Royal Parks Half Marathon

Can anyone tell me what the chances are of getting a place at the Royal Parks Half Marathon?  Three of my friends and I are thinking of entering but as we will be travelling to London together we all want to run.  Just wondered wether it's easy to get a place or is it heavily subscribed?   Thanks.  


  • Over-subscribed and very over-priced (although not really when you factor in expense of London road closures and the fact that you get a very wearable running shirt).

    You don't have to take up places if you get in so worth a punt. Ballot opened yesterday.

    It's a really excellent race. I've only missed one, although I did prefer it in first two years when it was accompanied by a food festival where they practically gave away as much free stuff as you could carry home (it was quite insane). The route's iconic, the atmosphere's nice and it's very begginner/charity friendly. On the downside its become really over crowded in past two years. A nice day out though.

  • Just give it a try and see what happens. You have nothing to lose. Done it in 2012 and it's a nice race and very enjoyable. image
  • I agree with the others - it's an enjoyable race and you have nothing to lose by entering the ballot.

    I've been lucky enough to run the event 3 times but I'm not worried about doing it every year.

  • I did it last year had a lot of fun - beautiful day out.  Yes it is 48 pounds entry but you dont have to pay it upfront and if you dont get in all good - unlike other races where my entry fee has disappeared never to be seen again...and my chances of doing this race are better than that of VLM image

  • Agree SiuBC - last year was a beautiful sunny day- i was pleased it started at 9am image

  • Only thing I would say is the chance of all 4 of you getting a place are slim to very slim.

    3 of us entered last year and one of us got a place.

  • Agree that the chances of all four getting a place are slim, but it's still worth a go.  I ran it last year, and it was a fabulous day, well organised, and of course the support from Londoners and tourists was amazing.

  • My conspiracy theory is that ballot picking software is weighted in favour of people who haven't run a particular race before. It makes sense if you think about it. So I would say your chances are slightly better than slim if you're all newbies. plus there seems to be a bit less hype this year.



  • Have been successful in the ballot, now trying to decide whether to enter the run or not. Already doing the GNR and I've not attempted to do another half marathon so soon afterwards before, 5 weeks apart I think.
  • 5 weeks apart is plenty of time for 2 halves.

    I entered using my work email so will find out tomorrow if I got in. Was a last minute decision (about an hour before the ballot closed!) to enter so not fussed either way whether I'm succesful.

  • I got a place in the ballot as well but realised that I'm doing Berlin marathon 2 weeks before. Do you think its asking for trouble doing both?

  • I got a ballot place this year and a second chance ballot place last year.  Last year was my first year of running it and having only ever run races in France, I found this race very lonely.  I can usually find someone of a similar pace to run with, chat to from time to time, in races in Normandy, but I was very much on my own in London last year.  I am giving it another go this year and if it is the same again, I shall not do it again. 

    I don't think it is expensive and the route is good, although some areas of the park get very congested.  When people stop and walk without any warning or without stepping to one side, it gets quite annoying.  Other than that the organisation was excellent. 

    One tip if you are going with friends... don't expect to get hold of anyone by phone afterwards as there was absolutely no signal to be had.  Organise a meeting place before you set off, so that you can find each other. 

  • Well I'm not in but as I brought a polar RC3 yesterday probably a good job I'm not spending anoyther £50 this month!

    I liked that the email was "secure your place" so just enough to suggest that I had beren succesful till I read it!

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