Atrial Flutter...What Next?



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    Hi Darola. Sorry to hear that the procedure didn't sort out your problem. What would 'train to 160' mean for you?

    As I said, mine was the easier case because of being in constant AF, although they assured me that if I wasn't, then they would be able to induce it, and carry out the procedure.

    Hope there will be some way forward from this situation. Keep in touch.

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    160 is basically just in to zone 3 for me, so the easy end of comfortable running.

    My HR max is around 195, and a typical 5k would see me average around 182 and around 178 for a 10k. So basically he's saying quit being competitive, which is why I run so not the right answer!
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    Ablation + 53 days.

    Today's plan was to run 5 miles steady, with 4th mile at perceived effort level that I hope to maintain for the Boxing Day 10k.

    Running out into a fresh wind kept pace down to 10:15 av. Then on the return run, it was easy to run 9:00 av. The 4th mile took 8:18. Yes, it was wind-assisted, but when I take everything into account, that effort should result in something like 8:45 miling, on 26th.This is not far off the 5:30 min/km pace that I think is a reasonable goal.

    HR trace shows a steep climb up to 170 by about 2 mins into the run, and staying in that area for five minutes before dropping down to 140. I was hoping that those high readings were a thing of the past, but there was no sense or feeling that the HR was anything but normal. Average for the whole run was 142. Happy.

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    HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all readers!

    Will hope to write up the 10k experience on Boxing Day. This could mark the transition from 'HR monitoring mode' to 'now let's work on getting the pace back'. (Depending how it goes) I will then start to compare the pre-AF, AF, and post AF performances on distances from Mile to Marathon. Not a lot of data on some of those distances tbh. But hope to be able to start providing some early indicators to the questions I put forward.


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    Ablation + 8wks.

    Had been looking forward to this run, and watching the weather forecast for days. Still waiting for the official results, but with a Garmin and a stop-watch, I'm fairly confident that these details will not be far out. The rain did hold off, the wind was light, and the temperature was about +4C. Great conditions.

    Results: 10:50 (2k), 5:22, 5:27, 5:21, 5:21, 5:23, 5:08, 5:10, 5:00,  Total: 53:02.

    Obviously some work to do, to get back to my 49:35 from 2011, but that run was just eight days after running the Portsmouth Marathon (about 03:57). Possible?

    Garmin (miles): 8:34, 8:31,8:35, 8:34, 8:18, 8:18  (close to 8:30/miling average).  HR trace shows a steady climb to 140 bpm in the first two or three minutes, then averages increasing on successive miles to 145, 147, 149, 152, 155, and a max of 161 for the sprint finish. Very pleased that there are no unexplained highs.

    Breathing strategy today was to keep to 3-3 for the first four miles, then, if I still felt comfortable, step up to 2-2. This seems to have worked well, but probably could have safely increased my pace at half way. 

    Does anyone else use their breathing pattern for pace control? Back in my first Marathon (Paris, 1997) I used 3-3 breathing for the first 10k to keep me from going out too fast. Now I try to maintain it for at least the first 30k.

    Hope you have had the opportunity to get out for a run this week!

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    (Official time for yesterday's 10k was 53:04)

    ATRIAL FLUTTER is an electrical problem. In the healthy heart the electrical impulse from one node to another causes the heart muscle to contract in sequence. But with AF an area of tissue gets in the way, setting up the 'flutter circuit', causing the top chambers to beat very quickly. The ABLATION procedure burns away the unhelpful tissue, restoring the proper circuit and rhythm.(Thanks to RBH)

    Due to the inefficient pumping, blood can pool and clot (which is why Warfarin is prescribed to 'thin' the blood.) And less oxygen is distributed; I was told to expect about 80% efficiency.

    Although this is just eight weeks since my heart procedure, I'm feeling confident that the ablation has done the trick. I have not experienced any breathlessness, nor the need to walk. And I have been able to run hills, and do 'fast' track sessions. Question 1, about the heart being restored, has been answered, although I still wonder about the occasional high heart rates in the first minutes of some runs. 


