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  • Managed 8 miles tonight, some at marathon pace, still recovering from a cold so happy with that. Will have a rest tomorrow and see how I feel over the weekend.
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    For anyone interested in fuelling and nutrition for the race, I found this on the website:

    What nutrition will be available on the course?

    Runners will be fuelled with SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gels at mile 5, 15 and 23; SiS GO Energy+ Electrolyte Gels at mile 10 and 19; and SiS GO Energy+ Caffeine Gels at mile 15 and 23. A SiS Recovery Station will be available at the finish.

    I think this partnership with SiS is new for this year? Anyway, it interests me because I am yet to experiment with any fuelling during long runs but have been thinking about taking a gel or something at about 16/17 miles. Might try one of these (can get them in my local Tesco) on a training run to see whether they agree with my stomach. Anyone used these before? I have never even drunk water on a training run (18 miles longest) or in a race (Up to HM distance) so know very little about the subject.

    Do you really need these drinks/gels at all? Views most welcome.image

    Did an excellent session this morning. 12 miles with 5 @ HM pace. It was a tough workout but I felt very fit/strong throughout so was enjoyable at the same time!. It helped that the weather is significantly calmer here now with very little wind. Looks like being pretty cold this weekend though . Better dig the gloves out!

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    The school of thought I think is that the body holds around 2 hours of glycogen in your muscles. If you go tearing off faster than you're body is capable of then that 2 hours becomes a lot less. Obviously not the same for everybody.

    People replenish their diminishing energy stores with carbohydrates, with gels being the usual form as they're easy to digest as opposed to solid food.

    I took 3 during Leicester marathon and at 7, 13 and 19 miles. I knew the gels were ok with me as I'd used them before but I really just copied when someone else took them and see if it worked. I wanted to get one in early around 40 mins so i wasn't leaving it until my energy stores were already on the way down.

    Seemed to work for me although I never actually practiced during training though barring using them in a 20 mile race. Can't remember when I took them during that.
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Thanks Matt, that's useful information. I guess everyone is different and you have to find what works best for you. Will probably try a gel or two on a long run and see how I get on with them. Then practice as part of race strategy in the 20 miler I am running 5 weeks before Manchester.

  • Tom, SIS partnership started last year as I was annoyed that I could not find the recovery shakes. I have not checked the site but I think that information relates to last year's race.

    Matt, glycogen lasts in the muscles for 90 minutes less if you run too quickly:


    'For low intensity exercise (distance running etc.) glycogen stores can last as long as 90 minutes'


    The asics 26.2 guys were advised to take a gel on every 45 minutes.

    hope this helps


  • I'm in, haven't told anyone.

    Amsterdam last month was meant to be my last, but I bagged a good for age for London 2017 (unless they change the rules) so I've got to keep it going!

    Ran Manchester earlier this year. Really impressed, great support and slick organisation.

    Struggling with motivation at the moment plus a slight ankle injury, but have Norwich HM this weekend. Hoping that will get me back in the mood in time for the start of the training programme (can't believe 16 weeks start on Christmas week!).
  • I hope there are gels that frequently... I don't remember them being so frequent last April.

    I saw Paula Radcliff speak prior to Brighton 2014... she said that he would take one on the start line and one every 20-30 minutes.

    Training going well for me.

  • A gel every 50 minutes on long runs seems to work for me. The last one is always the hardest to get down!
  • Hi Tom,

    sorry made a mistake it was last year, so I make it the first year of the SIS partnership.


    this morning 18 miler without carbs done.

    started to bonk around 14 miles and then again 16 miles but finished fine.






  • the great Gel debate - i wish I could crack this particular mystery, done 6 marathons and still haven't got it right.

    Am going to go down the one every 30-40mins with a caffeine one at 2hrs30 (hoping it will kick in around the 3hr mark) for Manchester16. See if this combo works.

    I can happily run 20 easy miles without a gel, never take any in HM's.... However, a marathon (race) is nothing like training or a shorter race (HM). I'm hoping the P&D plan will really help iron this out with the more specific MP training runs it entails.

