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  • Well done Nessie!  I haven't made it to one of lou's sports days yet so have avoided mums race Thus far. Andy did the dad's race and said it was carnage!

  • BP - sounds like the preparation was perfect if you are not suffering today. A short, gentle jog may be ok. 

    Yay to mums race Nessie! EF - you cant avoid it forever! 

    I got a call from someone wanting company in the lake so thankfully search was not necessary. Rain and gales meant it was choppy and much colder than last week (Think it about 10-14 degrees?)  The lake is only 20 mins away whereas the sea would be a good hour away and the lake is safe with noone around so can leave clothes, keys etc at the edge without fear of them being swiped. I thought i did 1900m which would have been half my ironman distance but then hubby told me my watch is in yards..... Grrrr.


  • Hello everyone, After some advice please me and my boyfriend have been talking about trying for a baby. We have been together for nearly 3 years, lots has happened in those 3 years including a miscarriage at 12 weeks in 2013. My boyfriend has 2 girls from a previous marriage and the x wife has not been very nice and has caused lots of problems. I've been running since I was 17 and next week I will be 35 image  and I've only recently got back to some kind of fitness. As my boyfriend didn't like all the training I did at the beginning of our relationship but he's now ok with it image So I'm basically scared as I've only just got some fitness back. I just don't know what to do !!!   To try or wait a bit longer ???

  • Wow Camlo you are amazing swimming 1900m (yards not much less surely?) in a gale and that temperature. When we lived in the UK my hubby and I used to surf year round. I can hardly believe it now but there is something invigorating about it. I hope the water and weather warms up a bit or we will feel the difference when we are in cornwall in July!

    Love the mums race Nessie - definitely a moral victory. I haven't done one yet but I know I would be unbelievably competitive.

    Hi Trigirl. I'd go for it. It does affect your fitness but in the scheme of things it's not that long and it is worth it image
  • Hi Trigirl - I'd say if you think you want to start trying then just do it as it may take a little while to conceive and you can keep training up until then.  I think most of us found we could train for longer and get fitness back fairly easily after our first, its just fitting it all in and listening to your body and not overdoing it that is key.  Good luck!

    Well done Camlo - especially with the weather we were having!  I'd have stayed indoors!

    Nessie - well done!  I'm a parents race shirker too, if they did a proper race I might do it, but the whole turn up on skiddy grass and try not to fall over aspect means I'd rather leave it to others!!

  • Thanks Kinsey and blossom possum. I think I need to just stop worrying !!

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Hi Tri Girl.  Definitely stop worrying!  I was in the same boat, to an extent, but ended up taking a year to conceive.  I was a bit older, right enough, and had been on the pill for *cough* 19 years.  As it turned out, I fell pregnant the day after running a marathon.  The half I ran 2 weeks later was awful (I'd done the same combo the year before, so didn't expect to fly round it, but it was way worse than that).

    I had a miscarriage between my 2 girls - it's awful, and it took me ages to get my head round the fact that it's nature's way of dealing with an embryo that isn't viable.  It doesn't mean that the next time will be the same - in fact my second pregnancy was textbook and my daughter is perfect (don't read back a couple of pages to the tantrum descriptions.....).

    Being slightly older (I was 40 when my first was born, almost 44 when my second came along) it does take longer to get back to fitness than these young whippets, but you can get there, and I'm enjoying my running (when I get the chance to do it - you have to be more creative) more than ever.

    And babies are lovely.......go for it!

  • Hi Nessie, I'm deffently going to try for a baby I had a good talk with my boyfriend last night. As you say it could take a while to conceive, so I'm just gonna enjoy my training and see what happens. I've been looking on the net for running buggies and they look awesome !! I think I can deffently work around things image
  • I was pregnant within days after my 2nd london marathon!  Tri girl I still lug my 3 1/4 yr old 18kg monster around in my baby jogger, bought it on e bay and its fab.  I know I am going to have to retire it soon but can't bring myself to just yet.  We still enjoy our runs along the canal - I am a single parent this wk end and so will do a buggy run, with my 6 yr old daughter on her bike!  Needs must.......

    I take it you do triathlons tri girl??  I am (gulp) doing my first one next month.

