Good distance when gaining weight

So I'm 20 years old, 6'5" and 46 pounds, basically I'm reasonably thin, not due to a lack of eating, just really high metabolism. This is about 17.3 BMI which is underweight.

Until 4 months ago, I did absolutely no exercise at all. I decided to sort myself out and now I run 5k three times a week averaging about 23 minutes. I love running, I'm addicted to it now.

I've started doing home workouts as well, and I'm starting to notice the little bit of fat I had has mostly gone. My 6-pack is making a reappearance and my muscles are generally more toned.

However, my body weight hasn't really changed, I think the increase in muscle mass has just been offset by removing my fat.

I'm not sure if simply "putting on muscle" is even the healthiest aim, but it's something I wouldn't mind doing. I've been underweight most of my life, and I wouldn't mind a change.


My main question is what kind of distance/training would you recommend to increase muscle mass? (Almost every article I read is about losing fat, that's fine, but I don't really have any fat to lose)


Any other advice also would be appreciated.


  • Distance won't add muscle mass in the way you seem to be saying you want. Body resistance work will but how much depends on how much you do.

  • Are you sure you're 46 lbs ? Surely not even kilos at your height ?
  • the figures can not add up......6ft 5 and 46lb.......i believe you would be dead with those figures..

    and if your BMI is 17.3 i can't imagine much fat there at all....

     if you do any exercise without increasing your food intake then you will get thinner....

  • I think you may have your figures mixed up somehow - If you are 6'5" with a BMI of 17.3, then you should weigh about 65kg or 143lbs ..... so maybe you mean 146lbs??

    But like everyone else says, its hard to put muscle on just by running. I would carry on running to keep fit, but maybe through in a couple of mixed strength/weight training sessions as well

  • Yeah, I meant 146 pounds, my bad.


    I guess I'll put more focus on my workouts and diet, and just use the running to keep up my endurance and stuff. Thanks guys.

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