    6m XC done today with club at a reasonably fast pace given the conditions - 32 for the week so far - and want to get out there for the club run tomorrow, 15m mostly XC.


  • Today should have been a long run but I have developed a nasty sore throat. Figured it was better to rest rather than risk making myself even more sick by sapping my energy with a two hour plus run.

    I'm doing Hampton Court rather than Wokingham as it's a bit easier (and cheaper) for me to get to. Also signed up for the Tadworth 10 (Epsom Downs) on Jan 3rd which has a lovely big hill that you have to slog up twice. Should be good for developing leg stamina.

    As far as weight and height go, I'm pushing 11 stone/70kg which is heavy for a runner. My first love was lifting weights so I carry a good bit of muscle, although I'm also one of those women who store their fat below the waist and have a bugger of a time losing it. Ideally I'd like to get down to 10 stone 7 or less before the race.

    I've used gels in a few half marathons, mostly because I'm a slow digester so I can't eat breakfast before a race without getting sick or uncomfortable. I tolerate them pretty well.

  • Cal, I miss lifting a lot but don't think I could combine lifting how I want to with long distance running without breaking or doing neither well at all.

    We had the Hampton Court vs Wokingham debate in our house yesterday to. We live about 10 minutes from start of HC but felt that the 8:30 start might be a it early in Feb if it is cold. So looks like I will be cheering everyone on in Wokingham as you all come flying by in the finishing straight!

    sure we will get into the gel debate during the next few months, each to their own but think taking on fuel is a must for me during a marathon. I take to 15 minutes before, 1 at 10k, 1 at half way and last at 18-20 miles. Also try to drink a bit of the energy drink provided on route.


    no more running for me this week, but have been doing an amazing job of consuming cake! Might get on my spin bike for a quite spin this morning to keep warm.

  • Not done much this week, only an 8 mile run due to a cold, almost back to normal now so will try a long run later, going to have to dig out my cold weather gear, might as well get used to it I guess. Good luck to all running today, at least it is not windy here.
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Morning all.

    Thanks to everyobe with responses about gels etc. Going to try a few different things out during next few months to see what suits. Food for thought, that's for sure!

    Dug out the tights and gloves for this morning's long run but the conditions were fantastic as uts such a beautiful day here with hardly a breath of wind! Ran my longest run to date (19 miles) to complete my highest ever volume week (62 miles) and feeling very pleased with current progress. Hope everyone else has a lovely Sunday running or whatever else!image

  • Manged 18 miles, found the last 4 a bit hard, probably went out a little to fast and paid for it later. Will have a rest day tomorrow as will probaly need it. Could not find my running gloves so hands where numb after.

    I'm also thinking about energy gels for the long runs, might check my P&D book to see if there is any info
  • Blimey, you guys are banging in some decent mileage, it's still 4 months away! Is this in preparation for Manchester or is it what you do ordinarily?

    I ran the Norwich HM this morning. Pretty cool conditions, and I've already lost any sharpness I had from the Amsterdam marathon last month, but nice to get out and stretch the legs.
  • Hi Jimbo76 - I remember you posting on the Amsterdam thread - how did that one go for you? I hear what you're saying about losing the edge - doesn't take long - couple of weeks rest and then "hey, let's go run 15 miles" ..... maybe not. I've tried to absorb AMS training into some kind of forward momentum for Manchester, setting up a baseline. I've found an effective method of getting back marathon training fitness from a recent event (e.g. Amsterdam) is to dig out the HRM and run 7-10m at 75% of HRR - do a few of those and see what you think, won't take long.

    Managed to get 48m in last week so taking this week comparatively easy, mileage wise, in readiness for a 10k event on Sunday - pb hunting!

    J Swizzle - I like the sound of your gel strategy, makes sense and allows good time for them to get into system esp at the end.


  • Cheers Orapidrun. Amsterdam went really well. For pretty much the first time I paced it properly, got a 3 min pb, 3:13, so chuffed. That meant I'd hit my long term target of sub 3:15 (having done 3:16 twice and 3:17). Thought I'd probably jack it in after that, but now wondering whether there's a sub 3:10 in me!