    BP - how's your friend doing?  Well done on the marathon.

  • Nessie - can't believe you were nearly 44 when you had your second, I'm 41 now and really could not face pregnancy now but then I've got three to deal with so obviously that clouds the picture!!!  If someone could do the whole carrying bit I'd happily do labour and pop one out thoughimage.  

    Tri girl - def don't read back too much, we share plenty on here, it might make your eyes water!

    Caro - will have to weigh B - can't imagine running and pushing him and he's 3 on the 21st but he is massive!  I took him for a hair cut this week and he was bigger than a boy a year older than him who was sitting so nicely.  Luckily the hairdresser was very quick and I only had to offer up a couple of bribes (to him) to get the job done!

  • I also did a very smug 5 mile run up the hill here and averaged 9.17min miles - was so chuffed.  This time last year I was having to walk up the worst of it and all my miles were sub 10min and the one coming down was 8.20 which averaged my splits nicely!  Most of it is a fire track through woods - we saw deer a couple of weeks ago, the wild boar are hiding, but a bird of prey swooped right through the trees in front of me - was fab!

  • Hi carovet, yes I've done a hand full of triathlons but I've mainly been doing running since Xmas. As I wanted to get into shape for a marathon, I did it a couple of weeks ago image I'm gonna try and train for a triathlon for the end of the summer. Just waiting for my arm to heal up as I got bit by a dog on Tuesday on my arm image what triathlon are you doing ??

    I think all you ladies are awesome and do a great job of being fit and healthy. Gives a good example to your children image
  • Great running Kinsey! It's so good when everything starts coming together and you can see your pace improving. Sounds like a beautiful run too.

    How are you doing Carovet? Sounds like you are doing well physically if you are running with a 3 year old in a buggy and training for a triathlon. It must be good to be doing all those things again. Does that mean your treatment is finished?

    My friend is doing ok after surgery. Thanks for asking. She had a double mastectomy though so major operation. She has a couple of weeks respite and then 7 weeks of radiotherapy so a long road ahead. We are just all trying to hang in there with support, play dates and food.
  • I had a smug 5 mile run too today. I did an early morning run with 2 friends I train with a lot. I wasn't sure how I would feel so soon after marathon but I just about kept up and legs felt good. I'm so surprised as normally I break myself doing long distances and it was fun to do something short and speedy again image. Also good to do some exercise again after doing no exercise and lots of eating this week. At one point I thought I might turn into a Lindt ball!!!

    Glad we have helped you make your mind up Trigirl image
  • Ouch to dog bite!  A cat bit me at work today (I'm a might have guessed by the name image )

    Tri girl I'm doing a tri at Dorney Lake on July 12th.  It's a woman's only day which I thought was prob a good thing for my first one.  There were several distances to choose from and I chose the longest which is a 750m swim, 32km cycle and 7.5km run.  I have wanted to do one for yes but never had the guts to do it, but then last yr was diagnosed with breast cancer and so am now very much on the life's too short line of it's no good sitting around saying I'll do a triathlon one day!  I figured that I may as well ask people to sponsor me and I have so far raised nearly 2k for 3 different charities.  so no backing out now......

    Kinsey I push Eric on a completely flat tow path, hills would be a no no for sure!  Need to figure out how to get the running buggy and bike in the car.

    BP - yes that is major surgery.  I had to attach a little bag round my waist to put my drains in for a wk, and I got a post op infection and ended up in A and E 2 wks post surgery.  I only had 1 side fortunately.  Is she having chemo?  Or has she had it?  I can't remember.  I didn't have rads, through choice as I was offered them.  Statistically the chance of me getting a local recurrence was v small anyway, and rads only improved that by a tiny amount.  Potential side effects include lung and cardiac damage, and given that the chemo can already cause heart probs, I really didn't want to add anything else.  And quite frankly by that point I had had enough!!  Am on a drug called tamoxifen for the next 10 yrs, which is not without its unpleasant side effects.....but at least I am 'lucky' enough to have the kind of BC that makes it a viable treatment option, and it is a very effective drug so I will keep taking it.


