Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Well done Jude on the fitness room and losing weight which  you didn't look like you needed to image

    AF You behaved at the Christmas party image Bet that was because Mrs AF was there image Ha ha Well done on the long runs

    MC Pleased your feeling better.Ah that was nice of your little boy to be so understanding Kids surprise us at times.

    I don't seem to have come down with anything yet but just not quite myself and hope I will be fine.Will go to gym tomorrow and then maybe be do a short run. Will see how I feel.

  • Jude - well done on the fitness room and weight loss

    Franny - hope you aren't coming down with something

    the concert last night was brilliant - and my boy had a little solo too which was amazing. He hadn't told us about it so a brilliant surprise. It did end up being a very late night though, so I am still lacking sleep. Early night tonight


  • Afternoon!

    Well done on your fitness/weight loss Jude image And hope Elif is having a wonderful time.

    MC and Franny - hope you are feeling better today.

    MC - well done for your lad.

    Went for a lovely (albeit cold) bike ride on Tuesday. Nothing yesterday cos I had a hospital appointment. The good news is that I am going for the small operation which means only 2 weeks off. However it will take a few months to see if it works.

    Pilates this morning and I might try and fit a run in this evening cos tomorrow is too busy.

  • Afternoon,

    MC-That is great you must have been really proud of your boy.

    Franny- I always behave myself when Mrs AF is around! Hop you are feeling better today?

    ChillI-Well done on your bike ride.

    Yes it was cold this morning and I nearly slipped on the pavements - when I was running through one of the estates I heard this loud bang behind me and I turned around and two cars had crashed into each other head on. I went back to see if they were ok & they were fine,but, cars were in a mess, they had slipped on the ice. Anyway after that drama I went and did 6.6 miles,but, at a cautious pace. 

  • afternoon

    4 slow miles today because I haven't run for a week, and it was very frosty and slippy here too

    chili - good to hear that the op isn't a big one and fingers crossed it works this time

    swimming tonight

  • Afternoon all

    Good news about the OP Chili and hope you get time to get your run in.

    MC Pleased you got out for a run and 4 slow miles is better than no miles. Well done.

    Very mild up here in Edinburgh image feeling better and went to gym for weights and did a speedy 5k on the tready.

    Been and got my nails all sparkly for Christmas party tomozimage. The company is flying us down to London and we are staying in the Sofitel Hotel In Heathrow terminal 5 where the party will be held and we get to meet all the other people in the different branches of the agency. Looking forward to it but not so looking forward to work on Saturday coming straight off the plane image

    Have a good evening everyone

  • AF Thank goodness the people were ok after the crash and well done on your frosty run image

  • ooh franny the party sounds like fun, hope you enjoy it

  • Wow Franny, have a fantastic time!

    AF - Glad no-one was hurt in the crash you witnessed.

    Chili - Do hope the op is successful this time and so pleased it's 'only' a small one!

    MC - Glad the concert was a success! Nice for your boy to have a solo! 

    Oh and well done on all your runs everybody!

    Yesterday was a snow holiday here so no school for the kids but teachers still had to go in for planning!!!image and coz there were no school service buses we had to use public transport which made our journeys much longer than usual.... Anyway, daughter got off to Istanbul OK and the ferry crossing was really calm. She is there for 5 days.

    Schools were open today and I went to the fitness room this evening.image Still loads of work to do planning 34 lessons while I'm away in England.

    BFN xx

  • Hi all.  Great to hear about so much progress Franny, Jude, everyone that is getting out there...

    I'm still off running (5 weeks!)  - now able to walk a reasonable distance with manageable discomfort.  I've been doing a little in the gym on the bike and just started to try erg.  Sore butt image needs to be re-educated, but at least I am getting a little bit of cardio.  Difficult to keep weight off while not really full training but still having Christmas celebrations.  I calculated yesterday's gym session burned less calories than two mince pies but I ate 3  image image.

  • Louise - well done for getting to the gym and doing what you can. 'manageable discomfort' doesn't sound very nice though!  Enjoy the mince pies - gosh I'm looking forward to some when I come to England! image 

    Went swimming this evening but gonna have a month off now from swimming. (You have to sign up for a month and coz I'm coming to England I'll miss 3 sessions out of the eight.)

