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  • CheshercatCheshercat ✭✭✭

    Pictures on line

  • Well done all, managed it 14:12 which I was really pleased about as it was my first Ultra, having Bro and Nephew to run with certainly helped mentally at times. Would echo what everyone else has said re organisation and support. The course was far more hilly than I expected but seemed to have survived fairly unscathed as far as legs and feet are concerned, the Drymax socks I used were fab and well worth the money. Back to autumn marathon training for me now.
  • Well done MG1, that's a good time. I've got an Autumn marathon to train for too, but I wish it was an ultra now! Fancy trying something with loads more elevation.

    How's everyone recovering? I had assumed it would take me weeks to fully recover and was planning on not running at all for at least a week. By yesterday though, I felt like going out for a run again. I took the sensible option and didn't, but I think I'll go out for a short jaunt tonight. I will probably find out I haven't recovered anywhere near as much as I think.

  • CheshercatCheshercat ✭✭✭

    Feeling remarkably good.  Legs were wonky on the sunday and monday but fine since then.  Out for a club run tonight and also thinking of a race to do now. 

    It was such a good race image

  • I think I've just about recovered too Cheshercat, I've managed a couple of reasonable runs and I'm heading out for an intervals session tomorrow, back to the marathon grindstone! I too have been looking for other trail ultras, I don't like trail and I don't like hills, but I'm hooked after such a lovely race! image My only thoughts are that I would only run trail between sort of May and Sept as mud and wet just aren't my scene.

  • CheshercatCheshercat ✭✭✭

    Wear wellies!  Looking at the coastal trail series for the end of the year.  nice one locally. 

  • I've thought about doing the Devon or Exmoor CTS ones before. They look tough. Exmoor offers an ultra and an ultra plus. Ultra plus is slightly shorter (45 miles, but has double the elevation gain (almost 12000 ft). I wanted hilly but that might be stretching it. I am strangely tempted though.

  • CheshercatCheshercat ✭✭✭

    The dorset one has grabbed my attention.  I shall have a think before making any rash decision! 

  • Well done to everyone! I've just had my second massage so legs feeling much better. I didn't need to brace myself sitting on the loo at all today!!! I think I could probably manage a run, but will force myself to wait until next week. I don't want to risk going out too early and ending up with a tear in my calf or PF flaring up again. I'm running Chicago marathon in October so rest is a must.

    I loved the RTTS 15! Definitely plan to do it again next year. Ran the first 50 with my husband which wasn't a good thing for my overall time (he wasn't at all physically ready for it), but I'm proud of him for finishing. I think I can knock an hour off my time next year if I go it alone. Such a great atmosphere in every way.

    Everyone have a great Summer and see you in 2016!
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    CotswoldRunner - I've done Exmoor Ultra which was 34.1 miles when I did it in 2012.  It was very tough indeed, and hot.  The ultra plus looks to be the ultra route and then another lap of the half marathon route.  It's hard to tell - I'm not sure the figures on the website are correct.

    Glad all you folks enjoyed the Ridgeway.  One of my favourite trails.

  • CheshercatCheshercat ✭✭✭

    Seriously considering the CTS Dorset towards the end of the year.  At least it will be local to me so that is a plus.

  • Much as I'd love to get straight into another ultra, I think realistically, I'm done for a while. I'm now training for an October marathon which is 2 weeks before the due date of our second child. That pretty much does me for the next 12 months or so I reckon! Once baby is born, I really don't want pressure of having to get out for training runs so I'll just try to keep ticking along at 25-30 miles a week and see how it goes. I'm definitely not done with ultras though and I'd still really like to do some with some serious elevation gain. Either a CTS one or one of the Brecon Beacons ultras.

  • I did CTS Dorset mara last year. Weather was perfect, very cold so ground was firm and clear skies. The course is a brute. The hills around Lulworth go straight up and then come straight back down. I would recommend the marathon but expect it to take quite a bit of time.

    When signing up I was toying between mara and ultra, was very glad I chose the marathon, just because the Ultra route sends you back around the half mara course (actually about 16m) and then the 10k just for laughs, so you end up running some bits 3 times.