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    Running with Atrial Flutter was full of uncertainties. Each day was different. Some days I could run 10 miles at 10:30 pace, without a break. Another day 11 minute pace could only be sustained for 3 miles before I needed to walk. Running was mainly restricted to an easy pace, but I did some 200m repetitions, with walk recoveries, and some Fartlek sessions, to try and keep the legs turning over at different speeds.

    Parkruns were just frustrating, and even trying to go sub-30 usually resulted in breathlessness, and the need to walk two or three times. (managed it once)

    Best Performances during AF period: 

    5k.......29:58,  10k.......65:59,   Half Mar.......02:18:01,    Marathon.......05:09:06


    Most recent pre-AF Performances: 

    5k.......24:17,   10k.......49:34,   Half Mar.......01:52:31,    Marathon.......03:56:31


    Post AF Performances (Nov/Dec 2014)

    5k.......26:02,    10k.......53:04,   Half Mar.......01:59:30 (training run)

    In January I will work on speed, and long slow runs, as well as another Yasso session, a Parkrun, a MaxHR session, and see what my best mile time is.

    It may take some time to answer my second question, about returning to pre AF paces, but have to be thankful for the early progress. Will continue to up-date.  

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    Ablation + 58 days.

    Morning run; 7am, dark, freezing, 'invigorating'! Wanted to run a slow 8 miles, partly as a recovery run from the 10k, two days ago, and partly to make the most of the ideal conditions for checking HR.

    Results: (first 7 miles) 10:06, 10:06, 9:59, 9:58, 9:50, 10:01, 9:52. Whole run av.10:05.

    Average HR: 124bpm, Max HR: 140bpm.(up-hill). Very pleased with that.

    Unscheduled afternoon run; 4pm, getting dark, just above freezing, and ideal conditions. Rarely do doubles, but daughter arrived, and just had to fit in a run! Obliging Dad that I am, we went out for a hilly 5.5 miles, and enjoyed a steady run.

    Results: (first 5 miles) 9:35, 9:44, 9:18, 9:02, 9:10. Average of 9:28 for whole run.

    Average HR: 143bpm, Max HR: 161bpm. Again, very pleased with that, even though the figures are a little high, in my opinion. Happy.

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    Ablation + 60 days.

    Morning run, setting off at 7am, in the dark, In sub-freezing temperatures, starting off very warily, due to icy conditions.(Great conditions for running.) Intended to run 10 miles; three at 10:00, then 2 miles at 9:30,  3 at 9:00, and 1 at 8:30, leaving the final mile for warm-down. Running with daughter who has a tendency to start fast, then fade. But also a good session for me as I try to re-establish my feel for pace.


    Mile 1....10:16   avHR 134, maxHR 174

    Mile 2....10:13   avHR 135, maxHR 173

    Mile 3... .9:57    avHR 128, maxHR 134

    Mile 4.....9:50    avHR 131, maxHR 138

    Mile 5.....9:17    avHR 137, maxHR 140

    Mile 6.....9:07    avHR 141, maxHR 144

    Mile 7.....9:03    avHR 143, maxHR 146

    Mile 8.....8:57    avHR 147, maxHR 149

    Mile 9.....8:34    avHR 150, maxHR 152

    Mile 10...10:28  avHR 139, maxHR 151  (included Strides x 2)

    The issue of high HR: after five minutes of easy running the HR rose sharply from 120bpm to 172bpm, stayed there for six minutes, then over the next five minutes dropped steadily to 122. Still no good explanation. Any more ideas? Again, no sense of any unusual feelings, no breathlessness. Average HR for run:138. Happy.

    Maintained 3-3 breathing until mile 9 when I needed to go to 2-2 by the end.

    Pace judgement has been very poor since AF. Today was probably not helped by conditions, and the extra layers. But looks like I picked the best day this week?


  • FYI.

