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  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    It sounds like you have put some thought behind that decision PMJ and it is not a Steve Redgrave ("Anybody who sees me in a boat has my permission to shoot me,") type comment. We all get our rewards in different ways

    iFinished off my London Mini Break with a final tourist attraction.

    Saturday: Theatre / Dinner

    Sunday: Sight seeing run

    Monday: Earls Court NHS Drop in centre.

    Saw a Doctor within 2 mins to get prescribed some pain killers (can't use NSAIDs due to cocktail of head doctor pills). Bloody brilliant. Takes 2 weeks at my Dr to get an appointment. London continues to deliver.


    Saw a bit of the coverage and enjoyed the interview of the two sisters hoping to beat the fastest siblings record. just needed them both to run 2:30!

    A 4:27 and 4:50 saw them just miss out. Naive or pulling the chain of the media?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    That is surely Ant's blister???? I'd recognise it anywhere!
  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    You are a true manky foot connoisseur Minni.

    I saw that interview Poacher. They didn't look much like 2:30 runners to me so I'm hardly surprised.

  • Maybe they just got confused and thought that they both needed to get under 5 hours rather than it being a combined time. Easy mistake to make?!

    Definitely Ant's foot. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Birch - like the rest of the campaign I've been busy all day !

    great to see CC and Lit go sub3, I always fancied CC to get there but she ws intent on doing it in baby steps.

    great to see Martin go so well too, a great return on another campaign.

    PMJ - you should go bag a 3:15 in a few weeks before your fitness goes, that will keep the V50 option open. I get what you say though, I'm much more suited to shorter distances, but marathons arnt about that for me they are a different sort of challenge. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    TR - you must be happy with the result after the (to put it mildly) less than ideal campaign? 

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Already congratulated some of the brilliant VLM performances, but this thread is so busy.

    TR - Cracking run, after a difficult February. Your time makes me think that you must be suited to marathons.

    PMJ - 10 years ago, I had a terrible marathon experience that put me off road marathons for 5 years. There's always a lot to think about when things don't go to plan - TR's advice looks like a good option

    Minni - Glad to see you're up beat after your urn on Sunday. I have to say, that I was looking forward to sharing a 3:12 with someone else on this thread. What are your plans?

    Sandy - Great PB! 30 seconds per mile quicker is a lot!

    Speedy - I am in awe of your London time. A fabulous performance.

    Lit - Also awe inspiring! You're so fast.

    Marrows - Your 9 minute PB is fantastic.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Birch - indeed, I thought of you and my streak a few times y'day.

    So, I knew that given the build up I'd have the engine for low 2:50s but doubted the miles in my legs, so reckoned on being around 2:54 (+/- a min or so), giving me an approx pace of 3M every 20min. The first 10M was a relative jog and I had about a minute in the buffer, but my legs were feeling the miles a bit but no surprises there. After 1/2 way I knew I was getting low on fuel as I was feeling a bit vacant and would also have to manage my legs so, I took gels at 15,18 and 21 and some luco and made sure that I didnt force the pace and invite cramp.
    I still had some time in the buffer at 20M, but was running defensively waiting for the nutrition to kick in. I knew that I could slow a little and still bag a 2:55 and was fully prepared to take that if needed. As the miles ticked by I was more confident I could make the 2:55 cut if I could avoid the usual cramps. 21M, 22M, 23M no real cramps yet (usually the hammys go) and by about 23M I was running a bit harder again. I defo pushed on a bit in the last mile or so and made it in 2:54:15.
    It would have been easy to sack this campaign off at the start of March but the 5 long runs in 12 days saved me, and I'm proud to have kept my streak alive.

    Low mileage marathons are tough (I forgot how tough), I had 7 weeks over 46M but only one over 53M since Christmas, and whilst swim and bike are good for the engine, marathons need running miles. I would have been a few minutes quicker without the lost time in February, but I dont run enough miles to go sub 2:50, I'm happy with where I sit and the defintion of madness is to keep doing the same things (more or less) and expect a different outcome. Hopefully I can keep the streak going until I'm 50 in a few years.

