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  • I'm thinking I will probably run down to Pollok Park and watch the marathon for free too. I'm fully prepared for bedlam on the roads during the week the athletics is on in the Southside, as I'm well used to cup final weekends around here image - this will probably be 10x worse.

    Really quite p!ssed off that the 'residents parking only' zone ends literally at the end of my street, and I'm on the wrong side of it, so all the visitors will be causing chaos parking in the narrow side streets - they really should have a better parking system in place (like open the field at Queens Park like they did during the Olympics), because just ignoring it and thinking everyone will use public transport is a load of nonsense image.

    There, that's my CG rant added image.

    Had a lovely day out at Troon today, old friend up visiting this week from land-locked Nottinghamshire, and she was desperate for some sea air image. Going to take her up to Oban later in the week, as that is where we always used to go for holidays image. This is what I call tapering image.

  • Hi folks. I hope everyone is fighting fit. I'm off to Portrush at the weekend, does anyone have any experience running in NI? fancied taking in some trails (Giant's Causeway Way and maybe Antrim Way) but open to suggestions image

  • birkmyrebirkmyre ✭✭✭

    Finally got themimage

  • Well done on the tix BM!

    Nice running weather this week. Hope it lasts for my epic weekend, but the forecast says rain. Oh well!

    Never run in NI tda I'm afraid.

  • birkmyrebirkmyre ✭✭✭


    575 : Cheers. I thought I wasn't getting any tickets. Then the system was taken down 20mns after I'd got my tickets !

  • birkmyrebirkmyre ✭✭✭


    Ironically the two CG badminton tickets for Mrs B and Miss B arrived yesterday !

  • birkmyrebirkmyre ✭✭✭

    I noticed that the sports shop Decathlon are opening a new outlet in  Braehead in early July. Ya Beautyimage

  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    Braehead was missing a decent running shop, so thats great news.

  • birkmyrebirkmyre ✭✭✭

    DMax: This is very true.

  • Back from a long day out to Oban - quite chilly at the sea front, but the sun came out later in the afternoon for some cracking photos of Mull in the distance image. Knackered from the long drive, but managed to fit in a fish and chip stop at Tyndrum to make up for missing the Fling this year image.

  • Any running in the Oban area TP? I've done a few stunningly scenic routes there with great views of sea, islands and mountains.

    Nice running weather tonight and made the most of the long evening for 10 miles in Culbin Forest and the beach in increasing gloaming.

  • Oban was great but no running yesterday as we didn't really have that much time. Have done some great routes over the hills there when on holiday image.

    Off to Ballantrae today - seaside tastic!

  • Greetings from Durness. Blowing a gale here but forecast to settle for tomorrow image

  • Good luck for the Cape Wrath marathon tomorrow image!

    Fantastic day out today taking in Girvan, Lendalfoot and Ballantrae, then back up to Dunure for burgers and Guinness (me no driving Hurrah!) image! Co-incidentally trying to convince my friend to come up for next years Cape Wrath Challenge - as a good photographer she does not take too much convincing! image

    20mile done so far this week, probably do a short run tomorrow just to keep stretched out, my ass is in serious danger of becoming car-seat shaped this week image, but I guess that is tapering for you...

  • Happy tapering TP, sounds like you are making the most of it!

    Hope weather stabilises at Cape Wrath. Mild and windy here today but supposed to be wet for my GGW run. Oh well, about time I sorted wet weather ultra gear as my 4 races have all been dry.

    Another fine Culbin run tonight, decided to see how far I could get out on the sand at low tide as both dogs love the beach. Answer was a long way!

  • Good luck with your GGW training run 57.5. Hope it is not too wet.

    I did a nice run today, easy 10miler, but quite muggy and drizzly, didn't realise quite how soaked I had gotten until I got home image.

    Its 24degrees in London this weekend image, so I'm hoping it might cool down a bit by next weekend image, but just in case it doesn't I have been acclimatising myself by running in my jacket and gloves - the looks I have got from other runners on 'warm' days image!!