  • Wow carovet your doing amazing !!!! Life is so short and you never know what's around the corner. Health and your family is the most important thing. Good luck for your triathlon, they are amazing events to take part in. Just like running events you get all shapes and sizes and ages. I must say though I don't like swimming that much lol lol.
  • triathlons are the best!! Love the mixing up of sessions and my running has defo improved by adding the swimming and biking. 

    Tri girl - good luck with the training, it will obviously mean you start a pregnancy in good shape and you should find it easier to pick fitness back up after too, especially if you have family support to help out. 

    BP love the idea of turning into a lindt ball. I have just stuffed a massive bowl of cereal which will most certainly give me indigestion when i go to bed and then prob cause me to need a loo stop on my planned long bike ride in the morning! Doh! 

  • I certainly feel good for mixing up the training sessions - today I did a 5 mile buggy run this morning, then did 1300m at the olympic pool this afternoon.  Tomorrow I will try and cycle and then run straight off the bike.  If I did that much just in running I know I would break myself!

  • Typical week of flat out -Toms schedule looks like this - cricket tonight, swimming tomorrow, 1mile race weds, rest thurs, Cyclocross Friday and triathlon Saturday. All outside of school activites! HOW am i going to fit 20hours of training in myself (as per fink plan)?? 

    Ouch to dog bite too, i had a yappy terrier come chasing after my bike on Sunday and i nearly swerved into the ditch! 


  • Camlo - good luck with fitting your training in. 20 hours sounds like your training for an iron man ??

    My arm is on the mend but I will deffently won't be running through that little park again image
  • Hi all,

    Is this the correct thread for Mum's to be too?

    Had a mc last summer image but recently found out I'm expecting again image. Am about 10-12 weeks. Very anxious after what happened last year! Have a midwife appointment tomorrow. Hope to get referred for a scan asap.

    Feel quite an old Mum to be (I'm 35 in August!)

    Running easy 20-30 minutes on alternate days at present, nothing more strenuous at the moment (hurts too much up top)

    Hope you are all well, will read back through some of the posts in more detail tomorrow image

    Looking forward to sharing progress & catching up on here to see how you're all doing!

  • Congrats and good luck LITS! It is tempting to stop doing anything active when you have had a bad experience before but doing 'normal' stuff will help keep you relaxed. You should get a scan pretty quick if you are already 10-12 weeks.

    TG - yep, i have my first ironman on July 12th so this is my last big week! 

    Should be in bed as have an early start to get to birm hosp with youngest for a day of prodding etc. He is usually very good about it but it is always a long day as we see all specialists in one visit. 

  • Congrats LITS, hope the midwife app goes well!  

    There used to be a pregnant runners thread but it did get a bit quiet so this one has always been good as a back up as there are quite a few of us who have had kids and continued running.  I should think the thread has covered most things over the years!!

  • Congratulations Life is too short (good name!).  Keep running, I found it very good for sanity while pregnant, as well as the fitness benefits.

    Carovet your triathlon and training sounds amazing given what you have gone through over the last year.  Can I sponsor you?!  I used to do some triathlons when we lived in England and pre kids.  I still cross train (try and swim/surf a couple of times a week) and do a teeny bit of cycling but find the logistics of doing a triathlon race a bit overwhelming compared with a running race where all you need to worry about is finding your trainers.  There is a local duathlon here (running and swimming - is that an aquathon?!) which I have done a couple of times and really enjoyed.  Definitely mixing it up in training and racing means that you can do more than doing just one discipline.  One day I will do another triathlon...

    Did you manage to fold your baby jogger?  Mine folds flat but you have to take the wheels off.  I can do it but can be a bit stressful if I am under pressure so might be worth a practice.

    My friend has already had 6 cycles of chemo before surgery.  And has some cardiac problems after that image.  it is a non-hormone responsive cancer so tamoxifen not an option for her.  I didn't realise you had to take tamoxifen for such a long time, are you able to manage the side effects?

    Great training Camlo.  You are doing brilliantly what with everything else you have going on.  I hope your day at the hospital went well and your youngest was good.

    I got promoted today image but also have a stinking cold image and shouted at the kids at bed time (hubby away so I was on my own).  Bit of a mixed up day but planning to work at home tomorrow so hopefully that will help.

