24 hour run advice please

I am taking part in a 24 hour run, in July, as a pair. I have been running for a number of years having taken part in races from 5k up to marathon and train 3-4 times a week. When training for a race I like to follow a training schedule but just can not find one that fit's the purpose. I was wondering whether to follow a marathon training schedule but split the long weekend runs into a morning run and afternoon run. Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you.


  • Time on feet marathon training and extra walking at the end to keep yourself on your feet for a couple of extra hours.

    work out approximately how far you want to go, maybe 100km as a minimum? And so look at 100km plans, being on a presumably looped course it's easier as don't need to carry extra stuff, just refuel each lap.

    plan In walking breaks either run walk strategy or if it's 5km consider pretty much walking every X lap it keeps you moving image take warm clothes for nighttime as it's surprising how quickly you can get cold if you aren't moving fast at night.

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    First thing I'd do is agree a plan with your running partner so you've got an agreed schedule.

    I've run the Spitfire Scramble in August as part of a team and its a 10K loop over 24 hours so I'm assuming your run is similar?

    So, if this is the case, Booktrunks advice applies as above. Depending on your fitness levels I think you will need to do some walk/run laps and would recommend looking up George Galloway and trying some 4/1 ratio runs, i.e. 4min run/1min walk. If not on your first couple of laps, then certainly after 5 or so you may welcome the reduced strain.

    You may get more precise advice if you give more details of what your 24 hours entail.
  • There are lots of complicated plans for running, but just to give you the feel of a very, very basic 50m plan take a peek at this.



  • Thank you for your advice. I'd kind of worked out that what I needed to do is time on feet, add walking to increase time, plan to do a run/walk strategy during the race etc but do like to have a schedule of what mileage to do when etc. Took a look at the plan, thanks booktrunk, it looks like the kind of thing I'm after. 

    very excited and nervous about the race! Will be a great achievement, a lot of fun and very painful, no doubt!

    and, yes, you were quite right, its a 9k loop race I'm doing so no worries about carrying supplies etc.

    bring on the training!

  • I looked this up in the fairly famous ultra book (in a small world) "Relentless Forward Progress" by Bryon Powell, who is well known because of the website irunfar.com and his many video interviews on ultras. He claims a 100-mile program is appropriate. He gives two: one based around about 50-mile/week level, another for 70, although peak mileage may be a bit higher in spots. In general, the plans are more "lumpy" than shorter ultra plans, with a bit more emphasis on B2Bs, longer long runs, tune-up ultras like a 50k and 50 mile, less speed work and a general shift of mileage towards the weekends.

    You can get the book as print or an e-book, or there are other 100-mile programmes on the net. If by running as a pair you mean you are sharing the 24-h between you then you could choose a shorter plan from the same or another source.

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