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  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hope there are not too many sore heads today. image

    kicking the 2014 off with a 10k off road race today. image

  • Pissing down here and despite having gone to bed at 10.30pm last night I feel horrible this morning, so still debating whether to run / swim the 10k

    spoons: usual number of ultras, with the 100 mile event is May. Because I mainly do low key, off road LDWA type ultras I don't need to train for them and they are just a good day out with friends

    Happy 2014 everyone

  • Happy New Year everyone
  • Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a good night last night and aren't suffering too much today. I had a great time drinking and dancing and I'm pleased to report a surprising lack of hangover this morning image although less pleased to report that I'm at work image

    Before we went out I managed a good tempo run - 10k @ 6:41 as part of an 8.5-miler.

    No PBs for me in 2013, but considering I started the year with 3 and a half months out through injury, I'm just very pleased to be back somewhere near where I was before I got injured and with how training is going at the moment. Just need the race times to reflect that now! Was a long road back, but highlights which helped me have been discovering the joy of just running naked (spent many a happy hour running around the country park in the summer and have just entered a 15-mile multi-terrain race, which is something I would never have thought of doing this time last year) and joining a club, which I never thought was for me, but has actually been great. Obviously, meeting up with TM in Oxford was a real highlight too!

    On a personal level, it's been a year of big changes - moving to a different part of the country, new house, new job - but couldn't be going better at the moment. Definitely the right move image

    Here's to a good 2014 and lots of PBs for Team Minni.

  • Happy new year all, 2013 a very good year for the ladies, only Ant and FRC, I think, for the fellas having some good results.

    Carrot -  That's an impressive year of running, do you think it's down to the big mileage, progression or are you training differently?

    Daren - Nice planking and a very pacy run.

    10 miles slow in the wind and a little rain this morning, glad I went out early as weather is worse now.  Did n't see many stragglers but ran past one carrying a bottle of cider, glanced at each other and he probably thought I was mad running in the wind and rain.


  • Christmas race 3 of 3 - Hangover 10k. Venue, a godforsaken deserted holiday village on the coast near Weston - super - Mare.  Imagine the scene, motley selection of runners questioning their own sanity, torrential rain and a howling headwind on the seafront (gusts of 45+mph). So what's not to like image

    Any hope of good times died in the wind, rain and 2 steep hills, but certainly a good way to clear out just about everything!  The field was a bit smaller than usual, quite a few uncollected numbers from the pre-entries and (perhaps unsurprisingly) not many entries on the day. We set off promptly, in an attempt to prevent hypothermia no doubt, and after the initial jostling for position the race settled down with very little change in position after the first 2k.  There is a steep hill at 1k and again at 6k, although you do it in a different direction on each lap. 

  • Continued (why does it stop letting you type mid postimage)

    I, along with everyone else struggled with the hill on the second lap, but not as much as we all did with the mile or so along the seafront t into a headwind on each lap - no chance of trying to put in a spurt to catch the person in front of you, but at least it worked both ways!  Time at 47.30 was academic, although I had hoped for a bit better had the conditions been more favourable. Never been so wet, even in shorts and lightweight top my clothes weighed a ton. Luckily a nice village hall with changing facilities and cups of tea at the end.

    First LV55 (also 2nd LV45 and 3rd LV35 in terms of time - which gives you some idea of the conditions) image

    Even better BA got 3rd MV60 and was really chuffed. The club overall got 7 prizes, 5 second places plus our first and third. I quite fancy having a proper crack at a 10k race when I haven't raced twice in the preceding 6 daysimage

    Bottle of Prosecco and one of wine have joined the bullets and the vouchers - next week a thirty mile ultra to add variety!

  • col.col. ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year everyone. Well done to those who got some very impressive runs in over Christmas.

    O4S - yet another fantastic race. You have a real talent at these shorter distance races

    FRC - sorry the 10k didn't go to plan. It does seem like something is working on you

    Last week I took a rest to recharge the batteries. Got back to it this week with 15m on Monday and a parkrun this morning.

  • Nice one O4S image

    We had a quiet New Year's Eve with just a couple of lager shandies each. A great start to the year when your head is not down the toiletimage

    Beautiful bright and sunny day today. Convinced Mr Chick to do a run together which was nice. We jogged comfortably at his pace and felt great. One of those moments which reminds us why we run image
  • Happy New Year everyone! Saw 2014 in on Victoria embankment, had a front row view of the fireworks, absolutely fantastic!

