Brighton Marathon 2015



  • Tillstar thanks for confirming that. Not looking forward to winter training!!! eeekkkkkk

  • Morning all

    3 miles with Snowmaiden yesterday will do 4 with her today again the pace was good with an Avg of 10:20 m/m i may well have to forgo a pop at the 3:30:00 next year as i think training Snowmaiden may not allow me to get the training in i would need to get use to running at the pace i would need to break the 3:30:00

    and if I’m honest i really don’t think i have a 3:30:00 time in me anyway


  • Im sure you do Toby.  Well done Snowmaiden though image Great running from you.

    Well 5 miles for me today and that's me done until long run Sunday though may do a recovery 3 miles or two sometime before then.  Pace was slower averaging 10.17 but for the first time in a while I ran the whole way and the splits were consistent.  Im happy with that as im more interested in running consistently at the moment any improvement in pace can come later, we have months to go yet.

    Only downside was that my boyfriend bet me I could run the whole way and struggling was all in my mind so whilst I was happy to achieve this it did mean he had a very smug smile on his face this morning image

  • Tillstar great attitude and a good frame of mind to have at this stage of the trainingimage

  • Hi everyone,

    Have taken the plunge and signed up for 2015.. Brighton will be my first marathon. I did the Bristol 10k just over a week ago and will be doing the Bristol half in September (before the training kicks in over the winter/spring). I'm hoping to do it in roughly 4:30, but as it's the first one I've done will just be happy to get round I think! Good luck to everyone image

  • Hi Plodder both me Poohbear did the Bristol 10k as well as that were we live hope you got your t-shirt and medal both

  • Hi all, no running for me recently as I've been a slave to my dissertation since running Brighton but in 2 weeks I'll be back at it!

    Booked the Travelodge in Brighton this morning, I think today may be the first day they were taking bookings as I tried earlier in the week and it wouldn't let me.

  • Hmm could be a busy marathon year this year.

    Brighton is my A race in April. I have entered Venice in October to keep me plodding over summer and autumn and may enter portsmouth in December. London will be 2 weeks after Brighton so i will enter that as i have a GFA place and may do Jeruselum in March as a warm up to Brighton.

    I'm knackered now so going for a lie down.

  • Hi toby3, I'm local to Bristol too and was fortunately one of the lucky ones and managed to get a t-shirt (visibility will no longer be a problem!) and medal. Fingers crossed there won't be the same issues at the half.

    Going to try and get some accommodation booked this weekend...

  • Talking of those Bristol 10km t shirts, I had one too this year, love your comment plodder by the way, yellow is not my colour but it has become my fave running top cos it's soooo comfortable and soft ....just love it ...

  • Morning all

    should have done 3 with Snowmaiden yesterday but in the end had a rest day so were going to attempted a 6 mile today going to take it at a slower pace as the idea today is just for Snowmaiden to run as much of it as she can

  • Toby - let us know how the run goes today.

    I did what was supposed to be a recovery run Wednesday night but somehow turned into my fastest run for months (think it had something to do with a mainly downhill course and a decision to run how I felt and ignore the Garmin)

    Haven't done anything since then, on rest days, hoping for a big improvement on Sunday's 7 mile longer run from struggling to complete it last week

  • well we got out for our run didn’t think we were going to get it done as we had torrential down pour so we were sat in the car for 20minutes waiting for it to go off did eventually stop though and really proud of Snowmaiden as not only did she managed to run what turn out to be 6.2 miles (10k) but she beat her own personal best time over that distance

    So now we decided that she’s going to do 3 on Monday and Tuesday 4 miles with my wife with the running club on Wednesday have a rest day Thursday and 6 on Friday and repeat that until the end of July then build the mile up on a Friday to 10 miles by the end of September then up to 13 on Friday by the end of November that way were only have 2 weeks before our training plan for Brighton 2015 starts

  • Well done Snowmaiden image No stopping you now image

    Sounds like a good plan Toby. At the moment im aiming for 5 on a tue, wed and thur, with an optional 3 on a tue and thur morning depending on how much I am feeling the need to run and then 3 or 5 on a Fri before a longer sunday starting at 7 and building up gradually to my half in September but the long run only moves up a mile once I can comfortably run the current mileage so if I do the same distance for several weeks then so be it

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Couldn't get booked at either Travelodge image Waited ages for the booking to be available, then missed the rooms image  

    I haven't been running this week as I'm suffering from Vertigo. Never had it before in my life, and I certainly don't recommend it as an experience! Just hoping I get over it soon as it is debilitating.

  • Morning all, quick update from me.

    The week before last I was running 8mins/walking 3mins.  I had two terrible runs - I kept stopping to walk and the whole time I was running I was just looking forward to the bits when I could walk again and I was feeling pretty down hearted about the whole thing.

    So last weekend I thought I'd just go out and see how far I could go - no walking but I could run as slowly as I needed to - well, I did 18 mins.  I managed to do that on all four of my runs last week.  I am slow and it's not always easy but I'm getting there and I'm actually enjoying it.

    This morning I ran for 27 minutes and covered 2.45 miles, so I will aim to do 25 mins for my three remaining runs this week.

    It's so good reading about what you're all up to.  Toby, Snowmaiden is doing so well, I find it very inspiring to read about her progress.