    Ablation plus 18 months. 53 years old. Stabilised at about 85-90% speed. Heart rate still +15% at rest, still down 15% on old MHR. Two days ago managed 50M sprint for first time at end of 5K but power off slightly. Swimming is still incredibly hard, cycling (lower HR generally is easier)

    Good luck all and may 2015 be better for you. BTW mine was a cryo ablation.

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    Dustboy  Thanks for dropping in. Very interesting to hear of your experiences. How long did it take for things to stabilise? Are you still doing triathlons? And is your speed loss the same % for all distances?

    Still to do a max HR test, but working on approx. 160, which is similar to where it was. My rest HR has averaged about 52 over the last 8 wks.,and again, not too different from where it was.

    Did you experience any 'higher than max' HRs in the first stages of a run? This is something I don't understand, but it still happens occasionally. Some have said that it is probably due to poor monitor contacts?

    My running times seem to be up to 10% more than pre AF, but when I raced the Boxing Day 10k the time was probably nearer +6%. Still early days to come to any conclusions, and not sure how much of the difference is down to heart condition, lack of appropriate training for almost two years, and how much can be accounted for simply by getting older.

    All the best for 2015!

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    Ablation + 9wks.

    5 miles of easy/steady running, for pace judgement, and heart rate observation.

    Set off at what seemed to be a comfortable, sustainable pace. Thought it would be around 9:15 - 9:30. Wanted mile 4 to be a notch up, and final mile easy.

    Results:    8:59, 9:16, 9:03, 8:48, 10:22. Average pace for the run: 9:18. This was  comfortable running, and worked out about 15/20 secs/mile faster than I expected. Impossible to be exact, but I'd guess this is about +30secs/mile on pre AF times.  Breathing throughout was 3-3, including the hill in the final mile.

    Heart Rate was unusually low for the first 7 minutes; around 90bpm, then rose steadily to 120, then averaging 137, 139, 141, and 136 for the other miles. Maximum HR during this run was 144, with the average being129. Very happy!

    Weather is looking a bit rough for tomorrow's Parkrun, and may not give me the best conditions to see what progress I'm making on that route. Tell you tomorrow.

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    Ablation + 64 days.

    Parkrun (Bournemouth) expected, was rather wet and windy, with plenty of mud. However, it was good to  be 'competing' again, rather than just 'jogging the distance'.

    Results: Time:27:04 giving Age Grading of 65.15%. Want to see that back up at 70.

    Heart Rate was OK once settled, but in the first minute went straight up from 90 bpm to182 bpm. Then it bobbled along between 163 and 180 for eight minutes before dropping down to a reasonable 140-150 for most of the run, and hitting 160 in the final effort. No feelings of breathlessness...(until the finish line!)

    May go back to the Poole Parkrun soon, for a direct comparison with my pre AF times. Then I'll have a better idea of how much pace I have lost. If I just use the second 5k of the Boxing Day 10k, which is virtually the same route, then my time of 26:00 is approx. 7% more than my 24:17 from Aug.2012.

    Breathing today was mainly 2-2.

    Some mysteries re HR, otherwise very happy.

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    Ablation + 65 days.

    Broke a couple of 'rules' today, and decided to run, for the third successive day.

    Yesterday was just the 5k, and I felt good when I woke up at 5:45, and it would have been wrong to ignore such a great morning! Time for porridge and a coffee, and was out within an hour. Often run shorter distances (up to 10 miles) with no food; perhaps a glass of water and go, and sometimes a banana.  

    Plan:  Promenade run (previously run on 10th.Dec), 13.5 miles. Work at perceived effort to run out at 9:00 - 9:15 pace, and return at sub 9:00 pace, to equal previous time of 01:59:30, or improve. Maintain 3-3 breathing throughout, and finish without significantly changing effort in final miles. Only observe heart rate at end of run.

    Results: Half Marathon distance completed in 01:59:07 with 3-3 breathing. Found the 9:15 pace comfortable on the way out, and had no problem moving up a notch on the return. Slight increase of effort on last three miles, and would have needed to move to different breathing pattern if the run was much longer.         Concentrated on form and forefoot strike.

