Has any other idiot....

Or is it just me?? (probably).


  • just you.I dont like the idea of the sand.I'm looking at Comrades that year  image

    good luck  


  • is it about £4000 bow for the race

    what with the specialist kit it would be out of my budget,...

     for a once in a lifetime challenge to tick off your bucket list then I think it looks a great event

  • Good luck, just seems a bit expensive for me, fat feet do one in Egypt which is a continual 200km or so sand ultra at half the price that looked slightly tempting, but I'm just sticking with the U.K. Lots of our own decent races that I need to DNF before I DNF abroad. 

  • I'm sure you won't be on your own!image

    Looks an amazing race. I shall look forward to the race report.

    Good luck.
  • Many thanks - training has started already - I've switched up the thermostat on my central heatingimage.

  • image

  • Ummm.  I signed up too.....

  • Glad this old misery has company!  The next 15 months are going to be such funimage

  • Im in for 2017. I'm so glad there's a post on here already, I thought I'd be the only one looking for other mdsers for 2017.   A little excited and the wife is sick of hearing about all things MDS already. 

    Does anyone know when they start the Facebook page for the 2017 group? I'm obsessed with finding tent mates already.

    I'm in the Nottinghamshire area. 

  • I'm hoping another - ahem - mature lady (aka old trout) that I know will be doing it so at least one potential tent mate.  Already started looking at food options - forget the rest of the gear - first things first!!!  Awaiting FB page as well.

  • I'm another one that's doing MDS 2017!  You aren't the only ones looking for other Mdsers!  image

  • Welcome aboard!

  • I did it 2015, you're in for an amazing experience! image

  • Bear, I know the feeling.  I am looking at 2018.  Have you scoped your kit for it yet?  It looks brilliant just reading Mark Hines book about it which is really good, read Mike Strouds as well but his was only a small section about it.

    Seren Nos, your off to SA as well in 2017 for a bit of Comrads, will see you there. Pirate attire to the fore mate!  Tried to get there this year but it sold out before I could enter.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    couple of my club mates have done it.
    Would be nice but it's hardly £29 including a dri-fit top and a pint glass.
    I think Mrs D would have something to say if I spent 3 years holiday budget on one race.

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