My name is ???????? and i am gonna seriously get my sh!t in one sock - Part 2

RidgebackMax started a thread back in 2013 - this is just a new version of that thread.

So, the premise is simple - honesty is essential.  It can be whatever you need to sort out in your (training) life.  Swim speed, weight loss, ambitions of tri in 2017.  But if you're better at talking a good job rather than doing it - now is the time to change...



  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    So I'll start - I'm Happychap and I need to lose some weight.  Having spent two years losing 4.5 stone - I've just spent the last year putting it all back on again. 

    I have IM Maastricht in 8 weeks and IM Mallorca in 18 weeks so now is the time to get my finger out and do something about it.

    I have a goal of 10kg weight loss in 8 weeks to at least get to the start line of Maastricht. image

  • I have to get some training done before Maastricht. I have lost both my parents this year, so exercise has been a bit  thin on the ground -

    - so I now need to get my finger out ... just to get round 

  • Simo429Simo429 ✭✭✭

    My name is Simo and I would like to run sub 3.45 during my first marathon in October while stilkl maintaining my swim fitness and then comit to a bike bloke between october and Jan

  • I'm Sunnysider.  I'm constantly trying to lose weight, but since picking up a running injury I've been snacking loads.  Therefore, rather than the usual struggle I have to maintain my 'a bit overweight' self I've been putting quite a bit on.

    I've just found out that I have stress fractures in both legs so won't be running for a couple of months so limited to swimming and cycling.

    I've been too scared to get on the scales for two months but I need to (1) cut out snacks to (2) lose about 14kg in weight to get me in the best shape for IMW (assuming I can start running again in August!)

  • I'm MC, and I need to work on three things...

    1] I need to get some cycling power, so that I don't get caned on the climbs..l so big gear and intervals, here I come.

    2] I need to develop my aerobic endurance and mental strength on my runs... no more walking!

    3] I need at accept that even though I've got a high metabolsm, I've got to stop eating crap food all the time... It might not show, but it does affect my race

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • My name is Road to Nowhere.

    I need to get more power and speed on the bike too.  My weakest discipline.

    I need to stop snacking on so much sugary stuff.  I'll allow myself a small amount, but not the bags of sweets I eat every day.

    I want to swim under 20 minutes for 1000m.  Missed the time trial last night because I wasn't well, but think I might have done it - gutted.

    Finally, I need to believe in myself and start thinking positively.

  • IslandIsland ✭✭✭

    My name is Island

    I need to eat more healthily, I'm a Fruit and veg phob.

    I need to improve my swimming, biking and running  image  so that I can complete a 70.3 next year.

  • I was going to sort out my training last week by going out and buying some new running shoes.  But when I got there, it turned out I couldn't after all. image

    I was going to post something meaningful but after reading Will and Phil ("two broken legs so I'll stick to cycling") I've realised my problems really aren't that big a deal in the scheme of things.

  • Another here to put hand in air for IM Maastricht admissions.

    Whilst I have done 'some' training it has been far from structured, and probably lacking in most areas.

    This has now culminated in extremely tight ITB and hammy's verging on the injurious after just a cursory commute home on the bike and 12 mile run at the weekend.

    So my goal , is to start more structured training to all 3 disciplines to make the most of the remaining 9 weeks, AND to start a stretching core regime to ensure I actually make it to the start.


  • I'm Lee the Pea and I need to sort out my diet. I'm currently the heaviest I've ever been in my life, and that's not good! So I'm very happy with myself and my life, but I don't want to die of obesity anytime soon. So here are my overall goals:

    1) lose weight sensibly to reach a healthy weight (number not important but I reckon I have 5 stone to lose)

    2) return to exercising consistently. Number 1) is key though, as I know you can't out-train a bad diet (dammit!!)

    3) successful finish Brighton marathon in April 2017 in a time I can finally be proud of. I'm probably still looking at a 5:00-5:30 hr finish, but I'd be happy with that and it would still be considerably faster than my last two.

    Thanks for starting this HC image
  • I'm durhambiker and I need to sort my shit out.

    1) diet. I need to shift some weight, at least a couple of stone as I'm currently at least 16 stone. It would help if for a start I would get my arse onto some scales, and then repeat that regularly to keep track. Snacking and eating crap is a major issue to be resolved, as well as sorting the overall diet.

    2) structure. My training needs some. I'll be moving back to Manchester in August and I'll be looking to join a tri club for swim sessions, as I've done a few with my current local club. My bike and run training needs structure though to help me improve, so I'll be looking into HR and power training. #1 will also help me improve
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    Woohoo welcome to the party all image

    Pea - you are welcome image

    CD - Maybe this week will be a better time to get shoes image

    Will - I was so sorry to hear about your circs and am looking forward to giving you a big hug/buying you a pint iin Maastricht.

