Orthotics and blisters....

OK so having picked up a few niggly injuries in preparing for a half marathon, I went to see a sports therapist on Friday who talked me into ditching my supportive shoes and using orthotics in a neutral shoe due to my large amount of overpronation.

Went out for my first run in them today, did just 1.5 miles and now have a large blister around the arch of my right foot - my left is absolutely fine.

Is this normal when using orthotics? I'm worried with 5 weeks until the event - I can't afford any more time laid off with injuries, and to be sat around unable to run because of a blister is really irritating.



  • Sometimes blisters appear with new orthotics, like they do with new shoes. But if they keep appearing the orthotics probably need adjusting. Call your podiatrist for advice. 


  • Thanks Jane. I'm putting it down to the new thing at the moment but with only 4.5 weeks til half marathon I just can't afford too much down time!

    I ran for less than 2 miles tonight before I had to stop, but then it hadn't healed properly anyway since I first blistered it.
  • Do you know about compeed? Prevents/protects most blisters. However when I got a blister on my blister despite the compeed I knew something wasn't right. The podiatrist adjusted the orthotics and I haven't had any since.


    Good luck

  • Thanks Jane, am just letting it heal at present and will try again. New shoes and new orthotics were always going to be a recipe for blisters I guess!

    Out of interest do people wear their orthotics over or under the insoles that come in the running shoes?

    The first time I wore the orthotic on top of the running shoe insole but last night I tried it the other way round - orthotic underneath the insole - and it seemed marginally more comfortable though this could have just been the placebo effect!

    The shoes I have are Asics which seem very cushioned so I guess having the insole above the orthotic offers cushioning so stands to reason that it would be a bit more comfortable as there is a cushioned insole between orthotic and foot.
  • I got told by one of the experts on here that he didnt agree with using orthotics for arch problems!

    Ive had mine for years and they are brilliant, I gave up running in 2000 coz of biomechanical problems and hereditory foot problems.

    I got mine done on the NHS, they are molded to the shape of my foot, I wear them all the time and they are excellent.

    You could try taking the inner soles out of your trainers, put your orthotics in then replace the inner sole, this is what I do and never get blisters on the arch of my foot.

    I wear a neutral trainer, and always take my orthotics with me when I buy new trainers, you will have to allow time for them to bed in, but once they do I doubt youll be disappointed.

    I hope the geezer that put that statement down a few weeks ago reads this one!!

  • Thanks Paul - yes I think the inner sole over the orthotic may be a winner!
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