    At about £50 I thought it was very expensive, and I went back to run some of the path again a couple of weeks later and *all* of the course markers on the 2nd half of the route were still out. Very poor and enough for me not to want to use Endurance Life again. If they're willing to accept the best part of £50k in race entries the least they could do is clean up properly afterwards.

  • That is bad shawk. I feel bad for people who regularly use footpaths when they get confronted with a load of runners blocking the way so they must really get pissed off when they see a load of markers just getting left out on the course (along with the odd gel wrapper no doubt) and quite rightly. I have heard the odd moan about endurance life now and again actually. The courses look so good though that I'd probably be willing to overlook the gripes to give one a go.

  • The dates for next years Race to the Stones are out - it's the 16th and 17th July 2016, with places available at the end of September! I'm going to sign up and it will be my 1st Ultra as it sounds like it is great for 1st timers.image

  • It is very good first ultra to do & well organised.  Friendly marshalls and the food was good.  Definately worth entering.

  • It is very expensive but it is also a very nicely run event over a great route. I am planning on returning next year and doing the 100k, I've been looking at lots of other ultras but I just keep on finding myself back at this one! They are also doing one called Race to the Kings which is a couple of weeks before Race to the Stones. It's a bit of a shame really as I'd have happily done both but I can't ever imagine a time when i'll be fit enough to put in two ultras so close together! image

  • Yeah I saw the Race to the Kings, will have to save that for the following year - assuming I enjoy RTTS obviously!image

  • Matthew if it's your first then you'll be very well looked after . I agree it IS pricey but that's partly what you at paying for . It was what I call a bit of a ' pampered ultra ' - there were portaloos , people at check points for foot care issues & the route was so well marked I defy anyone to get lost on it !

    having done other events where there was less in the way of facilities I felt very spoilt!

    So all in all I think it's a good first choice so you don't have to worry about nav etc image enjoy !
  • I agree with Loulabell, it's pricey but you are extremely well looked after. I've never used a loo during a race before but I was horribly unfit for RTTS this year and despite only doing the 50k option I still felt the need to stop at every aid station and just to waste time I thought I might have a quick sit on the loo at every stop, just in case! image 

  • All sounds excellent, thank you for views.  I'm pretty excited about it, and it's aaaages away!

  • Just read an e-mail from them and it's on sale Midday Tuesday (22nd) along with Race to the Kings.image

  • I shall be signing up for my entry for 2016 (As long as they do not raise the cost much more!!) My plan is to complete this 4 weeks after hopefully completing Enduroman Continuous Double Iron distance Tri. It will be a massive challenge to try and get enough recovery between the 2 races. It will be a huge challenge year attempting to raise some pennies for Alzheimer's Society.

    Matthew Norgate, is that you? Used to work in Engineering in Challow many moon ago? 

  • Hi Andy, nope must be another Matthew N -  I know nothing of Engineering!

    It has the same price but the new dates on the packages page of the website, so I think it might be the same price.

  • Fingers crossed then!! Too many organisers jack the costs when races become popular!! Mainly in triathlon though....Will be my first proper Ultra. Have done a couple of Endurancelife marathons which are always over distance and mega terrain. Have some booked this winter as training focus. Roll on 2016, RTTS is on my doorstep, I have the perfect training ground.

  • I'm still wondering why it's the same cost for the 100k(62/63 miles ) non stop in RTTS as for 52 miles of RTTK....
  • Andy Male , I'm doing RTTS 100kNS again as like you its so close to home I have no reason not to!
  • Planning to enter this as well, living in Bicester so local too. 

    Well done to all that completed this year. 

    How do you go about predicting a target time? I'm going to go for the 100km distance but not done anything longer than a marathon / iron-man. 

  • https://www.mcmillanrunning.com

    Select more distances and can choose 100km

    stick in your marathon time at it at least gives you a very loose ballpark figure, remember it's t ail so that will also be a bit slower than a road marathon, and the times are guesstimates assuming you are as capable of doing the distance as you are of your event you are extrapolating it from, so basically think a bit slower image 

    i don't know if it's in the right ball park, but maybe double your marathon time and add another 3-5 hours. 

  • thanks BT, very helpful.


    Offically entered so no turning back now. Any tips for a first time ultra runner are more than welcome image

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