    Data:Av.pace: 9:05 m/m      Av.h.r.: 143bpm     Cadence: 169(out) 170/171(rtn.)

    Mile   1.....9:06 154, 163

    Mile   2.....9:24 143, 168

    Mile   3.....9:17 135, 138

    Mile   4.....9:16 137, 142

    Mile   5.....9:10 139, 141

    Mile   6.....9:14 140, 143

    Mile   7.....9:08 141, 143

    Mile   8.....9:34* 140, 145     *includes 24 secs for water stop.

    Mile   9.....8:58 144, 146

    Mile  10....8:55 145, 147

    Mile  11....8:46 147, 149

    Mile  12....8:48 150, 152

    Mile  13....8:42 151, 154

    (outward 6.5 miles approx. 60:01, return 6.5 miles approx. 58:17. Almost no wind.)

    Same problem (?) with heart rate rising to 'beyond max' in the first few minutes. But after that it seemed to go well. Need to find out about sustaining a heart rate, rather than see it keep going higher. As I have never played with heart rates before this is something of a mystery. Should I want to see the heart rate level off? Or is this a normal pattern? Perhaps at a slower pace this would not happen? Should try some long slow's all relative, right?! So, for me, I guess that might be sub 10:00?

    Any observations or wisdom will always be welcome. Rest day tomorrow! Promise.

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    Ablation + 67 days.

    Track session this morning. Working on pace and consistency, also checking time for mile (1600m) and working on 'speed' with a set of eight 200s.

    This was a repeat of a very similar session done three years ago (11-01-2012) so I was also looking to compare times, and see what pace had been lost.

    I would also be interested in the heart rates, and recovery times.

    Results: ( excuses first: a fresh, adverse wind on the back straight..)

    11-01-2012:  1600 in 7:08, 200s in av.44secs, and 2:00 for the 200m recoveries.

    06-01-2015:  1600 in 7:55, 200s in av.49secs, and 1:50 for the 200m recoveries.

    Max heart rates: 162 (1600) then 147,151,148,150,152,148,155, 157 (200s)

    Looks like the times were just over 10% longer this year, but I know that there is work to be done and would hope to see progress over the coming weeks. There may have been some quicker times if I had kept to 2 min recoveries, but I believe there are advantages in reducing that time. (Correct me if you think I'm wrong.)

    Breathing was kept to 3-3 except for final (43secs) 200m when I went to 2-2. Between efforts the heart rate dropped to 100-110. Happy.

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    Ablation + 69 days.

    This morning's run was a real mixed bag. I had question marks about the weather, and also about a slight ankle niggle that I have been aware of for a few days. Hopefully it is the same niggle that comes and goes; rarely affects my running. (originated when I came off a sail-board, in shallow water, and wrenched my ankle. That was in Oct. 2005. Couldn't run for two months, but got good attention from a Physio, and went on to run City Pier City in 1:43 and London Marathon, 4 wks later, in 3:37:38. Happy days!)

    Weather was better than expected, and ankle was saying, 'Run.'     5miles or 8? Silly question; it was only light rain, so it had to be eight miles.

    Intention was to run a steady pace, with some Strides.

    Results: Average pace for the 8 miles was 9:30. Heart rate averaged 136.  Decided to run mile 7 fast, and clocked 7:56 . Heart rate went up to 152.  Maximum heart rate during Strides was 148.

    Ran alongside a slower runner for some minutes, on the return run. He was getting used to running 5-6 miles, aiming for an April Half. The other satisfying experience was when I saw a woman up ahead, with push chair, and three dogs. She kindly stopped to one side, with her dogs all under control, until I passed by! How rare is that? Yes, I did say Thank You.

    Not all runs go to plan; and this morning's didn't have a very clear one to start with. But, looking ahead to the rest of January, I would like to start Hill reps., and work on 200s, 400s, and 800s, on the track, and try to keep to a slower pace for the next long run (possibly 16-17 miles) and include some Strides. Hoping that the ground will start drying out a bit so that I can run on grass once each week.  Happy.

