Rat Race the Wall 2016 accomodation

Hi there, I'm attempting the The Wall in June and am unsure what to do about accommodation both the night before and the Saturdays night?

I've read reviews where people have stayed in dormitories in Carlisle castle barracks, but how do you book this as I can't seem to find anything on their website?

Also, what to do on the Saturday night? I'm hoping to finish by 9pm (although this could be a little ambitious!!). Should I book a hotel in Newcastle? The last train back to Carlisle seems to be around 9.30, so I may miss that. Race info says that there's a room at the finish to get your head down if you finish in the middle of the night, but how basic is it?

Any advice on accommodation or race advice in general would be gratefully received - It's keeping me up at night fretting image


  • Just book Carlisle - the event centre at the end is fine - showers, very good food and a nice carpeted area to sleep on. Or you could hit Newcastle for a night clubbing. I stayed at the Holly Tree guest house in Carlisle where he got up to do a pre walk breakfast for about 5 of us staying there. Its a bit of  a way from the start but I took a bike and tied it up at the Castle and it was still OK when I got back (got a lift on the event bus) Sunday morning

  • Thanks Midge, that's brilliant  image I will check out the Holly Tree guest house as it's always good to stay somewhere runner friendly. Do you have to book the event bus on the Sunday morning in advance? and do you remember vaguely what time it leaves?

  • I was jusrt offered a place and got on - but I think there is a formal booking system - it left about 8.30

  • Thank you for that. I've checked out the Holly Tree B&B and it looks good. Now I just need to persuade work to let me have the day off on the Monday! image

  • I'm toying with the idea of entering the wall but cannot see anything about an event bus to run people back to Carlisle - do you book it on the website somewhere? I'm toying with  the idea of taking the risk of booking the last train back to Manchester but sod's law I'll miss it!

  • Sorry for the slow reply, I have been away on holiday. We have booked the Premier inn for the Friday night with a £10 taxi to the start on Saturday morning. If we finish in time we'll get the last train back to Carlisle but if not we'll just hang around at the finish and get the first train on Sunday morning.

    I emailed Ratrace regarding the accommodation at the Castle barracks and they replied promptly saying that unfortunately it is not available this year. So you could try emailing them? Let us know if you find out image

  • I have a spare place for this event in June - can be easily transferred pref by 1st May as they change their policies then.  Please let me know if interested. 


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