Cant even run for 1 minute without dying....

Hello everyone! 
My son and husband have been hinting that I'm unfit, and even bought me a Marathon Running magazine as a joke for Christmas. 
Unbeknown to them, I have been thinking the same, so I have decided to take it seriously and have just entered 2 runs - 5k on 30/3 and 10k on 5/5
Oh - My - Actual - Days. 

Looking for inspiration/ support/ advice please! 

46 years old, unfit, 12 stone 9lb, 5' 5". 

Many thanks in advanceimage


  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭

    Don't panic.

    You have plenty of time, start with C25K training plan then continue with a 10k plan.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    +1 for what Skotty says. Find a couch to 5 k plan. Follow it and then go on from there.
  • Cheeky buggers!

    But yes, what the others said - and start out slow.

  • you have loads of time! Same age as me too, you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve by the time you get to the 5k in March. Be sensible, build up slowly, get some decent running shoes and a decent sports bra. Maybe next xmas they will buy you a marathon entry as a pressie??

  • This is fine. Do a C25k which will see you through march and build from that.  get yourself some decent kit and happy running

  • thanks guys image I will look for a plan. I have the bra and for now will just use my trainers until I can get to the running shop in town.  Need to cut down on the vino and snacks too...

    Would you say a half marathon in October would be realistic?? Loving the look of Aviemore.

  • might be a tad nippy in just a bra and trainers!  image

    Don't cut down too much on the vino... life is for living!  

  • PSC wrote (see)

    might be a tad nippy in just a bra and trainers!  image

    Don't cut down too much on the vino... life is for living!  

    lol and yup, I run so I can drink and smoke image Sound advice from all and just need to repeat build up slowly.

  • Its great to have a goal but you've already got two races booked so what's the hurry to sign up for more? A half-marathon this autumn is not necessarily unrealistic, but just remember that running injuries are not uncommon in new runners, particularly when they feel very enthusiastic about pushing things in the beginning. Bodies take time to change and adapt and you don't know how you're going to respond to this running lark yet. All the conventional wisdom says increase slowly.

    Its great that your getting started though and I wish you all the bestimage

  • THe forum will be full of folk in the same position as you come new year's day- get in ahead of the crowd and start this week!- and get a thread going with all the fellow newbies for mutual support and encouragement. It is amazing how much the need to report back about your most recent run gets you out of the door on the days when you can't be a$$ed.

    Start VERY slowly and gradually- as long as you avoid injury, you'll be good to go by the time your races come around. Don't rush through the distances- spend time at the 5-10k distance before you rush to do halfs/ marathons- you need a year or so to really build the resilience in your legs to cope with bigger training mileage- some people are lucky, and can get away with rapid increases, but the risk of injury is higher.

    You have plenty time to build up to the longer races.

    Good luck- have you been out for you first run yet? If not- at least stasrt with some brisk walking to get in the mood!

  • hey thanks everyone! This is such a great site to find, so much knowledge and help. My husband and I went for a lovely walk with our 3 big dogs today, so thats a start. (I usually walk them during the week, with him taking over at the weekend) 

    I thinks thats very wise advice regarding not entering anything else just yet, lets see how this old body copes with what's just about to hit it....

    I've downloaded the NHS C25K podcasts onto my phone, and will start either tomorrow/Monday. Hubby is off giving blood at the mo, so am going to work out a healthy eating plan now. 

    Yes, I will start a thread for newbies for the NY Resolution Rush! 
    Great ideas - thank so much image

  • Hi Caroline, I was like you two months ago, started the running bug at 44 and had never done anything like this before. I love the freedom it gives you. I have built up to 7 miles now, but please take heed of what other people have said and start of slowly. As I can speak from experience it can hurt sometimes....


  • When I started I couldn't run a minute without feeling like dying!  Just take it steady, and it will be become easier!  I started running 7 years ago at the age of 37 and it's a way of life now.  Just try and enjoy it...image


  • I was the same - 1 minute up the road in July 2009 and I was lying on the verge gasping for breath like a dying fish lying on a grass verge gasping for breath!  40 next birthday and aiming for a 90 minute half marathon before then if I can.

    I'm sure others will tell you but as a beginner running fast is very counter-productive, keep it very slow, almost walking until you can manage longer distances or you can get very disillusioned with how hard it gets so quickly.  I ran way too fast for nearly a month before finally settling down to a more reasonable pace which allowed building the miles.  3 years later I realised I'd still been running most runs way too fast! 

  • Just to add - you're in that zone right now where even the tiniest bit of training will make a huge difference, you'll get huge improvements for some effort - so keep a log (I prefer a Garmin watch and upload everything, but thats me) so you can see tangible improvements.  Get your BP checked and resting HR measured, and then every so often as you go on - you'll get some great motivation seeing things get better.

