What to do if injured on your longest run of a training plan


Looking for some advice on how to handle the last 3.5 weeks of my London marathon training plan.  I did my longest run last weekend of 21 miles & think I have a slightly inflammed tendon inside my ankle.  I have to run as I have a charity place.  The question I have is should I not run between now & 24th April & keep up my CV fitness using an elliptical machine, leave it a couple of weeks  then hope that it gets better & then do a 16-18 run before race day.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    A slightly inflamed tendon shouldn't cause you to drop out. You need to get to a physic and get some advice. There may be some strapping/massage or stretches that will help. They will also be able to advise on how to manage the last 3.5 weeks.

    If it hurts to run, then don't run! And definitely don't attempt a 16-18 miler before race day - there is nothing to gain and everything to lose. With proper management, you may be able to fit in some more runs but you have to be conservative now.

    Also worth noting that if you are really properly injured that any charity would let you defer.

  • Thanks for the advice.  If I cross train between now & the race will I keep up my CV fitness

  • I worry that my legs will forget how to run on raceday if I don't run at all in the last 3.5 weeks

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    As suggested,get some proper advice from a Physio. They should also be able to tell you what exercise you can do.

    I hurt my knee three weeks out from the 2010 race, rested for 3 weeks and still managed to get round.

    I'm surprised that the charity won't let you defer.
  • To be honest I haven't asked them - perhaps I should give them a call
  • Your injury sounds very similar to what happened to me last year. I didnt run for the 1st week and went to the physio. in the 2nd week i managed 3 easy paced runs of 6miles each and then i rested again until race day.

    I was doing some cycling as cross training as well to keep the fitness up, got to race day and managed to get around fine.

    I hope the same happens for you. Good Luck.

  • Thanks!!  Just hoping to get around in one piece now rather than focus on a specific time

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    Interesting thread and best of luck Sharon.  I injured my calf some weeks ago and was stupid continuing to run.  Now have a physio working with me on a minimal plan to start line.  I've trained well and completed 17, 18, 19 and 21 mile runs in last 6 weeks.  

    Millsy/McCarthyC - maybe cross training and not running is my best bet to prevent any further aggravation? Hearing your stories makes me think that may make my marathon more comfortable? 


    Good luck Sharon! see you there image

  • It's going to be so difficult not to run (even with the pain), but am thinking that I've built up the endurance over the past 12 weeks & keeping up CV with cross training will get me to the finish line on 24th April ????
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    Sharon just had a long chat with physio. No doubt there will be some loss f running specific fitness. As long as we are prepared to readjust goals it seems a possibility. All depends on how training gone so far. I too am worried about heavy legs getting battered in 3 weeks plus time but it may just may be something to consider. Going on bike tonight and will contemplate which is the less risky of two for me.
  • Seeing physio tomorrow so will no more then about what to do over the next few weeks. But i am determined to complete the marathon even if takes 6 hrs. I am focusing on the money I'm raising for the charity I'm running for to get me through. After all it's not about the time really (that's what I'm telling myself)
  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Good luck right thing to do.  I wouldnt try and squeeze an 18 miler in too close to event though. Foam roller has become my new best friend!!

  • Hey Sharon,

    Different stage but I had to take off 8 weeks over Christmas and January in order to rest tendons and came back at the end of January thinking that I had to defer. I had kept up the time on the elliptical and cycling machines as well as physio exercises and I came back stronger and fitter and made up the running lengths within a couple of weeks which surprised me but not my physio!

    See a physio and be directed by them; I found mine invaluable.


  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Sharon - how did physio go?


  • OK - it is an inflamed tendon, had some ultra sound, been giving some strengthening exercises & shown how to tape it up for running which will help . Physio has suggested 13 miles this week & next, then 10 miles the week before the marathon. Need to find routes that are on a flat surface (so no pavements). So still looking like I will get to the start line at the moment.
  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Might not sound like it just now but that is actually decent news if physio saying to do these distances.  I use KT tape and it helps big time - good youtube videos on putting it on.

  • Thanks I will take a look. I was really happy that she thought I should still run - I had prepared myself for the worst
  • I know your pain. I have just taken 3 weeks off with a calf injury and am now frantically trying to sharpen up and get back lost fitness in time. 

    I haven't read everything above but I noticed a suggestion about deferring. Sadly, as far as i am aware, charity places cannot be deferred. 

  • I didn't think you could defer either, so I have been doing my upmost to ensure I get to the start line. Feeling a bit more positive today. Hopefully will be in reasonable shape for 24th April - I won't get anywhere near the time that I had hoped when I started out, but staying focused on the ??2,000 that I have raised for charity is keeping me going.
  • As long as you're fit enough to get round the course, you'll love it regardless of the time!

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