    2013 was shite for me in more ways than one, i ran no races whatsoever image looking forward to an injury free 2014 and getting the running mojo back, autumn marathon possibly the yorkshire if it isn't too expensive to enter!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Daren - Yes! Oxford!!  That was THE highlight of my year.  How could I have missed it off.  image

    Nice NYs Chick and Kiwi.

    Kiwi - really hope to see you back to it this year. I hope Mr Kiwi is on the mend too?

    O4S - well done and really chuffed for BA too. image


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Resolution Run 10k.

    A 12 o'clock start meant we missed most of the bad weather that had not yet reached the NE.  Don't get me wrong it was still pretty grim but could have been worse.

    The course is 2 laps and for those of you who did the TM marathon it follows a similar route for the first couple of miles with the grassy hill being run this side of the fence then veering off to the left at the top and taking in the 2 big hills that the marathon avoids.  I wore my fellraisers but some where in spikes, which would have been good, and some were in road shoes - not good.  It was very wet and muddy underfoot.

    The race itself was uneventful.  Settled into positions after about a mile or so, the first hill has a bit of a bugger - a head down, tiny step job, then right down the other side and immediately up the next one.

    Had a female in my sights during the first lap and caught her up on the second, going past her on the downhill of the first hill, second lap.

    Don't know about positions but my finish time was 41:55.  Not bad for a 10k eh? And an off road, hilly one?  Ok, ok the garmin measured 5.4 miles but we don't believe our garmin measurements in races, do we? image

  • Happy New Year all.

    Carrot: Thats an impressive years running and great progress

    O4S: More bling, your'e on a roll. Im with you re marathon training, the older I get the less i want to bother with anything over 10 miles.

    Darren: sounds as if life is good for you.

    Minni: wow a 10K report and not one moan of how much you hate them.

    So with a mild hangover I eventually managed to force myself out the door into the wind and rain, ran 14 miles for my mid week semi long run certainly wasn't fast but given the hangover and the weather I wasn't overly worried about that.

  • OMG - take me out and shoot me now, . We are, finally, having Christmas dInner tonight. Put the turkey crown in the oven over an hour ago and have just gone to put the spuds in - only to discover that there was nothing in the oven image. I have a double oven (no idea why since I rarely use even the small one), and in honour of the occasion I heated up the fan oven. Unfortunately I put the turkey in the small oven image

    BA is laughing so much he will probably be sick image  He didn't make things better by reassuring me that he hadn't married me for my culinary skills, but that he couldn't actually remember why he had

  • O4S - Sounds like you've got time for another 10k run this evening, and Christmas dinner about midnightimage. Or you could polish your trophies whilst you waitimage.

    Minni - Nice 10k


  • Spoons2Spoons2 ✭✭✭

    O4S - PMSL image

    Wymondham 10km - windy. I managed 44:51 and was beaten by the GF by 10 seconds image on a positive note my shins weren't too bad. Hours of foam rolling and stretching obviously worked! image

  • LOL, O4S, hilarious!

    nice 10km Minni. Mr Kiwi is fine now, he's going to run the Brentwood half in March too, will get plenty of use of his brand new trainers between + then image

    Spoons - at least your shins weren't sore today, think of it as another good speed session bagged.

  • I started the new year with a 7 mile run.  1 mile jog then 1.5 miles at 7:20 pace with 3 min recovery time repeated 3 times and finished off with a mile jog.

    I also kind of signed myself up for Snowdonia Marathon.

  • Just when you think things can't get worse.........

    All ideas welcome for removing fragments of baked potato from walls and ceiling.........

    Put it down to incompetence and a broom handle image

  • So a bit of work says that 

    2013 was different, big move back to UK certainly upset my training regimes.

    Run: 1367 miles, lowest for 10 years

    Cycle: 5,384 highest ever

    Swim; 76 miles

    life time run total 23,051miles

    Age group wins

    Running 4

    Tri 2

    PB x 2  10k 40-12  1/2 IM 6-01

    Targets 2014

    lose weight, get fit, run less, cycle more, have fun

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    O4S - I had to share that with Mr Minni and Mst Minni who both found it very funny!! 

