    Well, Life of Pi is on telly this evening.  Haven't seen it before but heard it's good.   

  • no, no medal, I seem to make a habit of entering races without medals!

    Enjoy Life of Pi, I have heard it is good too

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Good morning everyone!image

    Hope everyone had a good weekend? 

    MC - Well done on the 10K!!

    Loula - Yes, i'm feeling much better now thanks. I never usually get ill but this one just seemed to drag on and on!! I blame that weekend away! Ooooh those ultra sound interesting!! Im tempted to do one but just need to get concentrating on London first!

    AF - Well done on the mileage! Impressive stuff.

    Chili - Nightmare! I hope it hasn't damaged her confidence and she makes a swift return to singing!

    Jude - When do you get to the UK, what area are you going to?

    Hi Franny and Louise, hope you are ok!

    See ya image

  • Afternoon all

    Sorry for my absence to but I have been working all weekend and been busy with other stuff too.

    Aw Chilli  I hope your girly is ok after her trauma. Well done on your 9 miles in the dark.

    Loula sis Oooooooooooooooo you have exciting ultra plans lined up there Go Loula Go

    AF.Your mileage must be so impressive this year image whilst mine is not a patch on what it usually is

    Nandy Glad your feeling better and ready to  train again.

    Mathschick Sorry didn't realise you were racing at weekend Well done and hope your hip isn't too sore today. I too seem to enter races with no medal image however usually a t-shirt so that's ok.

    Jude Hope you enjoyed Life of Pi I haven't seen it and did I read that you are coming home for Christmas That will be fabby image

    Louise Hope your managing to get some cross training done now.

    Well I hope to get back out running tomorrow Didn't get a chance over Sat and Sunday and this morning I kinda just rolled over back to sleep Ah well must have been needing it image

    Have a good day everyone Just about to go get ready for work

  • MC-Well done on your race. I hate not getting a medal at the end of the race. That happened to me in my last race in November and despite pictures on the website of people wearing medals at the end of last years race there was nonce to be had!!

    Franny-Hope you get a chance of a run tomorrow.

    Well I did 6.3 miles this morning and my mileage for the year so far is 1655 miles - last year I did 1745 so will fingers crossed be a new record.

  • Afternoon

    Well done on your run and mega mileage AF. I am sure you will beat last years no problem.

    I went to gym this morning and did weights and core stuff and this afternoon me and Chico took to the hills. It was very very muddy at bits but that makes it all the more fun. We were both well muddy at the end of our 6 miles. Was so funny coz I was getting my running gear on and when Chico saw his running lead coming out he got very excited. Guess he likes his running image

    Hope everyone else is well and having a good day.

    Really need to start getting sorted for Christmas Anyone got their tree and decorations up yet ? I usually do by now but just haven't got round to it yet image

  • Morning all!

    Franny - sounds like Chico is great company on your runs. Well done on your 6 muddy miles.

    AF - I'm sure you'll break your record.

    Nandy - I'll be staying on the Isle of Wight. I'm a Londoner but parents moved to the island about 12 years ago.  It's a lovely place to visit.  This will be the first Christmas in England for about 9 years so we are all very excited although I have a lot of planning for the week I'm away from school.

    Hi everybody else!

    Went to the fitness room last night.  It's turned very cold here and we have snow predicted for the weekend.....

    Have a good day! xx 

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone,

    Franny - Well done on the 6miler! Sounds like you enjoy running with your little buddy! No Christmas decorations at my house yet!

    Jude - Sounds great! I've never been but I've heard it's very nice. I hope you all have a really good holiday!

    I went out for my first jog since I got my cold last night. I didn't feel great! Think I need to do more core work as my lower back was pretty sore when I got back! Got football training tonight. I entered two more races yesterday, got a half marathon on 19th January and a 20miler in March in preparation for London. Just as well im stopping drinking after New Years Eve!image

    See ya!

  • Afternoon

    Jude That's brill you getting to go home for Christmas after 9 years You will all be so excited.image

    Nandy Well done on your run last night and hope that back gets better soon.

    Just a 5 mile run at tempo pace today. Left Chico at home then we went visiting my mum in Dunbar. Lovely day today but weather to take a turn for the worse tomorrow with strong winds and snow showers.Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Hope everyone is well

  • evening all

    the medal thing doesn't really bother me, it is nice to have a memento, T--shirt, race number, things like that....I would rather the cost of the race was less and not have the frills to be honest - this one was £10 and I got a t-shirt and choccie biccies at the endimage

    well, haven't done much this week - work stress, lack of sleep, coping with a teenage boy all getting a bit much for me!


  • hello all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jude that's fabby that you are getting to come home !! IOW is lovely , would love a week there , and got my eye on an ultra there tooimage

    nandy, hope your back is ok, take it easy, not too much too soon :0

    thanks franny sis for the pics of you n chico- his lickle muddy legs bless xx


  • Boss, there are lots and lots of ultras around. depends really on what type of thing you like . hilly? flat? point to point? loop? laps for the security of having kit in one place and not carrying stuff? or one with minimal support and a few aid stations along the way but you have to carry mandatory kit (water,whistle, map, phone, first aid ) etc.

    I really liked my first ultra which was northants ultra. very low key, very friendly ( but all uiltra events are!) im doing it again next year too if im back from hols in time .

  • Morning

    Waves to Loula image

    Well its miserable here Very strong winds, torrential rain so went to the gym and went on the treadmill and did 8 x 1/2 mile repeats image will be taking Chico out and will need to watch we don't get blown away image

    Hope everyone is well and take care

  • Loula- I will do some investigation & see if I can get anyone from my club to do one with me. What I would like to start off with is a 50k to mark my 50th year!!  