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    Ablation + 71 days.   (Yesterday)

    Decided that I needed to do a LSR. Have never run one before, in 25 years. As I have never been a fast runner, I haven't seen the point of going deliberately SLOW. However, there has been so much talk of the benefits that I felt obliged to go for one. According to the training pace guide, my lsr should be around 10:20 - 10:30. This is the speed I'd often be able to maintain while I had AF!

    Plan: A 16 mile run, with outward 8 at 10:15 - 10:30, and return 8 at sub-10:00. Taking a bottle of sport drink, for squirts at 2 mile intervals.

    Results: Out: 9:38, 10:19, 10:19, 10:25, 10:08, 10:15, 10:05, 10:36 (Av.10:13) Return run: 10:07, 10:05, 9:43, 9:39, 9:53, 10:18, 9:53, 9:46 (Av. 9:55)

    Not an easy run, despite the easy pace; some sand drifts that couldn't be avoided on the way out, and couldn't be seen on the way back, due to poor/no lighting.

    Drinking strategy worked well, and didn't need to stop or walk for drinks.

    Breathing was an easy 3-3, in fact played with 4-4 and 3-4 for some time.

    Heart rate averages for outward miles: 107, 131, 132, 133, 134, 133, 134, 135. Return averages were: 134, 135, 136, 139, 138, 140, 142, 145. Higher than I would have expected for a lsr, but probably explained by the conditions, and the fact that I was wearing three top layers, and long legs(!)?

    Will try some shorter distances with slow pace, and try to build up. Happy.



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    Ablation + 73 days.

    Giving myself an extra rest day, partly due to weather, and partly due to tired legs.

    A good time to reflect, and review progress, plans and prospects.

    Resting heart rate has averaged 53 bpm since heart procedure. (down from 70 during AF period, and similar to pre-AF)

    Maximum heart rate during efforts has been 161/162, apart from a few occasions when it was up as high as 180 in the first few minutes. (Hopefully false readings).

    Now that the heart rate readings appear to be stable it seems a good time to do Max heart rate tests.

    Planning to do a set of 400s on the track tomorrow, and will include a max.h.r. test. Also hope to do an easy session later this week, but with a couple of hills to check max.h.r.

    Would like to do local parkrun this week, and a steady run to include some at 9:00.

    Want to continue working on improving my mile time, primarily, and to consolidate on distances up to half marathon. Will only extend distances when I have a marathon lined up. Not ready to say when that will be. But the target will be to get back under 4 hours. IMO it's good to have a target.

    Happy. And hope that the cardiologist will be, when I see him in ten days' time. 

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    Ablation + 74 days.

    This morning was more 'scripted' than normal, (so something was bound to go wrong): 2 mile warm-up to track, 400 with stretches, then a brisk 400, and 200 recovery before my fast 400  (that was the intended max.heart rate test) and another 200 recovery, to be followed by a set of eight 400s with 200 recoveries, then 2 mile return. 

    For the first time, my Garmin did not pick up heart rate! Didn't have time to investigate, due to a tight morning schedule. So I have no heart readings from this session. Disappointed not to have a max. figure but otherwise the session went well. As I said, something was bound to go wrong.

    Plans: 400s:brisk:1:45?, fast:

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Have now lost the second half of my report twice, and the edit function didn't display the re-written part. So, here we go again...

    Plans:Run brisk 400 at about 1:45, then the fast 400 in

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Happy to try again...

    Was planning to run the fast 400 in

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    And again...

    Let's cut to the results

    400s   1:46, 1:40, 1:50, 1:47, 1:51, 1:50, 1:52, 1:45, 1:53, 1:43 (Average 1:48) Recovery 200s all in 2:00. Laps 3-9 should have been more even, but to avoid hampering a faster runner on the track I changed pace or lanes a few times.

    Happy with the improved average; better by 5 secs from previous session 5th Dec.

