Manchester Marathon 2016



  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    On a happier note, had a decent 10 mile run this morning @ 6:05 avg mile pace. Legs clearly benefited from rest day on Thursday.

    Like you Nonstick, I plan to have a fairly easy week next week in preperation for start of schedule on Dec.7th.

    Good luck for Sunday Orapidrun-hope you smash that PB!

  • Tom13, that is sub 2:40 pace, is that your marathon target pace? I've had two unsuccessful attempts training for marathons due to injury so having a more sedate build up, for me it's all about getting my legs ready for doing the long runs so may have lost some of my 10K speed. Also an on/off smoker to my shame and been on for a few months. I have to stop this weekend which is going to be hard but I am really up for the marathon so I hope to quit for good. 

    If the weather is bad then might be on treadmill at local gym this weekend, my legs my need a break from tarmac, unfortunately my earphones are broken so will be a big mental challenge. 

  • agentpenguin, I'd be interested to hear a bit more about you butt pain, I've been getting a bit of soreness in my left buttock after my long runs, does not seem to be a big issue right now but does not seem to be going away, tried the tennis ball self massage thing but still feel it after each long run. 

  • Nonstick, morning! Yeah after a 10 miler had sharp pains and could hardly put weight on foot side right side. Went to physio, completed some stretches, strength work, to loosen hips and buttock. Mainly with a ball and resistance band.

    Have ditched speed LT sessions and just run general aerobic  runs (7:12-7:55). Dropped mileage down to 15 then built up again. Physio reckons it built up over time through quick pace runs as the buttock is where the power comes from. Ran a half in 1:28 early Nov and felt it come back albeit to a lesser extent.

    things loads better so must be getting stronger but worried about what will happen when the quicker sessions start when mara training kicks in on 4th Jan, we'll see......

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Tom, that's a great 10 miler. What's your target for Manchester again? If you can casually knock out 10 at that pace then I'd say you were in a pretty good place.

    Although I didn't do a spring marathon last year I did a bit of running with a V50 was training for Manchester. His target was to break 3 hours yet in very early Jan I did my long run with him which for me was a 14 miler comfortably at 6.20 pace.

    I told him that if he could run 14 miles at 6.20 pace so early in his build up then he should be looking at breaking 2.50 and not 3 hours!

    My biggest block of MP miles was 3 easy, 7 at MP, 3 easy then the final 7 at MP during a 20 mile race. It worked out that my average pace for that run was the exact same as what I averaged for the marathon. 5.54.

    One thing I did do was to push my weekly mileage beyond what I would usually do (70mpw) and I did 3-4 weeks around 100mpw, peaking at 108. I really thinki benefitted from build stregth and a lot of those miles were easy miles. It feels strange now doing around 60 as it feels as though I'm hardly getting out of the door! image
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Morning. Matt and nonstick, my initial sub 3 target was very cautious based on it being my first marathon. I know with my half of 1:15 that I should be looking at soething quicker. So, with the weekly volume increasing and the long runs getting longer, I am becoming more confident that a sub 2:50 could be achieved.

    That 20 mile race you described sounds like an excellent prep Matt. Might try something similar in the 20 miler I have sceduled for 5 weeks before Manchester. Anyone recommend running 22-24 miles in long training run or is 20 max most beneficial?

  • Ooh I feel a bit out of my league here! Shall stick around though for all helpful comments. I would be elated to get under 4 hours. This is my tenth attempt!!
  • You're not alone. I just want to finish (this will be my first) and if I can get under 4:30 I'll be over the Moon. I am also a low mileage runner - as an injury prone 48 year old, my body gets pretty angry if I try to run too often.

  • non stick, "often" pain in muscles is the outcome of a weakness somewhere.  Interesting that it comes on after long runs too.

    My guess, as I am not a physio, is that it is related to a weakness either in the hip which means the glute is overworking or the glute itself. 

    One legged squats or deadlifts work the glutes and clams for the hips. Lunges with a weight in each hand are useful too.  I often do the backwards lunges tho.





  • Ikle...  there are indeed a few quickies on here!  But there's a full range of people so do stick around!