  • I was where you are and couch to 5k is a great starting point. Yes decent bra needed I found shock absorber run bras great.

    Just start going out 3 days a week you might think I need to go more but that just seems to lead to injuries and people giving up.

    the first four to five weeks are the hardest, it does get easier , or at least more fun image

    SLOW I said S L O W. In fact SLOWER than that, seriously the worse mistake is thinking it's a 50 meter sprint, it's a very slow gentle jog that frankly is possibly slower than a silly fast walk, just jog slowly n gently and you will build up how long you go between walks. 

    Don't afraid of walking it's great for you. image if you have to walk 1/2km a couple of times in your first few 5k's who cares, just keep building up your energy and getting fitter and it's amazing what you can do, believe me image I was just under 16 stone, and couldn't  run 10 yards, I can now plod along for a marathon and have lost 6 stone, diet n running are fun image 

  • oh my gosh, you guys are just so inspirational!! Fabulous stories of flab to fab, thank you image

    And such good advice about the slowness of it all. I know for sure I would have been going way too fast. Well, for 3 seconds, before I dropped dead that is. 

    I'm actually really looking forward to getting started now. Monday - the start of my adventure! 


  • Hi Caroline

    Did you get out for your first day yesterday?

    how did you get on?


  • Hi Caroline, well done! its as everyone else says couch to 5K plan is best.
    there is a good beginners article in this months RW mag.
    or i can recommend Bruce Tulloh's book 'running over 40'

  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    Hi Caroline, what aspect of running do you find difficult? If its coughing and sore chest, go to your Dr for an inhaler (there is such a thing as athletes induced asthma), if its your legs that is shaky try some jelly babies before a run, if your legs are sore, explore it, you may have the wrong shoes or need a more thorough warm up. If its a sore neck and head, then relax your shoulders and take in water; the two most common headaches in running are dehdryation and tension. The other thing you may want to research is running drills. I'd like to invite the more experienced runners to comment as well as they will know a lot more than I and there are a lot more issues to running. The one thing I would say is percivere, we are built to run efficiently, it may take a few sessions.

  • While all those things can cause issues in running - I'd imagine the first thing to do is just slow down until you don't feel like "dying" after a minute of running (and by running I really mean jogging, not much faster than walking pace to start with).

  • I think what kept me going was just having fun ... some time for me, my music (I know some will pull a face at using my ipod but some days I just need inspiration) and then gradually I was running more than I walked. I went from slightly fit to running a marathon in one year -  just building up my distances and loving every run - also my dog got fit too image


  • Hello everybody image 

    Thank you for the interest - yes I've done 2 runs now, using the C25k app. Got myself some running shoes fitted too. I felt fine! (bit of a sore knee halfway through first run, but that went, plus I got my new shoes)

    I think before, I tried to do too much too soon. This time I am going SLOWLY! Did a 3.1K in 28.45.....

    I will have a look at that book, thank you. I got Mo Farahs autobiography too, plus a couple more magazines image And Tracey, I use my ipod too, the music really helps. Duran Duran's Rio album is the perfect beat for me at the mo! 

    Just to say, I have started a Newbies mutual support thread if anyone would like to pop over to say hi image 

  • Good luck Caroline.It can be done.I was 16 stone in 2009,but, ran off 5 stone in 5 months & have kept it off over the last 4 years & have run 5 marathons this year.

  • oh my days Alistair, what an incredible achievement! Did you just run or did you cross train also? Did you change your diet?

  • Caroline,

    I just ran..cut out the booze during the week and went with healthy food e.g non fatty meat and no cheese etc. 

  • Good Luck with your training. I was just the same as you a few years ago and struggled to run at all but ended up loving it and even managed to get up to a Marathon last year. I would say to take it easy though and don't do too much too soon as you can risk injury (which is just what I did) but most of all just believe you can do it even if some runs may be tough. I have been running now for over 5 years and I still have good and bad.

  • Alistair that is so great, yes booze is a killer with the weight gain. Truly inspiring story. Thanks for sharing image 

    Thanks Eckytump, so great to see that your perseverance and determination to push on paid off. 



  • Great to hear all these fantastic stories and encouragement.  I started very slowwwwly in April last year and used a C25K app on phone.  I couldn't have done it without it, have tried before and given up as kept doing too much and thinking I just couldn't do it.  Like you I could barely run a minute before feeling really rubbish!  But I can do 7/8km continuously now and if I can, anyone can!  I love it too.  Best of luck Caroline (and everyone else starting out) image

  • great to hear Shebs and very inspirational image 

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