    How did you find it?

    Respect for the continued high mileage, great work. I just can't get myself going again at the moment, but will try your suggestion, need a bit of tempo running.

    However, have got a bit of an ankle issue at the moment. Bit of weakness in there, nothing major but feels a bit like I've sprained it, but I know I haven't. I've also got a bit of a lower calf issue that side too, so wondering if that's actually the root cause. Probably need to give it a bit more rest and get the roller out!
  • I think Amsterdam went pretty well on reflection thanks Jimbo76. It wasn't the best day for it but could've been worse. I found the course to be a bit busy in some places getting onto and settling into my MP difficult, in fact I never really settled until going out on the River Amstel. I was a minute off pace at half-way and faded another 14 mins in the second half, not ideal, but there it is. I was aiming for 3:30 and finished in 3:45:00 net.

    However, still bagged a 13min pb off Paris this April, v pleased. Must focus on the positives. Really trying to bridge the 16-20m gap at the moment (in the race) as this is where it all seems to fall apart. Am reviewing gel strategy and hoping that the rigours of P&D will make that transition all the more possible.

    Did a hill session with club last night and taking it easy otherwise this week, got a 10k race on Sunday, pb hunting.

    How we all doing? 18 weeks out starts not next but the week after!


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Not far off now for the 18 week plan to begin eh, orapidrun! Exciting times ahead.image

    Having a bit of a cut back week this week after my 62 miles last week.

    Did a 9 mile progression run yesterday and an easy 13 miler this morning. Feeling it a bit so will probably end up doing nothing tomorrow or Saturday, a session on Friday and then a long Sunday run to make 50ish miles for the week.

    Have asked the Mrs to get me a couple of gels for Christmas so I can try them out in the new year!image

  • 16 week plan for me could work out less as I have a pelvis problem (AGAIN) hopefully can get it sorted and keep it away this time.  I can run but it is causing constant problems and impacting on performance. currently running 40 miles per week but will up that in time for  marathon training.


  • I never get anywhere near that level of mileage, hats of to you. My biggest mileage creeps up to around 50 miles in the biggest weeks, but I tend to average only 35 mpw over a 16 week programme.
  • Yeah you don't need to run that much. I'll get to 25 miles per week at the peak of training...
  • it depends on person to person; some people do benefit from lower mileage, which tests have now shown to be the case. however if the intention is to run a "quick time" then I would have thought 35 plus miles is a must.


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Whilst recognising that everyone is different and that you have to do what works for you, I would have to agree with Pete about running a specific time in relation to weekly volume. I am aiming for a sub 3 and there is no way in the world that I could achieve that running 25 miles a week....

  • Yeah I think I'm more like 30 at Peak. Plus I've never run even sub 4. Not sure I could fit training round nutty job if I did much more...
  • 13 miles yesterday, struggled at the end, seems to be taking a few days for my legs to recover from Sundays long run so think it had a knock on affect, decided to have a rest day today and maybe a recovery run tomorrow. Hopefully this will get easier, normally train for shorter distances so not used to the long runs. Will probably work on a bit of speed next week and keep mileage low so fresh for start of the 18 week plan. Seems so long away at the moment but hoping the body will hold together.

    Happy running to everyone for the weekend

  • If you're doing a load of cross-training like swimming and strength stuff I'm sure it could be a good way of preparing for a marathon - horses for courses, all depends on what your goals are. Hi, IkleBasielButn and Pete Holt too.

    Got a 10k race on Sunday, going to be a bit windy this weekend which isn't ideal. Otherwise, looking forward to it, pb is on the cards.


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Weather forecast looks terrible here for the weekend and beyond. Gale force winds on the agenda for long run on sundayimage

  • Pretty happy base mileage upto 45 per week, no buttock pain, accommodation booked, christmas is coming and just hope all is well when LT and speed sessions are reintroduced eek!!!!

    happy running everyone!!!

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