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    It seems to me it needs putting to bed or it'll roll and roll and detract from what we should be here for!
  • Well done Amy and just ignore ghost runner, (from the main asics-2015 thread pg32-34) who is clearly miffed at never getting picked and is just a mean 'ol bubble bursterimage Amy This is Your Thread my lovely, enjoy it XXX


  • Pocketrocket where is the plan for your first 4 weeks? Superman already has his up but it looks like kryptonite to me.. and so my hopes are now resting with your sub4 plan or the generic sub4. Hoping your plan will be similar to what I need as you were only a little ahead of me at bootcamp.

    Oh and well said Karen! I don't believe in Ghost's either. 

  • Good luck Amy! I am going to be following the Asics sub 4 plan to see if I can do it at Manchester. I'm sure with your speedy half PB you will nail it with no probs. Look forward to following your journey x

  • Karen- sorry, you are making assumptions, I'm not miffed at all...(nor trying to use PMT as an excuse)

    Only asked a question- did Amy run Edinburgh last year and what were her splits? I was under the impression we want to watch and enjoy her journey, as well as learn from her (which I am interested in doing, especially with Steve as her coach), and it would be good to know what she has done before (so we have a starting point, line in the sand, whatever you want to call it.)

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    Not unreasonable questions!
  • Fyi.. I also ran Edinburgh this year and they cocked up big time with results. They decided that runners aren't interested in releasing their results publicly without consent and therefore forced all runners to tick a box before their results would be published.

    I didn't know about this until too late and so mine aren't returned on any website either except as a single line on my personal profiles because I used the 'add performance' feature on RBR. So I wouldn't be able to tell you my splits unless I referred to the Garmin or perhaps logged onto the Edinburgh marathon site. Amy is fairly new to running and so I doubt uses a Garmin.

    So Pocketrocket, do/would you run with a device? I find a Garmin helps stop me going off too fast. In my experience a lot of event pacers try to keep to gun time by setting off quicker than MP for that pace band.

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    Full results of Edinburgh should be here

    Looks like they have all the finishers on there bramster 4.28.54???
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    Yep - they should all be there. There was a public outcry so eventually published everyone's results!!!
  • Hi All. Wow, don't know what to say really. Sorry if I have offended anyone in anyway. I don't know how I have. I am very new to all this and learning as I go. I am an honest person and intend to be nothing but that throughout this journey. Thank you to those supporting me. It's very late now and I have an early start so will answer all questions in full tomorrow. And Bramster I will also put up my sub 4 plan image night All, PocketRocket out! Zzzz
  • Hear Hear Amy, you have not offended anyone. Congratulations again and I shall be following you and wishing you well XXX

  • Well said Amy! Don't let any negativity detract from the excitement you must feel at the start of this journey. You thoroughly deserve your place in the final 5! As I fellow sub4 bootcamper, I was seriously impressed with you during the track session. (She lapped me twice, yet still found the energy to offer me encouraging words as she passed!) You've got bags and bags of potential and I'm really looking forward to seeing the plan Steve has got you. Go girl! Go smash that sub4!
  • Thanks for that bramster (and well done btw!)

    Still can't find it though...Maybe I'm not tech savvy enough, so if anyone else could post it I'd be grateful

    Why is everyone assuming this is negativity? It is a valid question, and shouldn't be too difficult to answer. If there is nothing to hide then why get defensive?

  • Hi Amy, 

    I am new to the forum thing as well only got in to it when was down to the final 5, well you did not offend me. 

    I would not know where to find the splits for the marathon I did my watch said 2 hours 38 sec for half way and ended up finishing in 4.38 so I want to know about correctly pacing and not going off to quick at the start and thinking I have banked some mins 

    Like Karen & Bunny have said wishing you well and go and smash it 


  • Ghost runner: I'm sure that you can see from Amy's post above, she's not exactly feeling the love from everyone on here! Think about it from her perspective; she's clearly not aware of the main Asics 262 thread as she's never posted on it and by her own admission is very new to the forums (as am I!). She'll have set up her thread in conjunction with Steve, full of excitement, only to be met with a barrage of questions. I agree that they're fair questions but she's said she'll answer them all honestly so let give her the chance to do that, then forget the whole thing, move on and get behind our very own PocketRocket all the way to Paris!!!
  • Nice words, I am sure we are all behind everybody that has made it to Paris. Coming for a guy that was in the public vote for the sub 4.30 I want to see everybody do well and do the best they can to get under the target times for Paris. 

    No I did not get the prize but sure from the reports back from Amy and the others about how there training is going it will make us all better runners from the tips we can pick up along the way. and beat our own goals. 

  • Millsy Good find.. I am there! Look at that fade.. It's stunning, I'm really pleased with that though on a twisted ankle..2:03 out & 2:26 home. Please, no-one speak to me about even splits!!

    10k: 00:55:52
    Half: 02:02:58
    30k: 03:02:03
    Marathon: 04:28:54

    Pocketrocket you've not offended anyone. People are just ultra keen to see how you got on. I know if anyone wanted my Berlin marathon splits I'd just have to shrug.. Schoolboy error and forgot to tie the chip to my shoe image .. I decided to keep the chip as a reminder of my folly... I'm not even in the results!