  • I ran 3 marathons in 2013 all under 3 hours and 20 minutes between 3h9min35s and 3h19m20s. I only ran 1200km in total for 2013. 

    I started the new year with a 13 mile run at 9 minute mile pace. A day after running 15 miles at 8 minute mile pace. I have painful blisters on the balls of my feet. I will take a day or two off and crack out back to back 10 to 15 mile runs on the weekend. 

    My marathon PB is 3h9min I ran that in Oct 13'. I want a sub 3 hour and 5 minute marathon in 2014. I will run 3 marathons in 2014 in June, Aug and September. 

    I am looking at running sub 18min 5k (CR 18m52s), sub 38min 10k(CR 38m57s), sub 85min HM(CR 88m1s) and sub 3 hour 5 minute Marathon(CR 3h9m35s).

    Good luck to all aiming to run sub 3 hour and 30 minute marathon in 2014.

  • Happy New Year everyone!

    O4S - hahaha image

    Spoons - well done on the 10k - but your GF is really flying at the moment! Is that a PB for her?

    Only one PB for me in 2013, but it was the marathon which of course is the only distance that counts image.  Highs - VLM and Oxford weekend. Lows - the various HMs I did which were all sh*t.  Goals for 2014 - sub 3.15 at VLM and a HM PB which is long overdue.  And also to run a 10k for the first time since 2009 image

    I started the year with a steady 10 yesterday, managed to get out before the rain came. 

    A real struggle to get up for the train this morning image

  • Tee hee, O4S - you are a hoot!!

    Great run by your GF, Spoons image. You were shit, of course image

    Another hill sesh d&d. Drove into work early as weather is said to deteriorate even more during the course of the day. Cold, windy, wet and miserable about sums it up. But I felt pretty hardcore fighting with that ugly hill image. Glad it's done now. 6.5 miles with 20 hill reps, 12 fast uphill, slow downhill and 8 the other way round. Legs are proper trashed now image

  • whoa Chick you are storming those hill sessions, awesome.

    lovely morning for a run. my plan for jan is slow miles, build back up to 5 runs a week, mid Jan start spin again 1-2x a week, then in Feb start some intervals/tempo runs. the half mara is 23rd March, am being realistic, it won't be a p.b race, more a confidence builder to get back to running injury free + supporting Mr Kiwi to run 13.1 miles! any tips from those who have successfully returned from injury will be gratefully received image

  • Your plan sounds good, kiwi. Just back off when things get painful.

    I rebuilt with lots of 3 mile runs (starting with run/walk but you probably won't need that), then increased them to 5 miles, 6 miles etc. I think the key to coming back from injury is to do just a bit less than you are capable of.

  • Hello everyone. Happy New Year and hope everyone had a great Christmas. I've been busy entertaining my parents for the last two weeks... they're scheduled to fly back home tomorrow and as much as I love them dearly I can't wait to get my life and house back to normal! First day back at work today as well. image

    Some great sums up of 2013 and goal setting for 2014 from you all.

    Especially Carrot- very impressive improvement from you.image

    I was totally shit in 2013 and didn't manage any pbs so very glad to see the back of it and looking forward to 2014 (starting with a dry January)image Hopeing to achieve 3.15-3.20 mara and get as close to a 1.30 half as humanly possible. PBs on all other distances would be very welcome as well.image

    The trainig went well over the christmas break despite the family getting in the way.image Managed all my scheduled runs except for yesterday's (went out and turned back- it was too vile to even consider doing a quality session) and even miraculously managed to lose weight despite having drunk my bodyweight in wine and champers. Must be all the doubles...

    1h easy done this morning and tempo sess to follow at lunch.

  • Kiwi: sounds like a good plan

    Bro: my MIL has just left, suddenly the house feels bigger again. Well done for keeping the training on schedule.

    Chick: You really are hard core

    O4S: tell your house buyers that the potato is a "feature"

    6 miles done in the early morning sun, a bit different to yesterdays epic drowned rat run 

  • Nice "10k" Minni and Spoon's gf.

    Kiwi, my advice would be to leave the Garmin at home and just enjoy running again to start with (more difficult this time of year I know - I was lucky I was able to do most of my comeback running round Thorndon in May/June). I know I would have been demotivated if I'd known how slowly I was running compared to my pre-injury times when I first came back.

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