Outlaw 2016



  • DH2DH2 ✭✭✭

    Have a good weekend both participants and supporters.

  • Nothing like last minute but there are transfer number tattoos in the race pack but no mention anywhere else. Can i assume one for each arm and back of each calf?

    Good luck tomorrow everyone!

  • Thanks soooo much to all the volunteers on the feed station, made my day being so looked after on the second go round ???? Also to all the Pirates I spoke to and hi and lo fived on the bike and run , was awesome!

  • Pretty glad no one wanted my hotel room now ????

  • great to meet and re-meet fellow pirates again this weekend, some excellent pirating and inspiring performances from many

    Remember today that you are not broken , it just hurts....



  • Top work everyone, and commiserations to TJ having to be pulled out of the swim with back problems. It'll be there waiting for you another year buddy.

    Great to meet some new faces! 

  • Hello! Thanks all for your fantastic supporting over the weekend, it was an honour to meet you all, thanks for being lovely.

  • It only took me 8 hours to get home
  • Great race and a good tri for a first ironman. Well organised and supported. Did far better than I had expected. Got in the top half of the results when I was worried about missing the cut off after the bikeimage 

  • nice one PC , you are obviously awesome as I can see by your choice of forum name....

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    How is everybody today?

    Had a bad time personally and had serious back problems on the run and ended up with a run leg over an hour longer than usual and was mostly shuffling.

    11:22 total and probably my last IM race - about time I listened to my body and eased off a bit
  • Could've been worse.

    I could have been mauled to death by the beast of Holme Pierrepoint




    Great to see everyone again.

    Top racing and top supporting. Might write a wee report on the weekend's activities, but in all honesty I really CBA at the moment

  • Not bad at all, all things considered.

    It was great to see and meet people at the weekend.

    Astounded myself with 10hrs 26. Dunno how that happened. Expect I'll write some more waffle about it when I'm back at work tomorrow or Wednesday.

    My wife and son thoroughly enjoyed being on the feed station too. From what they're saying I'll be back to do the race again next year so they can do the feed station again.
  • Amazing to see everyone finish, top quality weekend! 

    Nursey - now I really can't stop laughing!!!!!

  • Well had a really enjoyable day, some cracking banter all around the course. Nice to meet with some of you pirates and hope all is well with you all.

    Well done to supporters relay teams and individuals.

    Apologies for wife and kids not helping on food station we had a real bad fortnight leading up to race day and was slightly unorganised.
  • Lol Nursey  image

    The beast indeed .. !!

    Cracking weekend, sorry I wasn't able to stay long and thanks to Team Digger for looking after the hanger on  image

    Top racing. supporting, cheering and gimping Pirates.

  • Hey it was great to meet everyone, thank you to the gentlemen that I finished with that was a massive bag of moral.  Sorry I didn't stick around for the after party but I made my flight in the end... wasn't the most productive of days however!  So er same time next year...

  • It only took me 8 hours to get home
  • fantastic pirate relay and it's definitely same time next year. As usual met loads of great pirates as I supported at the end of the loop and out on the lake, whoever you were , you were great. Can't put in a race report as I only swam and  got cramp in my calfs and PB so was really pleased and the rest of pirate team 24 did themselves proud. 


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    I had a great time! Swimmer citizen146 did an ace time of 1:10:56 (or something like that) Effing madness went sub 6 hours on the bike, and I did my marathon personal worst image Started running with a really tight left calf, wondered whether this was a good idea, sod it, I am doing it, by the time I got to 18 miles my feet hurt more than my calf, so all good. I never drink coke or eat crisps - I just don't like them, but had some at every feed station, enjoyed some jaffa cakes and bananas too. Was hugged by a lovely young male volunteer last time across that wobbly bridge - there often seemed to be teenagers jumping up and down on it. At 23 miles was offered a jelly baby by a supporter - recognised her as one of the kids I teach, the look on her face when I called her name - went from confusion to recognition to shock 'NO WAY - MRS GREEN!'. Managed to run past the finish chute and the high fives from the pirate massive as I ran past to get the third band was brill. Somehow speeded up a bit on the last 3 miles (well, I had to run past my student again) and enjoyed the run down the finish with citizen and EM. Shame EM had to leave - didn't really get much chance to hang out. 

    That run is brutal - massive respect to anyone that does the full - I always find flat runs somehow harder than hilly ones even though I am rubbish at running uphill. Mentally the out and back along the embankment is hard going. It was so good to see buttercup out there with her sweets. I never enjoyed a piece of fudge so much. Saw red stripe as she went out for her second out and back, was surprised as I thought when I saw her before she was heading to finish and realised how tough a day it was for her. Hope the hug helped

    at 18 miles I swore I wasn't doing this again, but then at the end of the night someone said 'want to do it again next year?' 'yeah, why not?'

    brilliant team - thanks for a great day




  • I'll do a quick report here, and later once I've written it I'll stick a link up to my longer blog post.

    I was the biker for the relay team Fool's Gold (Iron Pirate, get it?). Didn't get much training done on the bike as originally I was doing the run, but plans change... Longest training ride was about 30 miles and slow, so I knew this was going to be a tough ride.