    Tenjiso, I hope you feel better soon; I suffered from post viral vertigo before, it's not an experience I would want to repeat; the doctor gave me anti sickness tablets which allowed me to at least walk around but it's not a great feeling.

  • Well I was hoping to go for my 7 miler this morning but my garmin is refusing to work. It's only a few months old so I am not impressed. I know I could have done it without the garmin but by the time I had spent 25 mins trying to get it to work I lost momentum. I like using it to track my progress and distance hopefully I can fix it or wake up my old one because I will have to do the run whatever the weather tomorrow now
  • SleepyJ I’m glad reading about Snowmaiden is helping you and by the way you’re doing great yours self and don’t worry if you get a bad run we all have them you did the right thing by going out and not worrying about how long you ran for and who cares if your slow you’re out there doing it remember when you run Brighton next year your become part of a select few that have every run a marathon and your right you will get faster when Snowmaiden run her first 10k back in 2010 it took her 1:41:00 and she now down to 1:07:23 so don’t worry about how long a run takes

    Tillstar sorry to read about the Garmin is it still under guarantee if so you should contacted Garmin and they will repair it for you if not they will send you a refurnished one at a cost i tend to use the same routes a lot so i know the mile without having to use the Garmin so it may well be worth doing this encase it happens again

  • Nice 10 miler at 9 min mile pace this morning, nice and gentle on a flat route along the canal. Was struggling to get the trainers on as had too many beers last night but glad I did, certainly blew the cobwebs away. 

  • Mrs NoelMrs Noel ✭✭✭
    Signed up to this a few weeks ago. It will be my first marathon - as a triathlete I've always thought I'd find the training too dull and I'm quite injury prone so didn't think it would be a good move. But sod it, I want it ticked off my list if nothing else! Hoping to go sub 4 but we'll see, to be honest it would be great to get round.
  • Thanks Toby. Re set it on the computer and it seems to be working at the moment but will keep an eye on it. Wore both my old and my new garmins today just in case. 7 good strong miles 2 mins faster than last week and I ran the whole way without needing to walk this week (last week I run walked from mile 3) so I'm very happy. Old garmin was 0.2 of a mile out from the new so I ran another mile when I got home to check which garmin was correct. Both were the same so I either ran 8 or 8.15 in total today either way I'm happy
  • Morning all

    went out with Poohbear and Snowmaiden today did 2 miles with them before leaving them to run home and went on and did another 8 good pace over the first 2 miles of 10:20 m/m then i up it a bit doing a couple of 7:58m/m but mostly they were between 8:19 and 8:40m/m

    so happy with that as the more 7somethings i can get the better


    Hi all. Been a while since I've read the Brighton thread, and as usual it's been pretty busy! 

    Sleepj: hang in there, trust me you will have many days when the engine just won't start. It happens to most people at some point in training. I always say better to feel like that on a training run than in a race. See if you can work out any reason that may cause it to happen. Change in diet, not enough sleep, alcohol intake etc. if not might just be one of those days.

    mrsnoel: welcome to the Brighton thread. 

    Tenjiso: hope you feel better soon!

    im recovering today after a 40km LSR yesterday. Had no energy towards the end I think I should have eaten more the day before. When will I learn to respect long training runs and prepare properly? 

    Have a great week everybody and good luck with the training or recovery!

  • Been busy on this thread (or have i just not logged on much ?)

    Good to see you on here Ten... not much running again from me - managed 7 miles over the downs and thats about it for the week. Poor show really.

  • did another fartlek session with Snowmaiden today ran the first mile then did the pushing the pace between lampposts for the next mile then jogged the last mile home fast time to date today just under 31 minutes

  • Good Running everyone.

    Did a three miler this morning average 9.46, happy with the pace, especially after yesterdays 8 miles- when did I become someone who turns down and extra hour in bed in favour of an early morning run in the rain??

      Got 5 miles tonight which given the weather looks like it will have to be on the treadmill, followed by a spin class.  My legs are gonna hate me image

    Does anyone else have the forerunner 220 and if so are you having any problems with the GPS on it? Considering going back to my trusty 110.  If I run with both watches they start the same but after 2 miles the difference in distance seems to increase by 0.05 of a mile each mile.  Thinking the 220 is the one that is out as I had to add quite a bit extra to a run last week to hit the same mileage as I did last time I did that route.

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    5k/22.40 at the colchester park run course on Sunday.  there are a few hills so happy with that.  can do 21.20 on a treadmill.  Want to get that down to 20.00 over the hove park run course by July.  Then perhaps 42 or 43 mins for 10k by end of summer. HM in 1.35 in autumn before a full on attack on 3.30, training to start approx. christmas day.  May yet enter the stevenage marathon beginning of Nov.

    6k/30 on Monday.

  • Evening all, 

    After a week or so of pish runs I took part in the Bupa 10k on sunday, I went with no garmin and just ran the best I could on the day so imagine my surprise to not only get a course pb but an personal pb of 01:03:53!! Just goes to show that even the bad training runs were obviously helping. It's great hearing how everyone else is getting on and that we are not alone in our running struggles.


  • Kirsty well done on the PB

  • Well done Kirsty image

    I survived my epic Tuesday image 3 mile run, 5 mile run then a spin class. All this training has definitely helped. Runs were faster pace, felt stronger and easier and spin class went really quick normally i hate spin and it hurts from the start, last night it finished before it even started to hurt.
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