    Disappointed to not have a max h r figure from this session. Otherwise Happy!

    Now to check the Garmin and monitor!

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    Ablation + 11 weeks.

    Gave myself an extra rest day; the ankle was happy, and the weather improved!

    This morning's session was short; warm-up followed by max hr test on hills.

    Results: 2 mile warm-up at about 10m/m, some short 'strides', then hill at 90% (?)  jog back, and 2nd hill at 100%.  Max heart rate on 1st was 152, and 157 on 2nd.

    Reasonably satisfied with the outcome, but wonder if the hill is too steep for this test. Hope to run parkrun tomorrow, and plan for another track session next week, which will give a further opportunity to test max hr..  

    My hr max at the end of 10k race on 26 Dec was 161.

    No problems with Garmin today, and still have no idea why it didn't register heart rate on Tuesday's track session.  Happy.

    Hope you are all finding some breaks in the weather for your quality runs.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Decided against parkrun this morning. Too slippery for my improving ankle at the moment. But chose to do an 8 mile, mixed pace run along the seafront.

    Plan: first three miles at approx. 10 min mile, then four miles at 9 mins. and finish easy on the final mile.

    Results: Mile times, with av and max heart rates:

    Mile 1   9:10 (!)  128/138

    Mile 2   9:53      139/141

    Mile 3   9:50      140/143

    Mile 4   9:17      146/149

    Mile 5   8:58      147/150

    Mile 6   9:11      148/151

    Mile 7   9:03      150/154

    Mile 8  10:44     145/153   (including hill)

    O/all:     9:31     143/153             Easy 3-3 breathing throughout.

    Still very sandy on promenade, and many families keeping to the 'cleared' paths, so difficult to get into a rhythm. Extra clothing and slight wind might account for what I consider to be high heart rates for these paces, but nothing outrageous. Happy.

  • JugulaJugula ✭✭✭

    Hi I had an ablation for atrial fibrillation 22 months ago, I get the odd strange beat here and there but mostly all is good.

    After the ablation I was hesitant to push it to the limit so went for increased distance instead and was just grateful to be out running.  Recently I have upped the pace and so far so good.

    Where did you have your ablation done?

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Jugula    Thanks for dropping in. Wish a few more would, as I'm sure there must be a lot more of us, who are still running, post procedure.

    Firstly, glad that you are enjoying your running again, and starting to work on pace.

    22months! and I thought I was being patient with 2 months, before upping the pace, lol. Perhaps you have a higher figure for your life expectancy. I've just clocked up my three score and ten, and finding it difficult to be patient.

    To answer your question; my procedure was done at Bournemouth Hospital. Can't fault them on anything.......and the result seems to be good! Will see the cardiologist on Thursday, as it's almost three months since my ablation.(31st Oct). Hope that I will then come off Warfarin.

    What sort of times and distances are you running now? And how do they compare with your pre-AF running?

    For how long was AF a problem before you had the ablation? And are you able to compare your heart rates; before and after? Unfortunately I don't have any readings for pre-AF, but am taking an interest in the h.r. now that I have a Garmin and monitor. Happy days.


  • JugulaJugula ✭✭✭
    I have had an irregular heartbeat for some years but never really noticed it. Then it suddenly got bad and within a year I was looking at an ablation as I didn't like taking the medication. I was doing mainly 10k and 10 mile stuff prior but have moved up to marathon now however I collapsed in the first one at 22 miles with low blood sugar and limped round the second for the last 18 miles with hip and knee pain but nothing was going to stop me finishing!

    My resting heart rate is around 50 same as before. My current 10k time is around 51 half marathon 1.52 marathon was 4.59 with a lot of stopping and limping!
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for getting back. I'm not constantly on the site, but catch up each day.

    Have just checked back on some of your postings.....should have done that before, then I wouldn't have had to ask so many questions! But great to see that you are persevering with marathons.