    Ghost was the last Pirate relay swimmer out of the water, a tactic which meant I was able to feel oarsome as I reeled a few of the others in. Got to the Pirate feed station for my first visit averaging just shy of 20mph. Flat Footed had me in stitches dressed up in his wrestling gear dancing away and shouting encouragement. Speed dropped a bit over the rest of the southern loop, but average was still around 19mph which I maintained out to the northern loop. I knew the speed would drop going up Oxton Bank, but I got most of it back on the long descent to Southwell. Stopped at feed station 4 as I was starting to get pain in my back, knees and feet and just wanted a bit of respite. All down to lack of time in the saddle, so easily remedied for future events. Out onto the link section back to the southern loop for the second time and my average was about 18mph, far quicker than I expected it to be. Stopped at the Pirate feed station for another stretch, got given plenty of abuse for stopping by pretty much everyone and set off for that last tortuous lap. There seemed to be a headwind all the way round that was just strong enough to seriously piss you off. My speed was dropping quickly now and my will was being tested. Earlier in the ride the miles had been flying up on my Garmin, now I was watching each additional 0.1 mile increase coming along at a glacial pace. But eventually the loop was done, I was going back through the ever amazing Car Colston for the final time, and it was onto that last stretch back to HPP. On reaching the top of the hill before Radcliffe-on-Trent I realised it was all either downhill or flat from here on and my spirits were massively lifted. Then I remembered the state of the road for the last couple of miles and I could quite easily have spat my dummy right out. Still, it was only going to be 10 minutes of effort tops so I got on with it, getting back onto the tri bars once the road smoothed out. Up to the dismount line, handed the bike over and managed to awkwardly run over to the relay handover point and let our runner get on with the final section. My job done, I went to see the last few Pirate bikers in before getting changed and spending the rest of the day supporting.

    Bike split done in 6:46:27, average speed on the Garmin was showing 16.5mph, but actual moving average was 17.3mph. Delighted with that. 21 minutes wasted stopped to stretch, which will be easy to trim off for next year just by doing the time on the bike.

  • mathschick wrote (see)

     At 23 miles was offered a jelly baby by a supporter - recognised her as one of the kids I teach, the look on her face when I called her name - went from confusion to recognition to shock 'NO WAY - MRS GREEN!'.  

    Love it!.... that has made my day!!!


    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    MC - it made my day too image really gave me a lift for those last 3 miles

  • Sportcam managed to get a picture of me taking in some much need nutrition half way through the run. 

    Thanks Pirates


  • They also managed to snap a couple of Meldy, who's been in the water so long she's grown a beard

  • Razor or Horse - Meldy left some of your clothing in the tent. Drop me a PM and I can arrange to get it back to you.

  • Race report

    Just a few weeks after Lanza, I'd been nervous about how my body would feel leading into Outlaw, but the training between the two races had gone well, and I felt good, including setting a new PB at Olympic distance 4 weeks ago.

      That didn't stop the race morning nerves though.   As the gun fired at 6:00am, I set off. I'd decided to start from the front of pen 3, the 1:20 to 1:50 group, with a swim at an angle to the first mark, but with the hope of some clear water. I had said that a 1:30 was my target, secretly hoping for a 1:25.   The swim was generally uneventful. There was very little in the way of biff fest, so that made life a lot easier... it was just, as is any IM swim in my opinion, a seriously dull activity!... I suspect made worse in this case by the single lap with no half way exit and re-entry!... There were only two moments of drama for me... firstly a small kick halfway on the outbound leg knocked my Garmin watch off its quick release... thank god for the bit of string i'd tied on to cover such eventuality.... and a little distance into the return leg when my straight line swimming 'skills' showed their colours and I swam into a jetty on the side of the lake!... no harm done fortunately!! I was therefore understandably delighted to climb out the water in 1:21, an IM swim PB by 6 minutes!   And onto the bike.   This course has a little trick up its sleeve. The start is fast.... very fast. As I passed mile 10, I was averaging over 21mph. Way too quick. I wouldn't be able to maintain this. But the course lures you into a false sense of security. The first visit to the Pirate feed station at 16 miles as phenomenal... you really needed earplugs to avoid hearing damage.... and Stevie Wonder's sunglasses to protect you from Flat Footed's dress sense. Soon it was onto the second loop, and up Oxton bank.... its not that long, so soon knocked out... and back towards the second loop.... coming up to the pirate feed station again and I'm still averaging over 20mph at the 80 miles point... this can't last! And it doesn't. The last 20 miles were slightly uphill overall, and into the wind and it was tough.... I was very very glad to see T2!... but equally delighted that I had still averaged 19mph overall.... In my dreaming beforehand, looking at possible times, 19mph had been my very best case scenario, and not one I'd realistically expected... so a 5:57 for the bike leg was a huge lift.... and again another IM leg PB, in this case by 58 minutes   Just a little jog to go!   My main personal aim for this race was to conquer a demon.... In my previous IMs, I'd walked far too much of the run, and taken the edge off my overall result.... this time, I was determined to push myself harder on the run, to take the pain better, and to dig much deeper... a mental improvement, not a physical one.... so I set off with 9:30 min miles in mind, and managed that for 35 mins... and then threw in a 5 min walk. This seemed to be working well, so I kept that strategy up, 35 min run at about 9:30 pace, 5 min walk until mile 20, along the way, running with various other pirates and runners, who's presence always lifts me... 

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • ....it was great to see Horse, Razor, Leeky, Maths, PT, Bristol Sparks, Red Stripe, and many others out there... you are all amazing people. By Mile 20, I coudn't keep the 35/5 strategy up, and it became a 15/5, and then a 10/5... But I ran so much more.... yes, still room to improve, but a massive stride forwards.... And the finish line approached... the Outlaw finish is amazing... a wall of sound... truly inspiring. I defy you to not be a little bit moved by that experience. And as "YOU ARE AN OUTLAW" rang in my ears, I stopped my Garmin to a 4:40 for the run, another IM leg PB by 52 minutes, and an overall 12:10, a PB by 2hrs 1min..... I couldn't be happier!

      Best of all for me.... my family had finally been able to make an IM distance race with me, and they all agreed afterwards on two things.... the Iron finishing line is an incredible experience....and the Pirates are a jaw-droppingly inspiring group of people.
    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Great report MC, amazing time and PB

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