    Finally found out that daughter passed her Grade 5 music theory which is a relief.image She's having a great time in Istanbul and is swimming well.  We don't expect any medals but she has come 8th and 9th in Turkey for her age group for the 2 races she has done so far. image

    Have a good weekend all.  Hubby is gonna be olive picking and I'm gonna take the boys to training and to their music lessons plus private lesson tomorrow afternoon. Saving most of the Christmas shopping for when we arrive in England....


  • evening all

    Jude - well done to your daughter on her theory exam

    Louise - well done for the gym work

    I haven't done much, felt a bit ill swimming last night, thought maybe I had just eaten too much before the session, but had to come home from work today feeling ill so a bit fed up. It is OH's work xmas do so he has gone without me - and they having a meal at a really nice restaurant so I am not pleased!!

  • Jude - great to hear how well your daughter is doing.

    MC - hope you are feeling better today... not long until the Christmas break.

    parkrun this morning

  • morning all

    still not feeling great, but we are off over to the in-laws so the children will be amused all day by their grandparents and I may get the chance for a snooze on the sofa. Need to be in semi-reasonable shape to get through the next 4 days at work. Only 2 days of lessons, off to see the hobbit on Weds and Thursday we finish earlyimage

  • Helooooooooooooo everyone

    Back from London on Saturday evening after an eventful flight image We were  only feet from landing and the pilot had to abort the landing s0 we ended up zooming 3000 ft into the sky again Scareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it was and thank goodness we landed on the 2nd attempt. We really thought our numbers were up and were very shaky afterwards. It was due to the the high winds and if the plane had landed it would have been very very nasty and I may not be here to tell the tale image

    The party was brilliant and the hotel was very posh. we had a great time and despite it being a free bar all night Nobody disgraced themselves.image

    Mathschick Sorry to hear your still not feeling well.

    Hope everyone else is well and speak soon folks.

  • MC-Sorry to hear that you are not well.

    Franny-That is really scary- I don't like flying & think that would put me off for life. Perhaps I will get the train when I go to Scotland.

    6.5 mile club run on Friday and 11.6 miles on the hills yesterday. Will take it easy this week with 3 x 4ish milers before Sunday.

  • It was scary AF but hasn't put me off flying image The wind was really strong at the time of the landing or rather the not landing. Just so pleased to be on solid ground in Edinburgh and thankful that we didn't have to divert to another airport.

    Well done on your club and hilly run.


  • eeek franny that sounds scary! Glad you are ok

    AF - the train up to Scotland is fine and you get some nice views of the Northumberland Coastimage

    feeling much better today, going have tomorrow as another non-exercise day though to make sure I am fully better

    going out for the department meal tonight

  • Evening!

    Glad you are still with us Franny! image

    5 mile run late this afternoon before going out for a Christmas dinner and eating too much.

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Morning CRAC team!

    How is everyone on this ice cold morning? Looks like its going to be a nice clear day though! I've been mega busy over the past couple of weeks so I haven't had much time for running, Just about managed one gym session last week!

    I started my 16 week program last night with an easy 4miler, same again tonight. That lower back pain came back but disappeared after about 3miles, which was good!image

    Franny - Glad to hear you eventually landed safely and that you had a good weekend!

    AF - I don't think I ever replied to you regarding my races. Probably a bit far oop Norf for you! Half is near sunny Blackpool and 20mile is in Lancaster. What events have you got coming up?

    Jude - 8th and 9th is brilliant! She must be delighted with that! I think of all the years I've been running and the only race I ever came top 10 was 800m on sports day in high school (there was only 6 of us!image)

    Louise - Glad to hear you are on the mend! Slow and steady wins the race!

    Hi Chili, MC, Loula, hope you are all well.


    See ya!image


  • Hi Nandy - lovely to see you again image

    Today's training was a swim.

    But the far greater news is that I have a Christmas pressie and am feeling really very spoilt. I have a mac book pro! image Have managed to log on here but am otherwise rather clueless cos I haven't used a Mac for 13 yrs. Am off to play somewhere else. Bye!

