Brighton Marathon 2015



  • Abingdon is now full.......

    Took longer to fill than last year... maybe due the DQ's for headphones?

    Legs are feeling okay, spin tonight (bit slower than normal) and will aim for go out for a slow 10k saturday or sunday before planning for Road Runner Marathon in 6 weeks.

  • Ooooh just scraped in then Robert image

    Done 2 miles yesterday and half hour stretching. Thighs still a bit painful tho.
  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    feel good for a few days rest but am keeping to what i had planned and not running until next Wednesday. Doing a gentle spin session or two before then but thinking i will have a lot of time on my feet on Sunday watching Manchester marathon.

    Was surprized Abingdon didn't sell out sooner to, think it may be because they had to delay enty opening date as waiting for new licence.


  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Just popped in here to see what people thought of the Brighton event.

    Sunday was my second year at Brighton and a second PB. Knocked 6 mins off last year and got 3.13 which is also a GFA for London. image

    Loved the race this year even though the sunny conditions made it tougher. Cups were not a problem as the spout creation by crushing the tops worked really well and it also meant we had more frequent water stations, ideal for warm conditions.

    Some great performances on here, well done everybody.
    The Lombster - loved that wig! Saw you a couple of times on the double-back sections. Impressive time with that thing on, must have been difficult? Respect!

    As for those "two bastard seconds", I feel for you. A mate of mine missed a GFA in London a couple of years ago when he got 3.15.02. It may be frustrating for you but it's a great story for usimage. Sorry! image But you'll SMASH IT next time! imageimage

    My thighs still hurt!

    Well done, fellow Brighton Marathoners!


  • Also ran Brighton on Sunday for the first time (3rd marathon). Only discovered this thread on Saturday last week though so not posted previously.

    Good event, great support and well done to all the volunteers along the route.

    The start pens are a bit chaotic, and could be a bit better policed at the entry point. It makes the first mile on a narrow bit of the course tricky to negotiate.

    Those water cups worked, and was very grateful for the plentiful supply on what was a hot day.

    Liked the switch back stretches on the course, even if every time I could see how far behind the 3.30 pacer I was!

    Although it’s generally considered a flat course overall, the uphill start and the long stretch from miles 6 up to 9/10 by the marina make the first half deceptive. On the day the stretches inland around Hove were tough due to the heat and shelter from the wind.

    What to say about the power station? It is a bit bleak up there but not as bad as anticipated. The worse thing was that smell from the fish processing plant. (I’m assuming that’s what it is)

    Great rundown to the finish from mile 23 just when you’re struggling and need all the help you can get, especially in the last 2km.

    I was targeting a sub 3.30 finish and crept in at 3.29.40, so fond memories of Brighton.

     GD - Once the dust has settled and I've polished off enough beers to celebrate I may have to pick your brain for a plan to get me under 3.15!

  • It's not fish. 

    I like the flat first mile and the start was very easy. Whoever laid out the cones could have given us a bit more room though. 

  • Hi all great to hear all about your race day experiences this was my first marathon so was really nervous but absolutely chuffed to complete it in 3hr 46:03 now I've really got the bug football is defo over for me now and gonna concentrate solely on running.
  • Second marathon for me and my first time running Brighton. Great event with awesome support! I fell over at mile 11, no idea how as I was in the middle of the road and didn't trip over anyone or anything! Thanks to the other runners who checked I was ok, I thought it was game over but managed to keep on running.

    The last 8 miles were tough but I managed to finish in 3.43.02, which was 5 minutes faster than my previous time so happy with that!

  • I saw someone trip over in the faster wave at the beginning of the race. Hope you are okay and it didn't affect your race (you seemed to get up and run again...).

    I have it recorded, too!! If you are reading this...

  • It was my first and thought it was brilliant. The support from the crowd (they were amazing!!), the stewards, the weather and the general atmosphere was something I won't forget in a hurry! Power station bit was hot and tough and I loved the whole race until mile 24 when my poor feet felt like they'd been put through a shredder! Managed to finish in 4.21.27 and although swore 'never again' am now thinking "Hmmmmmm, maybe..."
  • Doesn't matter how bad your time was it is great to hear that people were able to walk a maraton in over 4 hours. Well done.

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    Is there a 2016 thread yet?

  • Toby3 normally starts one. ?????
  • Rob1978Rob1978 ✭✭✭

    OK.  do the honours then Tobes.  I've already entered btw, wish I'd saved a tenner and entered at the expo - shall do next year.

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    ... sorry, wrong thread

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