  • Typing this while on spin bike in garage, 2 weeks post Valencia and body feeling a bit better although foot in still making me nervous. Thought it was time to get going a bit but limiting myself with mixing running with spin bike.

    sounds like some really impressive running going on! been feeling a bit jealous so wrote my Manchester program which may have fired me up a little too much.

    hoping to add a short weekly speed session and a few fast finishing long runs probably going to max out at about 70 miles in a week Which will be a new record for me.


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    17 miles done this morning in absolutely atrocious conditions! Gale force winds and icy rain was no fun at all. Oh well, miles in the bank I suppose. image

    Roll on the spring.....

  • I got my first proper marathon training run in  - a very slow 16 miler around the parks and commons of SW London. It certainly was windy! In my infinite wisdom I did a 2 hour Vinyasa yoga workshop yesterday, not appreciating how hard that would be, so I was sore this morning and between that and the wind, it took me a bit under three hours. Average pace was 10:50, which is slow (my HM PB is 2:02:34 so I'm slow, but not *that* slow) but I'm OK with that. It was, after all, the furthest I've ever run.

    Very much looking forward to Spring, Tom. image

  • Well done, Cal. And yes, Northender, I totally shall!!
  • Plus Cal, it's miles in v the legs! You can save some MP stiff for late r...
  • Well, I got a 10K PB two weeks ago so I'm not too worried. It's the leg stamina I need right now. Muscles were getting very grumbly towards the end.

  • good running Cal.

  • Well it has been a bit of an up and down couple of weeks for me. Pulled my back so no swimming or weights but i was able to run. Managed my sprint and hill repeats great but my LSR have suffered.

    I was suppose to do 24km today but managed 18.25, at a decent pace, the wind was a killer. Last week i managed 22km but it was slow slow slow and then slower again.

    New wheel arriving next week as my current set have done over 550km on them.

  • Has anyone booked a car park ticket for race day? I have but the ticket hasnt arrived yet and i booked it ages ago.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    John-I have also booked a car park ticket a few backs and haven't received anything. Have got a confirmation email and booking ref but thougth they actually sent a ticket...

  • they sent a ticket last year, maybe too early to post them, at least we are in the same boat.

  • Knocked 2mins6s off the 10k time today - 44:12 - image

    It's been a good year! Roll on 2016 races.

  • Well done Cal. I did a 7 mile run today after a hen weekend. Pretty good!

  • Wimped out a bit today and did 17 miles on the treadmill. Got a few little niggles so will take it easy next week.

    Thanks for the info Pete Holt, weak glutes are likely so will do some work on them, did not really feel it much today which was good but I do hear that treadmill does not work the gultes as hard so would make sense

    Well done orpidrun on the pb, thats a big chunk of time off
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭
    Big PB there Orapidrun-very good effort!

    17 miles is never wimpin out Nonstick. Hope the niggles don't amount to much.Good idea to freshen up for the big kick off on Dec.7th!
  • I was hoping to get a 15-20km run in yesterday yesterday, but my route came up short and I got GI issues at 11km. Are there toilets on the route?

    I've got the countdown set up on my phone, 19 weeks today. Time to up my mileage!

  • Cal... 10:50 per mile was not slow. Indeed many would say it was too quick.

    Are you going to follow a proper programme? What's your target time?  I'm guessing that you're aiming at 4:30 at least - 10:20 pace... and most say that the majority of your long runs should be at least a minute per mile slower than your target MP time.

    Worth reading up on.

  • Well done everyone, especially Orapidrun.

    Northender - according to the Runners World calculator, that's roughly how fast I should be doing my long runs. I just kept it at a comfortable pace. Quite a few of the miles were 11+ but it averaged out due to a couple of faster downhill bits.

    And yes, 4:30 seems reasonable but as it's my first marathon, I'm really just happy to get around.

    I'm looking at the Shades marathon training plan although I'm ahead of the curve at the moment due to all the half marathons I've done this year.


  • Hi All, looking for accommodation suggestions for the Manchester Marathon.

    Its my wife's first marathon and we didn't think to sort out accommodation when we signed up. Hope its not too late. image


  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Entered this race yesterday as my first marathon, looking forward to it,using shades' plan so just need to keep it going through the winter months.
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