    Like Birch says, all marathons take some achieving.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Yhsif - I'm more suited to 1/2 mara or below as I can hold a red line effort pretty well and dont run many miles.  I'm not built for marathons, but thats part of the challenge and i can handle the mental part of them ok.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Well executed strategy, TR - you had a pretty good idea of what was possible in the circs, and were just about spot-on with the judgement (neither overcooking things nor being over-cautious).  Kudos.  

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    So Birch do we take it that you will be in that London in 2015?
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Well, the (admittedly minor) sane part of me says "call it a day" and stick to half mara and under - Manchester was a pretty positive experience, and we know that's never guaranteed - but also yesterday's tales from here are inspiring, so maybe, maybe  . . .

    mind, if VLM was completed, I would then have to do another (Loch Ness)? to secure the 26 completions (not in the half-century league, but a tempting goal nonetheless) . . . .still,

    it would be a pleasure & a privilege to buy beer for many on here, so if I keep the Birch piggy-bank topped up, then who knows  . . . . . .

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Not like blunt Yorkshire folk to write a whole 3 paragraphs when what they really mean to say is..."yes". So that's a yes.
  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    TR - Well done on achieving your goal, you are Mr consistent. How did the shoes & feet hold up?

    I too prefer short distances and want to work on my 5/10k & 1/2 times. I have unfinished business at the marathon though and will probably aim for an autumn one.

    Poacher - Incredible amount of marathons and ultra's completed in a short timespan, don't know how you do it.

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    TR, you are indeed consistently consistent. Congratulations on extending the streak once more.

    Here's a bit of inspiration for the speedier and seemingly endlessly improving amongst you: 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Birch - might see you there then.

    GM - once I switched back to the 500M shoes on Thusday (and ran in them Thurs, Fri and Sat) my feet started to recover, they still ached if I stood up for too long, but they were healing. On the day I could feel that the shoes were a bit tired, but I knew that everything else would start hurting anyway. I bagged a couple of blisters and had a few hot spots but got away with it pretty well.

    SJ - it was the shortened taper that did it for Marigold (or the 50M run two weeks out !). I always knew that tapering was over rated.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    TR - I have yet to find a better shoe than those for long distance running. The search continues. The two marathons I have run have yielded zero blisters but the usual toenail issues.

    That was indeed an incredible performance by Marigold, I wonder if he will ever run a better marathon.

  • Martin HMartin H ✭✭✭

    Just had time for a read back of yesterday's performances.  So many excellent reports so apologies if I missed anyone; it is not intentional.

    Great sub-3's OO, Speedy & Lit.  Very well deserved all of you.

    Excellent PBs Lorenzo, Sandy Balls, Marrows (massive 24mins).

    Well done Poacher on number 50.  Great achievement.

    AR - Sounds like a great race for you.  Shows that marathons can be fun even if they don't go the way you initially intended them to.  You should have said "hello" though.

    Brilliant time TR from less than perfect training.  Your diesel engine did you proud again!!


  • Martin HMartin H ✭✭✭

    Here's my report from London yesterday.  Very much a tale of fun, pain and joy!!

    After leaving our Blackheath hotel (with the bath having a slight purple hue despite our attempts at cleaning it) at the usual 8am for a photocall with the rest of the charity, it was across the Common to the Red start to see off the rest of our team.  Then back to FGFA where I looked around for any familar faces or vests and saw none.  So I found myself a nice little space to relax. I soon got bored so dropped my bag in the truck and went for a walk and run around the field with Mo (will try to post a photo later).  He looked very focussed but was warming up alone compared to the groups of Africans.

    Into the starting pen I felt as though I was a little too far back to get a decent start.  The plan was to go for broke and aim for 6.14's to build a buffer and then hold on.  Across the start after about 15secs and then away, very slowly!!  The first mile was mainly dodging slower runners in front and trying to look for gaps to get through.  First mile was completed in 6.18 and then there was more open space.  This meant that I got a little carried away (as always) and miles 2-4 were done in 6.02, 6.05 & 6.02 pace.