    Hey you're up late and up early.. I suppose you can still do that at your age.. Don't forget sleep is going to be one of your biggest allies on this journey. I think you said on a previous post that you work 2 jobs or often late or something... so I hope you keep a sensible handle on that and get enough sleep. Can't wait to see the plan! 

    BRB and Karen .. I'm feeling the love. Good work ladies image

  • I am remember way back in '98 getting my PB at the London Marathon and excitedly opening The Times on the Monday morning to see my name on the list of finishers.

    But it was missing! 

    Never did find out why, I put it down to the chip on my shoe being faulty?

  • I'm no brains of Britain,  but writing on a forum really isnt that hard! The learning should have taken place on the voting stage! 

    This competition prize is so much more than just the finishing time at Paris.  But as yet nothing has been shared on here at all!  It is a tad hard to share the love with someone who arrived late and is never here. As for the Edinburgh marathon thing, Ghost runner has a point, I'm sure it could have easily been explained in her post from first thing this morning and moved on by now!

    Im sure we all agree with the HM and 5k times Amy will totally breeze the sub 4, especially with RW behind her. She is at an age where with the right guidance she will progress very quickly and I for 1 wish her the best of luck. 

    So spill with the training plan already! It starts on monday!

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    Add me to the not offended camp Amy! image

    What's this about two jobs? What is it you do that keeps you up to those ungodly hours?! 

    Totally agree with bramster, sleep is pretty important when marathon training so try and get as much in as you can. 

    Steve mentioned that your plan is very similar to Tom's but with reduced mileage and lower paces. 

    I would imagine it's vey similar to mine last year as Steve likes to stick with a Tue/Thu speed and Wed recovery format. That really suited me well and the best thing is you start and end the week with rest days - result! image

    Don't worry about writing War and Peace on here. It's alot of work I know so please don't think you have to spend ages on it.

    Just post up the first part of the plan so everyone can get on board with you and then let them know how you get on with the sessions. We all have faith in you and are 100% behind you (1000% in X Factor mathsimage ) so let's get the rocket firing! image  

  • Amy, haters are gonna hate. Don't let them get you down. Like Karen and Bramster have said you haven't offended anyone. 

    Coming onto forums when you're new isn't made any easier when things are being implied. Still annoys me that Karen's campaign was spoiled by accusations and just general sh*t-stirring. Somebody actually taking the time to dig through the forums from 4 years back. Pretty sad really. Absolutely no need for it.

    I think it's time for a line to be drawn and let Amy start with her amazing journey ahead! C'mon Pocketrocket!

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    Gingermagic wrote (see)

    Amy, haters are gonna hate. 

    Aha you quote the great philosopher Taylor Swift I see! image

    (oh yeah, I'm down with the kids...

    or maybe I have a 9 year old daughter who plays it over and over and over and....) 

    Agree Gingermagic, nicely put! And bonus points for maintaining the musical theme, though I'm disappointed you didn't quote a famous rapper, maybe next time eh?image

  • Lol! Oh Malcs, what can I say I don't have the credibility to quote a famous rapper! I'm a Taylor Swift fan. I wish I had a similar excuse but I don't! My little girl is more of a One Direction fan. Painful. image

  • Each to their own gingermagic! What ever floats your boat! 

    I know karen didn't,  but it did start rather a healthy discussion on ghost runners or rule breakers whatever you want to call them! 

    I have a one directioner as well I feel your pain!

  • Aye Tigger. A healthy discussion that no doubt had an unhealthy affect on Karen's campaign. But hey, that's for a different thread maybe.

    If I hear 'Steal my girl' one more time! Arrgghhhh! image 

  • Oh come on guys it is Christmas no one direction it has got to be wizzard, over 100 days to go till Paris I am sure Amy does not need the extra pressure of trying to please everybody all ready let her get in to training first. 

  • My 8 year old was allowed to prepare a 'car' playlist for a recent journey.

    Taylor Swift has 96 songs, who would have thought eh?

    Who is up for a group hug? image

  • I feel your pain Tim group hug it is. image

  • 96!? Pfffff, yes group hug make room for a small one.

  • Ok, so I've been thinking about this for hours and have found it hard to know what to write. I don't really know how to respond to some of the comments on here. And then, I thought about Taylor Swift! Seriously, I'm not even kidding! Gingermagic we are definitely on the same wavelength! Karen Murdoch 3 you're so right, this is my thread and I WILL enjoy it! So, I'm just gunna shake shake shake image so I will explain what wants to be explained and then it can be put to rest.

    My Edinburgh marathon was last year and I completed it in approximately 4hrs and 12 mins. The reason that it is approximate is because I did not run it officially. I had signed up to the Milton Keynes marathon at the beginning of May but unfortunately became really ill 2 days before it and could not run it on the day. I was absolutely heart broken by this and decided that I could not waste my training and Edinburgh was the next suitable option for me, unfortunately for me I could not get a place on it. So, rightly or wrongly, I thought YOLO, booked a hotel and a train and off I went all by my lonesome. Because of this I therefore don't have an official time. But trust me, I ran it, I actually have a scar to prove it! (I wore a mini bum bag style thing to keep my phone and hotel key in and it rubbed me quite badly!).

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