  • I never say no to sponsorship image

    I managed my bike/run yesterday - did 9 miles on the bike then a quick turn around and 3 mile run at 7.20 pace which felt good.  Going to do a longer ride followed by parkrun on Sat, just have to make sure I am in a parkrun location at 9am - there are loads near me so it's just a case of finding one that fits in to my cycle route  (and not get lost)

    One of the things I had to sign pre chemo was acknowledging the risks and that included poss cardiac trouble, and also future cancers such as leukaemia.  But what choice do you have?  you just have to sign it and hope for the best.  Do you know if your friend's cancer is herceptin responsive?  Mine isn't, so it's 'just' the tamoxifen for me.  I'd say the side effects are better than they were, but you run the risk of developing osteopenia or osteoporosis so I'm now taking shed loads of calcium and magnesium supplements.  I didn't sleep well for months when I first started taking it, but that's now improved thankfully.  I don't know really whether the lack of sleep was due to my state of mind or the tamoxifen but I blamed the tamoxifen!

    I don't fold the babyjogger - the 3 wheels come off quickly then the frame fits in the boot (volvo estate) unfolded.  I managed to get daughter's bike on the back with son and she sat in the front.  

    I love that your cross training involves surfing!  Well done on the promotion.  Tomorrow is another day, start afresh and just try and be the best person you can be that day image

    Congrats Life's too short....hope MW appt went ok today


  • LITS- congratulations image I hope your appointment went well today. Don't worry your not old, I'm trying for a baby and I'm 35 on Sunday. Bring on V35 lol lol

    Got to go the hospital again tomorrow over my bite on my arm. It's proper annoying me now image

    Great training carovet .......... 7.20 mile pace wow your fast !!
  • Sponsorship done image sounds like a very worthy selection of charities. I had my first mammogram and ultrasound a few weeks ago at my friend's insistence. I went to my gp and she referred me as apparently I have lumpy boobsimage. It was not a pleasant experience and made me think what it must be like to go through that and not be told everything is ok at the end of it.

    My friend (36 too) has triple negative bc so no pharmaceutical treatments available which is why the chemo, surgery and radio has been so aggressive.

    Once you have wheels off baby jogger you just have to take out a pin by front wheel and it folds flat. Then you should be able to get jogger and bike in the boot.

    Your training sounds like its going really well. You will smash your race at this rate. I was hoping to do my local park run on Saturday but not if I am still full of cold.

    Ouch to bite Tri girl. Were you able to report or at least shout at the dog owner?
  • Thanks BP image  Yes I'd forgotten it folds flat - haven't folded it for so long now.  But still managed to get us all in so that was ok.  

    Going to go swimming again this afternoon when son is in pre school.  I kind of think maybe the swimming is getting easier.......

    Then have my daughter's dairy allergic friend coming over after school.  It always terrifies me having her in the house, but at least she is 6 now so is aware of what she can and can't eat.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Hi folks.

    Congratulations LITS - great news and hope the MW appointment goes well.  I know where you are coming from re feeling old (see previous posts - I got my 12 week scan for my first the day after my 40th birthday!).  I can remember being at ante natal classes with hubby, and there were 2 coulpes there that we reckoned were young enough to be our children......

    Definitely keep as active as you can - being an older parent (imo) gives you more patience, but definitely less energy.  The fitter you are, the better you'll cope with the demands of motherhood (and fatherhood too, so get your other half training too).

    Lovely day with the kids yesterday - really warm so we got the paddling pool out in the back garden, and they were running around in their swimming costumes.  Took an executive decision to give A1 a night off homework, in case it was the only nice day of the summer.  They were so worn out and happy that A2 fell asleep sitting on my knee during her bedtime story.  That's not happened since she was about 6 months...........

  • BP - I've reported it to the police but they said there is not much they can do image. The owner was not that bothered and wouldn't even help me home !!! At least it's getting better now, the nurse said I only need a small dressing on now image and if it doesn't hurt to move I can start doing light weights again whoop whoop image

    Carovet- I hope your swim went well ?? And good luck with your daughters friendimage
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