    I then decided I needed to be sensible and reign it in a little.  I then got into a comfortable rhythm and ticked off the next few miles barely looking at my watch.  I was mainly playing up to the crowd and enjoying their shouting and cheering.  I was starting to build a nice buffer and passed 10 miles in 1.02.16 (55secs ahead).  Across Tower Bridge and onto halfway in 1.21.37 I realised that I was on for mid 2.43 if I held pace.  Just after the Docklands tunnel Mrs H and her friend were waiting to shout their encouragement and I was still feeling good. 

    The miles kept on ticking by and as I had been around Docklands I was unconcerned that my pace had dropped by a couple of seconds per mile as I hit 20 miles in a new PB (by 7 mins) of 2.04.54.  I was still feeling confident of a high 2.43 with each mile until mile 21.

  • Martin HMartin H ✭✭✭

    At that point my calves started to tighten and I realised that I was going to pay for the pace of the earlier miles.  I am used to positive splits but this was not going to be pretty; but I just had to get back in one piece and worry about the pain afterwards.  I dropped a few seconds each mile until mile 24 where I still had a buffer of 30secs but was fading.

    Mile 25 was the toughest mile I have ever ran in a marathon.  I have never suffered from cramp and never walked in any of the previous 7, but my right hamstring started to cramp and spasm.  It felt as though I was dragging my right leg along for about 400ms.  I decided not to stop and stretch but just try to push on and get as close to the finish as possible.  Mile 25 was 6.43 (6.31 pace-must have been veering!!) and another 26 seconds lost.  I was now worried that I was going to implode.  Turning by Westminster I was greeted by my family and charity at the side of St James' Park.  I couldn't even turn my head to smile and half raised my hand to acknowledge their support.  It is always at this point that I just put my head down and push but there didn't seem to be anything left. I turned into The Mall to see the clock at 2.44.35 and tried to push again.  I thought I would do it but still wanted to run in with the clock still showing 2.44.  The clock was ticking closer to 2.45 but I knew I had done it.  I ran through in 2.45.05 race time and 2.44.52 on my watch (5.40 pace for the last 0.2m but it felt much slower). It was weird as previous PBs have been greeted with happiness and smiles but this was more just pure relief.

    I don't think that I even raised my hands as I crossed the line as I was so exhausted.  I contemplated falling over but didn't think I would ever get back up again.  After staggering to the post-race photo my calves started to cramp and I couldn't move my legs.  Some kind runner let me lean against him to allow me to stretch.  I hobbled onwards to get my bag and meet Mrs H (she confirmed chip time as 2.44.50) where I finally managed to crack a smile and feel pleased with my run.  As soon as I stopped by the charity supporters my legs started spasming uncontrollably.  I looked as though I was shivering but I wasn't.  It was a very strange feeling.

    Looking back I can say I have achieved what I ultimately wanted to (sub 2.45) when I started my marathon journey.  I may change my mind (as I have in previous years), but at present I have no ambition to run faster or to run off of the Champs Start next year.  I am more than content to run from the GFA start in charity gear knowing that I have achieved my marathon goal.  I am happy image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Fantastic racing there TR especially off those miles, sounds like you kept a cool head.

    I ran both Paris and London in my 4 year old Asics DS Racers- just haven't found better shoe yet.

  • Lorenzo: Doing a pb by 7 minutes to go sub 3? Been there done that mate. Old gits rule.

    OO: fck me, TWO sub 3 PBs in 2 weeks, no wonder your legs were crying at the end. Respect. Old gits rule.

    PMJ: I understand that you stattos focus on specific trends. But, don’t you think that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy? “I’m good at 10k, because my ranking is better” Cobblers, it means that your marathon distance needs more work. As does your 1 mile time. Did you hear Mo Farah saying that he’d be better suited to 1500m, 5000m, 10,000m? Justifiably he’s got better gradings at those events by any measure. Nah, he was so p*****d off it seemed like he wanted to run another marathon next week. Stupid, I know. Nobody is likely to PB twice in two weeks at a marathon.