    The key to this is to have goals I think - I informed my PT of the first weight loss goal this morning so now I have lots of accountability.  I also set myself a 100kg deadlift target (by the end of the year).  91.25kg this morning so I have a benchmark.

  • You'll get to 100kg well before the end of the year I reckon image

    I'm re-setting with my PT next week, so will establish some gym goals.  I'm hesitant to put some weight goals out there because I don't want it to be a pass/fail thing for me; in the past i'd get pissed off if I don't meet them then go off the rails.  However, I can get goals that will help me health wise so i'll have a think and post them up here then I can track them.

  • Thanks for starting this HC.  It made me think twice at lunchtime and as a direct result of this thread I've saved myself a few hundred calories!

  • decadavedecadave ✭✭✭

    my name is decadave and I have IM Mallorca in September. Ive had a very lazy winter/spring.

    At the moment I cant run more than 5 miles (as others on this thread will testify!) and any sort of hill - I'm slowing to a walk.

    I need to get my finger out, find my mojo, get some miles done.

    Swim wise - I did 3k in 51 minutes last week.

    Bike - only done one ride over 40 miles this year

    Run - up to 5 miles - but my last run (monday) saw me with a very sore achilles.


  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    You are welcome Phil.  Get on those scales and find out where you are then you can set goals from there.  There's nothing to be scared of image

    Dave - still plenty of time.  Do you have a plan?

  • decadavedecadave ✭✭✭

    Plan. hmmm. Simple answer is no.

    nature of the job / life. (now working tonight, so tonights bike is out of the window)


  • Hi all, I need to get my shit together too.

    I've got IM Mallorca to look forward to too, and I'm now having to come to terms with the perimenopausal bloat/weight gain, may not all be hormone related after all image . I need to eat better and maybe get the gp to do my bloods to be on the safe side. Feel like my body is not mine at the moment image


    I also need to speed up a bit, and try *not* to get caught out by heat exhaustion this year...

  • fraggle.did you have a friend splashing suncream over everyone at Lanza  image

  • Indeed Seren - Ian (who is 'fetcheveryone') and his lovely wife Katie were doing just that image I told them to look out for the Pirates image

  • DaylightRDaylightR ✭✭✭

    I'm Daylight, and I don't want to poo in a sock.

    I do however, want to finally hit the weight goal of 85kg that I've now had for 3yrs. Every year by peak race time (Aug / Sept) i get down to approx 90kg, finish my A-race then balloon back up to 100+.

    I've got 2 sportives, Isoman and then Mallorca. Training plan is sorted, just need to stick to it.

    The diet however, needs some attention, particularly the alcohol!


  • decadavedecadave ✭✭✭
    DaylightR wrote (see)

    I'm Daylight, and I don't want to poo in a sock.

    I do however, want to finally hit the weight goal of 85kg that I've now had for 3yrs. Every year by peak race time (Aug / Sept) i get down to approx 90kg, finish my A-race then balloon back up to 100+.

    I've got 2 sportives, Isoman and then Mallorca. Training plan is sorted, just need to stick to it.

    The diet however, needs some attention, particularly the alcohol!


    more alcohol? image



  • ...and I'm going to pay more attention to the swim training plan/ideas that Daylight kindly wrote me for IMW last year!  I've been following it a bit this year and my best lake lap (750m) so far (out of the two times I've been!) is 15:37 compared to 14:59 at the end of my training last year so I'm confident of some improvements!

  • better late than never....I've got a full distance tri in 10 days and I still haven't ridden my bike clipped in outside. I'm clipped in on the turbo image but so far it's been trainers outside. I've got to force myself to get out clipped in this weekend, otherwise my family will disown me for embarassing them.

  • Katie did my suncream.... she was a ray of sunshine, and cheered me up no end.... thank her for me when you see her!

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Katie did mine as well... image


     which one are you doing Molly


  • Challenge Venice Seren - with a pirate visor

  • might be worth taking a wetsuit and bike too image

  • My name is Pete_inthehills

    Last October I left the wind swept hills of Aberdeenshire for a new life in the colonies...Houston, Texas.  It's a bit warmer than I'm used to.  Oddly my fitness lost focus with the move and resettling.

    I am not going to be last in the swim section again.  I will join the local masters swim sessions.  I will get back on the bike and I will get my 1km time back down to 5minutes rather than the 6.20minutes that it is now.  I will also shed a few pounds.


  • are not the only pirate In Houston ...

    I need to find a sock to shit in but once I have located some pennies I too shall be entering IM Mallorca ...things need to change image

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