    Fundamentally though 'warm' up here is not the same as 'warm' down there - it could be 5degrees up here but if the sun is out you will see people walking about in shorts and t-shirts image. I experienced this effect to my advantage on the night section of the South Downs last year when folk were starting to get hypothermic and I was still in my t-shirt thinking hmmm this temperature is just about right now, after I had been too hot all day imageimage!

  • GGW was pretty damp and chilly but no real rain, just a mix of mist and steady drizzle. Southern section is good underfoot and generally flat, hard work starts tomorrow! And the weather looks worse if anything.

    You are right though TP, most people in the rest of the world would have called my day cold, wet and miserable! It does annoy me when people start to complain it's too warm at about 15°C here.

  • 57.5 your putting me to shame. I have not managed up to the GGW yet and don't think I will.

    I set out today to try and do 15 - 20 miles on the new Great Trossachs Path that runs from Inversnaid to Callander linking the WHW with Rob Roy Way. Not to be. My legs were bleating and my stomach was a bit off. But did do 14 miles and 2000 feet of climb image That would probably be the last 14 miles of an ultra.

  • CC sounds good. Also I feel less nervous now about not getting onto GGW. I know sections of it and have previously run short sections so hopefully that and 57.5s updates will do it image

    I have also started to run in shorts in cooler conditions that I used to.

    CC you would like the ultra route that I am currently trying to plan. The final route will probably incorporate at least 4000 feet of climb over 30 - 40 miles image


  • Pleased with run yesterday (Cape Wrath marathon). Managed not to go off too fast and enjoyed it all. 21 minute improvement on last year and a 1minute PB


    Wind dropped a good bit although still windy. Dry throughout although as weatherman predicted heavy rain began at 3pm (after everyone had finished)

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Well done at CW OH! I really must try to get to it one year, although running every day for a week would almost certainly cause a bit of damage...............I need my recovery days- perhaps I could just do the marathon, the half, and a hill race, or something.....................dunno.

    Back from a very wet and windy holiday in the mountains of Slovakia - there was a massive storm with trees falling, roads blocked, and power outages! Not exactly what I'd envisaged when I booked it, but aa good realxing week,despite that.

    Only managed 1 run during the week, but loads of hill walking, and have been out today to tr yto iron out the post - airtravel kinks in the legs.

    Strathearn marathon next- just as a relaxing day out/ long trainig run, rather than trying to set any particular time- anyone else going?

  • Well done OH image.

    Nice running everyone else, all these mountain expeditions sound good and FFB's new ultra sounds particularly intriguing image.

    Cycling for me today, nice ride but very windy in the out direction (as usual!).

    Visiting friend has had the weekend up at her sisters in Aberdeen for a massive family party, up until 3am dancing then drove back to Glasgow this afternoon...I dunno how she does it image! Made big roast dinner tonight, she is off back down South tomorrow, which gives me a few days to clean the house, finish some work, and get my kit sorted for GUCR imageimage!

  • You can pick and choose whatever you want to do Tricialitt.

    There are too different options for different days: HM/10k, long/shorter hill run, long/short multiterrain, marathon or relay marathon.

    I just did the buffet ceilidh for the first 2 years (as Els's supporter! image ) .

    I did just half and marathon in 2012 then half, hill race, fun beach run  and marathon in 2013.

    This year was the first year to try the full lot.

    It was great as is the social scene around it. Highly recommended

  • PS managed to stand up after coming over the line this time FFB image

  • Well done OH.

    Feeling proper smashed myself. Nice weather day on the whole which was unexpected, and ran the 40 miles very steady (i.e.slowly!). Will do a proper report tomorrow but I can say that road shoes were perfect and almost all the paths are excellent to run on. Can't say the same for my legs now!

  • Just wanted to throw in that an nice ultra 30-40 miles would b fab if organised at time to suit as warm up to the Fling. Just on the off chance someone is thinking of organising one ????
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