  • Hi everyone image

    No running to talk about I'm afraid (6 weeks this Friday).  I can now walk for about an hour a day (still gets a bit sore).  Have experimented a bit on the treadmill with running for a minute at a time but it's not looking like I'll get back onto the pavement in the next few days anyway.  Spent quite a lot of time in the gym, but being a bit wary about overdoing that as is my wont...rest day today so I just swam for 30 minutes this morning. 

    Chili - congrats on your early present image.

  • evening all

    chili - nice pressieimage

    louise - hope your injury is getting better even if it is slow

    I am still getting over this lurgy so no exercise at all for me

    saw the hobbit with 200 kids todayimage and last day at school tomorrow. Friday is a bit busy but hopefully a relaxing weekend coming up

  • MC - Gosh, I want to see the Hobbit.  How was it? Hope you feel better soon MC.

    Chili - lovely pressie!

    Louise - must be very frustrating.

    Nandy - good luck on your 16 week programme! Thanks about my daughter! In the end it was two 9ths and two 11ths! (I was wrong about the 8th position.) She was very happy although she only managed 1 PB out of the four. She had a great time and the staying away for 5 days in Istanbul with the team was a valuable experience in itself for a 12 year-old! 

    Franny - scary experience!  Hope my flight tomorrow is OK.

    Hi everybody else!!!

    Well, I've been busy getting ready at work for my absence and doing 3 presentations (last one this afternoon). Looking forward to my holiday now.

    Whoops gotta rush........BFN xx 

  • Afternoon,

    Chilli-Enjoy your present. I must say I am a Apple fan- lucky enough to have won an I pad and an I pad mini over the last year!

    Nanfy-You are obviously from the other end of the country to me!The races that I am booked in for at the moment are:- Portsmouth Coastal marathon on Sunday, Brighton Marathon 6/4 and Milton Keynes Marathon on 5/5. There will be more races announced in due course.

    Louise-Fingers crossed for you and that you get back to full fitness.

    I have had an easy pre marathon week with 5.7 mile run on Tuesday and 5 miles this morning. Will do 4 tomorrow and that will be it before Sunday.

    Been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for Sunday- so far dry,but quite windy which I could do without!!!

    Hi Franny,MC,Jude etc etc 

  • Jude - the hobbit was good. Have a safe journey and hope you enjoy your Christmas hols

    AF - good luck for Sunday

    it is turning into a total week off exercise for me to get over this lurgy and get plenty of sleep.

    My birthday tomorrow and I am rushing about dropping kids off/taking to dentist/etc but will try to get a bit of quiet time amongst the madnessimage

  • happy Birthday MC- have a great day.

  • Happy Birthday MC image

    Jude - great news for Elif. I forget she is only 12 because she looks so big! Have a wonderful holiday.

    AF - I learnt how to use a computer on a Mac but then moved to PC's 13yrs ago. This is my first Mac since then and a lot has changed! Mmmm, I'm not all that interested in phones but I can see me wanting a IPad in the future. However, my hubby has just got a Tesco Hudl and he absolutely loves it. Have to say it is very impressive and I think Tesco has got a winner there.

    Oooo, tell us again where you are running your next marathon? image 

    MC - I'd like to see the Hobbit too. I know it is a 12 but is it very scary? My girls were fine with the first one and I know the older girls would want to see it.

    Just pilates today. Would like to do a long run tomorrow but the schools finish early and then in the eve we are carol singing around the town. This evening my Big Girl sang O Holy Night as a solo in her school Christmas performance. She hit all the notes image

  • chili - if they were fine with the first one they should be ok, although if they don't like spiders there is a scary spider bit!! I think it is a 12 because of the fighting, but it isn't gory so not too bad at all. My 9 year old will be seeing it

    well done to your girl for her solo

  • Well, our Christmas has gone a bit pear-shaped. Big Girl woke us up before 6am in a lot of pain and this evening had her appendix out! The surgeon took a shine to her once he discovered she was a runner like he is. image She'll be in for a few days which is going to require a bit of diary juggling cos she is very anxious and panics when at the thought of being left alone.

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