6 Half marathons in 6 days

Hi all

I'm looking at an event in November which consists of running 6 half marathons in 6 days (there is a full marathon option but i'm not that crazy YET) I'm looking for any training advice and nutritional advice on the months before and also the race week itself. I have done multiply runs in a week before - half followed by a 10k followed by a half - but there have always been rest days in between. I really would like to take on this challenge, but i'm experienced enough to want to know if my body is up for it. At the moment i do a race a month between 10k and halfs. My week is 3 runs - one hills, one for enjoyment, one lsr - one Tabata session with weights, one or two spin classes and a swim session every other week.

Any advice before i jump into it would be great or if anyone has done back to back events how did you get over the obligatory two day after leg death?

Thanks all


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