    Interesting that our times for 10k and Half are not that far apart. Boxing Day 10k, at Poole, was my first push for pace since the procedure, and I managed 53:04. Hoping that it will come down to nearer 50, with a bit of work. Only done the Half as a training run since the ablation, and managed 1 hour 59 mins. Want to get that back nearer 1:50, but will have to see how realistic that is, in the coming weeks.

    Coincidence that your last marathon was Portsmouth. And sorry that injuries got in the way. That was my last marathon (2011) before AF, and managed 3 hours 57. Would really like to get back to that condition, and try to get close to 4 hours again.

    Predictions at the moment, based on what I've been able to do in the last four weeks, put me somewhere around 4 hours 10mins. but think I can still work on improving that.

    Think I saw you asking about the Thames Meander as well. I did that one last year, with AF, and really enjoyed it. Was never going to be fast. Hoped to get near 5 hours but settled for 5:09. Took me back to parts that I remember very well, as I was born in Brentford, and married in Chiswick. Happy days.

    Hope that you are on top of all those injuries now, and enjoying running again.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Ablation + 80 days.

    Plan for today: warm-up 2 miles to the track, Max h.r.test, then a set of 8 x 800s, then 2 mile jog home.  All went as planned.

    Results: The 2 mile warm-up was at 9:30 pace. After a prep.400m of strides and stretches; first 400m at 90%? in 1:46 with max h r of 156, a 200m part-recovery in 2 mins, with h.r down to 117, then 400m at 100% in 1:36, max.heart rate at 162 bpm.

    After a recovery walk of 200m in 3 mins I went into a set of 8 Yasso 800s, with the 200m/ 3min recovery walks. Wanted to get close to 4 mins for each 800m.     Yasso times: 3:54, 3:58, 4:01, 3:58, 3:58, 3:57, 3:59, 3:55, Average time: 3:58. Recoveries were all 3 mins/200m walks. Breathing throughout was steady 3-3.

    Heart rate was about 152 on the 800s, and dropped to about 103 on recoveries.

    Return, 2 mile jog was at 9:30 pace. Very pleased with today's session; establishing max h r and improved Yassos. May want to give myself an extra rest day or two, to get rid of the remaining reminders that the ankle is not quite 100%.  Think it is similar to what I've experienced before, but best to give it a good rest.

    May go to the physio for a general work-over, but would prefer to wait until I'm off Warfarin; can be easily bruised, and then takes a long time to repair. Being similarly cautious with the foam roller (about as misleading a name for this nobbly monster, as 'cream crackers'... never did understand that one.)  Happy.


  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Ablation + 83 days.

    Meeting with Cardiologist this afternoon. Everything OK. And off Warfarin! .Happy.

    Ankle felt almost normal today, so ventured out on an 8 mile run.

    Plan: Decided to keep the first 4 miles SLOW, 10:00, then pick up to something nearer a possible Marathon pace, 9:15-9:30, for 3 miles.

    Results: Still find the slow running more tiring than steady running, but good to see the heart rate keeping lower, once it had come down from its initial climb to 137.

    Mile 1   10:27  h.r. 117/137 (av. and max.)

    Mile 2   10:48        122/135

    Mile 3   10:49        124/128

    Mile 4   11:12        127/131

    Mile 5     9:18        143/146

    Mile 6     9:23        146/151

    Mile 7     9:07        150/154

    Mile 8   11:31        139/154  (includes hill and traffic)

    Breathing throughout was at 3-3, and although the return miles were not as easy as I thought they might have been, they were comfortable, considering the double wrapping that I wore, to make sure that I was warm on the slow section. Also, there is still sand to negotiate on the promenade. But what a great day for a run!

    Cardiologist suggested waiting until next week for the massage; the Warfarin will only wear off after about five days. Will be tempted to do the Parkrun this Saturday if the ankle is still happy. Would like to get back to some hill reps. next week, and continue with a mix of paces and distances. Will review progress at the week end, and look at a possible marathon plan. Nothing booked yet, as I may be out of the country for a couple of months, doing voluntary work.

    Hope that your day has been even half as happy as mine!

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