    TR. Large Spheroids mate. You kept quiet about the 50 mile weeks.

    Must check out Marigold’s time. Steve Way? Errrrr. Hang on a minute. I’ve just gone into the results, and apparently he won. Place number 1. Even when I check the men’s leader board he came 16th, and that’s ahead of two Brits Scott Overall and Ben Livesey. Only a 2:11 by Chris Thompson and a 2:08 by Mo Farah pipped him. Now that’s class. IS BRITAIN ON THE WAY UP?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Martin - cracking run there, you are good ! Your legs sounded like mine normally do re the hammy cramp and then the seizing up afterwards. I was so worried about not cramping this (due to my low mileage) that I had a sachet of diarolyte each day for the previous week and although cramping is more likely to be due to lack of specific training, i thought it wouldnt hurt. I had minimal twinges during the race and none after (for once) but i was running defensively.

    OO - do you save those shoes just for racing in then ?


  • moofmoof ✭✭✭

    Well done TR great that you've managed to keep the sub 3 streak going. 

     Fantastic run Martin, those cramps have done me a couple of times. What mileage did you build up on this campaign?  

    I've really enjoyed reading the heroic tales from yesterday, truly inspiring. As far as the London marathon goes for sheer excitement and pre race tension, there's nothing else like it , is there? I'll make sure I get to the start line next year.  

    With no running from me over the weekend and feeling a bit left out from all the effort I thought I'd put in a bit of more pace running along the towpath this evening , so 13.1 in 86 mins which felt pretty comfortable after a steady start. I couldn't have run another 13 at that pace which just shows how fit you lot are at the moment.    

  • Clearly bowled over by his wit, charm and the photos of his running attire, Mrs L responded to Poacher's suggestion to construct another pie, this time for pudding last night! imageimage



  • Minni wrote (see)

    Ant - regardless of what the others say I think you were awesome yesterday!! 

    What do the others say? Lovely to see you yesterday and spend quality time in the boozer. A shame things didn't go to plan in the race.

    Really great to speak to Speedy, Poacher, OO51, AR and  Lorenzo in the pub, too. You are all really special people.

    Many congratulations to all those of you who got PBs and/or reached their targets, especially Speedy, Lit, Marrows (ladies first, eh), OO51, Lorenzo, Martin, TR and the relentless Poacher.

    To those who didn't come away so happy, bad luck and I hope at least you had as great a day out as I did.

    My race can be summed up as follows: I cruised - cruised  - to half way in 1:32:55, and felt great to about 17, when everything started to tighten up. I kept my head, however, and, convinced I had loads of time in the bank, slowed up a bit til 22 or 23 when I realised that a) I was now feeling really tired and b) it was going to be a tight thing to even go sub-3:15, so badly had I paced things. I made a frantic (relatively speaking) effort from Big Ben in,  with the last km in 3:52, but it wasn't enough and I finished with a miserable 3:15:14.

    I am not too disappointed, however, as the positive thing I can take away is I didn't totally crumble, and however poorly deployed the effort was, I can honestly say I gave it my all out there. I will be back next year to put this one to bed and do myself justice for once.

    No excuses at all on the day, but I do feel the two-odd weeks' training missed, and esp two or three 20-22 milers in March, told negatively on my endurance in the end, and that is that.

    The whole event was, for me, absolutely brilliant - the weather, the crowds, the volunteers, everything.

    So I had a small skinful in the pub, said my goodbyes, staggered/limped to the tube, got on it, met a Spanish girl who apparently took a shine to me and kissed herimageimageimage, got the train to my mum's, had a quick dinner, and crawled off to bed at about 9:00. 

    What a day. See you next year.


  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Lovin' the reports!
    PMJ - take your time over that decision.
    Minni - I assumed you had dropped out - sorry it wasn't to be, but a sensible decision.
    TR - well done - that's a great result considering your build-up.
    Lorenzo - love the pie!
    Ant - glad you enjoyed the day and ended up with a very respectable time.
    14 miles d&d. 7M @ 9:10 m/m amd 7M @ 7:37 m/m.

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