Brighton Marathon 2015



  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    5k/21:20 last night.  Got back into running mid Jan, first run was 5k/30mins, wasn't exactly pushing it but still i did feel it.  Can't believe I've knocked 8:40 off that time in 4 months.  Hope to break 20:00 by end of May.  According to this calculator

    that equates to a 3:15 marathon time if you do the training.

  • Wenty i know that feeling so I’m just going out when i feel like it at the moment and running as far as i like it’s been mainly 3 and 6’s with a couple of odd 10’s but I’ve not been have half as keen as i was last year when i trained for the Bristol 10k when i set myself a training plan

  • Basher thats impressive!! to knock 8:40 mins off in such a short time - well done.

    my calc has 21:20 as a 3:25 marathon and 20 mins as 3:15. but that also means that my 5k time of 17:50 means I should do a marathon in 2:53!!!!!! But that aint going to happen with the best training in the world.I cant even get close to sub 3hr!


  • Basher well done on taking that much time off

  • Toby almost exactly the same as i am doing - 5 or 6 miles a couple of times a week and the occasional 10 when i feel guilty!

  • hi guys & girls, thought i'd pop in and say hi, it was my 5th Brighton this year and seemed to feel pretty s----y afterwards for a while, may have been the training up to it, then the high of the day and then you come down after the event. Went to the gp to get some blood tests and they all came back spot on, so started training again this morning now ive got the green light, only 4 miles, but its a start, cant wait for 2015!
  • i wonder if it's a known medical condition PMD (post marathon depression)  image                      

  • Its something i get PMD! not surprising you train for 3/4 months for a big event then a major driver in your life is missing. Thats why i have to sign up for my next one either before or straight after the marathon so i have something to focus on.

  • Was interested in doing this race about 2 weeks ago until the price got ramped up another £10 to £62.50, plus the 'insignificant' booking fee charge of £3.50-4 (I know they arent the only ones who do this, but it is a con).

    So the price is £66, not £62.50.

    This is a bit of a rip-off if you ask me. Saying that, I am sure they will sell out, but bumping up the price like this is just not on for me.

  • Nine Deuce, I know what you mean and it is irritating, but nearly all european and UK major marathons do this.

    I look at it that it is not much in the grand scheme of things when you think of all the training you put in and other costs of travel and accommodation running shoes etc.

    I presume you would not be interested in NYC marathon, which is just under $300 i think - Makes London look a bargain.

  • Keith LKeith L ✭✭✭

    Not sure Brighton has "sold out" in the last few years. One of features of their pricing policy is setting a date they will close entries regardless of numbers. Creating an artificial early market. Still guess it works for them.

  • Keith, pretty sure it has sold out for the last few years as many people I know wanted to do it and had to go via a charity route. In fact my first year in 2012 i had to go via a charity place as it was sold out, and that must have been around late summer time.

  • well week 1 of Snowmaiden training completed she seem to take the 2 miles in her stride struggled a bit today but other than to day she seem not to have any problem with it we started the week taking 24 minutes to do the 2 miles today she took 22 and that was with a short walk so were upping it to 3 mile’s next week

  • toby - good progress being made....

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    5 miles last night

    6 miles this morning.

  • Hi to u all,

    Missed Brighton this yr due to far east holiday! However do not fear as im back next yr!

    Looking forward to reading all the posts, trust u all have been getting better and better.

    Completed MK on Monday and had a great running yr last yr so hoping for more of the same. Plenty of races lined up this summer/aut to keep me in shape for my favorite marathon BRIGHTON. 

    Early morning run lined up tomorrow in what looks like horrible conditions.

    Have good weekend everyone look forward to plenty of posts.

  • Parkrun this morning - first "race" for a long time. !!  Pleased with 20:51.  Will look to kick on from there. Hopefully I will be in sub 20 form by the winter when training for this starts in earnest !!

  • Afternoon all

    well Bristol 10k done and dusted no PB for me got around in 47:05 missing out by 48 seconds Oh well there’s always the Bradley stoke 10k net month  Poohbear did it again though taking another 3 minutes off her time coming home in just over  1:03:00

  • Well done Poohbear and Toby.  Returned from Holiday this morning so the training starts tomorrow.  Time to get serious - determined to be ready this year and not start the training too late.  Not worrying too much about times and distances at the moment just want to get out there and running on a regular basis 

  •  Had a lovely time spent with Toby and poohbear this weekend, nice catch up and planning our autumn half marathons, nice food , thank you poohbear, thanks too, to snowmaiden for the loan of your bed last night!! 

    Bristol 10 km done today, a new pb of 52:42 according to chip, although my Garmin says 52:39 image was a bit sick on the kerbside after, first time I've done that ...would now love a sub 50 min , let the challenge commence

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    5 mile fun run yesterday in 42:30.  Up and down the south downs, lots of wind and mud.  Had the sniffles all week and was not wearing suitable footwear for the semi rugged tracks.  That said I was still a little disappointed, wanted to beat 40 mins but I wasn't really all that close in the end.

  • Back to training after holiday. Just done 5 miles in 49.10 so I'm happy with that as I am more or less starting from the beginning again. Gonna walk a 5k tonight as I need to learn a new route for tomorrow morning
  • 10 miles for me yesterday was very happy with the way it went as it was the first time since last September I've run it that fast got round in 1:26:30 Avg pace of 8:29 m/m just need now to get it down another 29 second as i need to be able to maintain 8:00 m/m pace by Brighton next year to get my target of 3:30:00

  • My ex husband is saying about me hitting 7 min mile pace (ha ha )for a 10km ..not sure what planet he is on!! He has offered to pace me !! Starting at running for 200 meters at that pace etc ...I know I said I wanted to get serious but that sounds scary ...

  • Good effort in the 10k last weekend Toby - we cant hit a PB every race. Sounds like a good one to me.

    I have a 10k next sunday, and not been running much since VLM so not expecting great things.

    you can do it yvonne - give it a go.

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    3 miles 21 mins last night

    4 miles 30 mins this morning

  • Ouch! ended up running the 5k last night which made it 8 miles in total for the day.  Feeling it today tho my legs feel like they have been punched all night.  Currently doing an interesting walk around the office - got a feeling tonight's 5 will be slow image

  • Thats Good tillstar... no pain go gain!

  • Ha ha thanks Tortoise that made me smile and I shall repeat that to myself if I struggle tonight image


  • did 6 miles today 3 miles with Snowmaiden and the 3 on my own Snowmaiden struggled a bit so will see how she going by the end of the week and then decided whether to repeat this week

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