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  • I have recently purchased a pair of Karrimor Pace running shoes from Sports Direct, I can't fault them, they are comfortable and have good cushioning @ £25.00 you can't go far wrong.

  • Ack, I made the mistake of grabbing a bunch of Karrimor stuff in a clear-out sale (an actual sale, for once). It is all now in the bin.

    The top was fine for a while, and then turned out to have worse antibacterial properties than cotton, but could only be washed at low temps. Whiffy, despite having been washed the same way as all my other running gear, some of which is considerably older. Binned.

    The inner of the shorts was hideous and started chafing while dry, even. The way the elastic wasn't even covered by the fabric (just had sloppy stitches wrapped around it) was something that I probably have noticed in the shop, but didn't. Binned.

    The hi vis lightweight gloves turned out to be made of a horrible fabric which became very glitchy and high friction in use, you could feel your fingers grating against each other. They also weren't particularly breathable, while not having much insulation- quite the non-tradeoff. Terrible, the worst of the three. Binned.

    So, lesson learned. Buy cheap, buy twice. I certainly wouldn't chance my feet to their shoes. I'd shop around look for a more reputable brand in a sale, from a more reputable retailer. Having picked up a very nice pair of Nike Lunarglides and some Newtons at half price, I'm happy with this approach.

    I certainly won't touch Karrimor with anyone else's bargepole, in the future. Utter crap.

  • The shoes have improved immensely, I had a pair 2 years ago which I agree were awful, but these ones I have now are no worse than a pair of cheaper range of Asics. That's only my opinion.

  • I'm new to running and a student so I bought some karrinor shoes for ??20 for running on Tarmac. I have a high arch and narrow feet and these shoes are very comfortable for me. I've been running almost every day, about a mile and half each day for two weeks and they haven't given me any problems, they support my feet well and fit very well and I feel there is enough absorbance. They are very ventilated too. I have no complaints at the moment, perhaps they won't last long I don't know but for me they're great at the moment.
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    Who laid you to create an account to spam the forum with such a post?
  • Wow. That was some thread. I feel wiser but no closer to a decision - keep the shoes or take them back. Eeek.take them back I think and go to the running shop. Thanks for all the posts guys
  • Turns out Sports Direct don't do refunds. They quibbled in the shop over returning them at all, but eventually they gave me a credit note. I returned them less than 24hrs after I bought them and they were very rude, even though I was very nice. Won't buy much from them again, but sadly I haven a credit note to spend...
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    Spend the credit note and never go back.
  • They are horrendous for customer service if you try to return stuff...

  • Yes, SD don't do returns (or customer service). Once you've given them your money it's gone. I think Sweatshop are the same now - only credit notes.

    As for the shoes, never worn them myself. I've seen alot around at Parkrun and other places, and from a cursory glance they look like "imitation" running shoes - i.e. they've copied the look and appear to have the same features as "real" running shoes. Whether they perform the same I don't know, but would doubt it.

    Given shoes are the only piece of equipment we use, I've never really understood the point of saving £20 over the course of 6 months or however long your shoes last. Why not just spend a bit more and enjoy your running ? 

  • You need you head testing buying karrimor, I wouldn't wipe my arse on it, only because it would probably break and my finger would go through and then the shop would probably turn round and say it was your fault for wiping your arse too hard.

    In my experience.
  • Thanks for helping me avoid this manufacturer, although I did buy a pair of walking shoes by them. They are very comfortable, but I don't recommend doing anything else with them.

  • Ross are you actually a spambot that couldn't answer two + 2 ?

    What on earth else would anyone recommend apart from walking in a pair of comfortable walking shoes? 

  • Well I played football with them once... I guess I am stupid sometimes. It would be nice if you actually helped me on the forums, rather than poaching for flaming purposes. All I did was say thank you and I get salt from you.

  • hi pals

    ive been looking for good running shoes and i recently came across this website http://www.shoelandiashop.com/ have you heard of them? theyre not so known but they have quite a lot of branded shoes and very cheap, I actually decided to buy a pair of nike air max 90 and received them a few days ago and i quite like them image

    hope it helps, cheers guys!!

  • can you answer my first question though Ross?

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    Shoelandia is one of those horrible companies that spams websites trying to gain business and in that basis you should avoid them. If they were a decent company they would buy an ad and help pay for the site.

    Oh and they messed up my order and sent me a pair of wellies instead of running shoes. That then refused to accept responsibility saying i had made it up. Avoid!
  • Aha VDOT cheers, I was a bit slow on the uptake. I'd been admiring the sophistication but I'd been scratching my head wondering what was the point. That's what it could be though; advertising revenue can be maintained by demonstrating numbers of active and engaged users. I smell a website whos engine runs like a volkswagen in for its MOT.
  • I do not feed the trolls.

  • In that case I take back my comment about sophistication and get back to work.
  • I ran in a pair of Karrimor shoes today - tempo 3 control. This is the motion control offering.  I completed a half marathon in a reasonable time of 1.47 in these shoes after a 30 minute test at the local gym the evening prior to the race.  I was impressed with them! I am still coming back from injury and my previous shoes were Brooks adrenaline GTS 15. My last half marathon in these shoes was 1.46 two months prior to my recent outing.  Over the last few years I have been experiencing re-occuring lower leg tensions in my 5th purchased version of the Adrenaline series. Prior to that I had run in Addiction, Saucony Jazz and Mizuno, Nike Structure Triax and Asics GTS 2000 and Kayno.  The Karrimor caused no problems other than a tiny bleed on my heel were the heel tab rubbed against my ankle. If I had pulled my sock up higher it may have avoided a bleed but it did not slow me down like a true blister would.  My other ankle was fine. 

    Later in the day, I popped to the local store to get some treats and I walked like a normal person not a sore legged runner trying to walk normal and not draw strange attention!

  • Same old shit image

    dear liar please sod off

  • Doms today but still in love with my Karrimor shoes!

  • Why is everyone so fixated with the ridiculous "discount" strategy?  It's not different to any other retailer who prices up and discounts down.  At the end of the day if what you pay is within your budget and you get a product you are happy with (I'm on my third pair of karrimor trainers) why does it even matter if they are cheap?  Why would I pay 3x the amount for a posh pair to do exactly the same thing?  I learned a long time ago that you can buy some really expensive shite and some really quite good cheap stuff.  I've only recently ventured into running as a way of improving my stamina playing netball and rugby but by goodness there is some absolutely pointless shite on this thread.  And FYI it's not helpful when you are trying to seek advice about products if you all read is 10 pages of slagging off a particular retailer, that's not even relevant to the question asked.  Are Karrimor running shoes any good?  Just answer the sodding question either they worked well for you, they didn't work well for you or you've never actually used them.  If you fall into category 3 shut the hell up.  If you fall into 1 or 2 please expand on your experience...

  • Oh and Booktrunk, if you can't say anything actually constructive then, you know, zip it

  • madmildred wrote (see)

    Are Karrimor running shoes any good?  Just answer the sodding question

    No, they're shite sold by a unscrupulous retailer. Read the first couple of pages of this thread.


    madmildred wrote (see)

    if you can't say anything actually constructive then, you know, zip it

    Sound advice ... you don't do irony, do you?

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  • I bought karrimor sabre from sports direct January this year, 154km and they are completely falling apart, poor materials used to make them. I thought they were high end models, should rather have spent the extra 30 and gone for salomons, very disappointed.
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