OMM team partner needed for this October

I am based nr Brighton and my team mate is injured and very unlikely to make the OMM in Scotland 29-30 October this year. I am seeking a someone who is currently able to run 30km across the hills and will be ready to hit 35km day 1 / 30km day 2 for two consecutive days on the hills by the end of September. Check out the OMM. I have us signed up to do the B course 45km shortest route, with your ruck sack on (7-8kg) containing all your gear for two days.


  • Thought I'd comment just to say good luck. Only just registered for it with a partner last week, otherwise I'd be along with you. 

    Hope you find someone and have a great experience.

    PS the thread title says C Class but your post says B

  • Hi Ben,

    I am pretty keen to get involved with the OMM and have been looking for a partner. I'm pretty sure I would make the distance but I am slow!! On the plus side, my nav is fair and i'm used to being out in the hills so if you struggle to find anyone fast and still want to go then give me a shout!


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