    Franny-It sounds miserable up in Scotland. Well done on the gym work and good luck with Chico!!!

    Jude-Shame you can't pop over to say hello on the 22/12. Trouble is it's the one of the most expensive stetchs of water in the world to cross!! 

    Nancy-Which races have you entered for? I am hoping to do a 20 miler in March as preparation for my Brighton Marathon in April.

    5.5 miles this morning...planning to do 16 tomorrow and a long run on Friday to get some miles under my belt before my final marathon of the year on 22/12.


  • Morning everyone image

    Lovely bright sunny day here after the storms of yesterday but a rest day from running. Been out a nice long walk with Chico.

    Hope everyone is well and its

    FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY so we can Parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee imageimage

  • Franny......................yes you can party!!!

    16.2 mile run this morning and really happy with the average pace of 8.22 minute miles.Lovely sunny day for it as well. 

    Running Club Christmas Party tonight so mustn't let myself down in front of the ladies!! 

  • Well done on the fast paced long run AF and Enjoy the party tonight and have fun.

  • evening all

    AF - well done on your run, that is fast!

    franny - glad to hear you have survived the weather

    Had parents evening last night and got home pretty late - so rest day today

    Enjoy the party AF

  • Hi Everyone

    Sorry for not being around much. December is such an odd month. I struggle with the darkness and trying to fit in all the nativity plays, Christmas performances/dinners/services is quite a struggle.

    Have done a bit of running, but today I had a migrane and simply couldn't bare the thought of a 10 mile run, so went for a 3 mile walk with my daughter instead.

    AF - that really is a great pace for such a distance.

    MC - how are you?

    Franny - Glad you are all well and not suffering too much from the weather.

    I think Crac Towers needs a bit of decorating for Christmas. Loula, do you have any spare sparkly Christmas trees?

  • morning all

    I am ok chili, but fed up with school management making life more difficult and more stressful than it needs to be - I think there is an underlying agenda which will end up being relating to redundancies/reducing the number of staff, and every time I have thought that in a job it has turned out to be true. 

    Also, my 13 year old is really giving us a hard time, and we have had the first bad school report ever,

    anyway, spinning and swimming should help a bit this morning!


  • Awwww, so sorry to hear about all the stress MC. Hope the training helped.

    Parkrun this morning, swimming this afternoon, then sat next to hubby on a sofa reading and drinking coffee for an hour. image

    Have to finish off the prep for tomorrow but am hoping to get my sewing machine out later for some crafts and dress making. Lovely day.

  • I am starting to look at alternative careers - years ago I had originally wanted to be an educational psychologist but then ended up going in a different direction, so am looking at that again. Too late to apply for Sept 2014 start, but am thinking about it for 2015 start - competition for places is high though - there are only 10 places available at Nottingham Uni. 

  • Morning

    Well done chilli on parkrun and swimming yesterday.

    Mathschick Sorry to hear your not enjoying work at present and Good luck with getting a place at Uni.

    I went to parkrun yesterday too No PB but a pretty good time of 24.57. Heading in the right direction.

    Lazeeeeeeeeeeee day for us today.

  • Morning

    hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anybody there

  • evening

    nothing today as I still have a sore throat and feeling grotty


  • Evening! I'm here!

    MC - hope you feel better soon. Sounds like at interesting career move image

    Just a slow, short plod this morning.

  • Morning

    Hope you feel better soon Mathschick image

    Chilli  A slow short plod is better than nothing..............well done

    7 miles for me this morning image but now feeling tired..well I was tired before I started but feel achy and headachy...Hope its nothing as got work later and its our party this Friday and want to be fit to enjoy it.

  • Afternoon,

    Don't seem to have the time at the moment to check this thread out at the moment.

    MC-Hope things get sorted out for you soon.

    Franny-Hope you are ok and not going down with anything.

    Running Club Christmas Party was good and I didn't let myself down!! It was nice for Mrs AF to meet some of my running ladies!! 

    7 of us from the club on Sunday went down to Shoreham and we ran to Worthing and back which was 10.6 miles. Felt good on to have done a 16.2 and 10.6 over 3 days. Great to run along the pier as well. It was a lovely day...but, no wind which might have been useful for our final marathon of the year in Portsmouth.

    6.4 miles this morning and a major hard bootcamp session. Will start lowering the mileage this week now. 

  • evening all

    feeling much better today, but had my usual trouble sleeping last night - seems to be a regular Monday thing, must be work related, so nothing today. Probably best to have a rest day anyway. 

    Off to see my eldest play in his xmas concert tonight, hoping it will be as good as last year's. It is in the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham which is a massive venue. Unfortunately my youngest also has his school play tonight, so missing that, but my dad is going to watch him and then he is staying the night there, so a nice treat for him anyway. He was very good, and when we realised about the clash he immediately said that we should go and watch Murray, he didn't mind.

    so, planning to be back at it tomorrow

    AF - good to hear you behaved at the club xmas do!

  • Hi all!

    MC - hope you are having a lovely evening! Nice of little 'un to be so understanding. Your career plans sound exciting.

    AF - well done on more super mileage and glad to hear you had a nice time at your christmas do.

    Hi Franny and Chili - well done on your runs.

    Well, daughter is off to Istanbul tomorrow for a national competition.  Snow is forecast but it has been forecast for the last week or so and none has settled yet so hopefully she'll get there OK tomorrow. She is very excited and 3 of her team mates have qualified too so she has company.image

    I went to the fitness room tonight.  Did 8K on the tready, some bike and some weights. I'm now the lightest I've been since having kids. image So looking forward to putting it all back on again at Christmas!!image 



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