IM Wales 2017

So after the past couple of weeks arguing with myself and debating with others if I can/Should do one of these Ironmans I've gone and made the commitment. 

Something that feels exciting but also much bigger than any marathon/event that I've done in the past. 

Any tips from anyone? Anyone else signed up? Anyone know of a good training plan? 

After reading many posts on here I know 12 months is enough however how do people manage with diet? Is it so strict from now until the event or do people tend to clamp down 3/4 months pre event? 





  • Most of the advice is actually the opposite. You need to fuel your training, so lose as much weight as you can between now and christmas, then focus on sensible fuelling until the event.

    However, having said all the above makes me a complete hypocrite. Knowing that's what is supposed to happen, what I personally do is load up on cake, beer and roast dinners over the Christmas period, fail to train, end up 2 stone heavier, then go on a fad diet off and on until I panic 6-8 weeks out and start taking things seriously.

    Hopefully you'll follow a more sensible approach - and there's probably a bunch of really good general diet advice in the High Fat Low Carb thread.

  • Wales? Go and find a big hill and ride up it a lot, then run up and down a lot.

    Awesome race.
  • Diet is a good topic - but dont get hung up on it. Eat sensibly, drink responsibly (for me that just means "not the night before the race" )

    Just get in the pool, get out on the bike (find some hills!) and get some running done.

    have a look at "Be Iron Fit" or follow the "Fink" plan.

    Or get a coach

    Or none of the above and wing it.


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Swim - do as much as you need to feel confident and strong in chop and swell. Could be very little if you're already a confident swimmer, or quite a bit if not.

    Bike - same thing in a way. Do lots of hills in training until you feel at an advantage on a hilly course.

    Run - no need to go mad. By the time you get to the run on race day it's uncharted waters. Better to get to the start uninjured than to make the whole thing impossible/miserable by having done too many long runs in training.

    I agree with decadave on all points except Winging it - Wales doesn't take too kindly to that approach!
  • work out what your strengths and weaknesses are before you srtart

    are you overweight

    are you slow

    can you climb hills on the bike easily

    have you got good endurance on teh bike

    do you enjoy swimming in the sea in rough weather


    they tackle your biggest weaknessess.

    and if you are slow then mix any running with learning to power walk.especially up hill

    It is the best race up there......but the hardest I have done

  • I'm thinking of doing Wales. All depends on what happens with Mallorca. If it's binned then it's a choice between Wales and Barcelona.

    Family in Pembs would make the logistics easy and I could ride the course a few times.

    Looking at Seren's post, I will have to do lots of swimming. I followed, or more accurately, 'read' the Iron fit book for my first one. It was a good read but I never really stuck to it.


  • Thanks for the advice guys, Apologies for the late reply been busy with work and running actually. Just completed the B,Ham half marathon. 

    Tomorrow starts the long road to Wales and after reading the above and some bits and bobs and knowing swimming is going to be my challenge I'll be spending alot of time in the pool and the open water along with finding myself some hills in the mid-lands! 


  • I have entered.
    I did so on the day of the 2016 event.

    Unfortunately I've now crashed off my bike, and have been told by all my close family to forget it. OK I am paying the quiet game at the moment, but I may have totally blown it.

    For your information, the crash was only at 20+mph, on the flat. I hit the deck like a log. Head first. Hat broken, head not good. Coma for 5 days. Wrists not good. Impact scratches will heal. Lycra kit trashed. What else? PSOF kit safe. Bike totally saved.
    I owe a lot of beer to my cycling mates, and donations to Air Ambulance.
    I also owe a lot of Brownie Points to my wife and family.

    Any lessons for Wales? Yes. A BIG BIG BIG one. There are many hills. You flog up them. Then cry out for a free wheel down and part way up the next. It doesn't work like that. It's Wales. Free wheel down, then brake hard because it always has a suicidal corner at the bottom.
    There are usually a lot of expensive crashes. Don't be one of them.

  • Make sure you can complete a horrendously rough swim within the time limit.

    Too many people DNF or get cut off after a lap because they have never swum in OW before (yes really!). 


    Runner, swimmer, cyclist and triathlete

    Devoid of a competitive streak :)

    Who cares, I'm in it for the medal!

  • Feckin' nora Blisters, that sounds awful.

    Glad you're ok, and hope there's no lasting damage.

    Can't say I blame your family for taking that view, but hopefully they loosen the leash a little as the race approaches. image

  • Pudge, I have to give the family a great deal of sympathy and respect, especially nearing Christmas. They spent a week watching me in a coma. In fact, on the day it happened, my parents actually had a visit from Plod to say sorry to inform you,,,,,,but he's dead. I'll  admit that it was probably close. Dad sees the funny side. Let's see if you lot can tell the difference?

    Like I said earlier, I'm touch and go for this, with a potential deferment. Anyone know what the rules are? Apart from RTFM.

  • sadly I think you can only defer to one in teh same Wales is one of the last of the year not much you can defer to......

    but thecost of entry is small fry compared to your life.....Its a spent cost so just look forward slowly to next year...


  • I tried to defer last year and was offered three mainland european 70.3s as Seren says there was nothing early in the following season offered to go to

  • i was just thinking that maybe there is a flatter half somewhere that might be a compromise

  • I know we are sort of hijacking a swim thread here but do those feckers at IM give a shit about their Athletes, surely a near death experience is one they should morally make an exception for!

    Have you considered writing to the UK MD of IM and if he doesn't have the balls to let you defer go higher!

  • I'd had a bit of a crash a few months before MW when I asked about deferring but was told tough luck pretty much, was told you have to sign the waiver saying you're fit to do the event if you're not then so be it basically.

    Mine was only a broken skull and fractured neck by the way

  • Symes,
    I love the irony. You were clearly worse off than me. Good news: fit people do tend to heal quite quickly.

    I will get the famous Round Tuit, and RTFM. Clearly I was trolling for easy answers. You have helped.
    Currently I'm being a lazy @rse. Not doing anything at all (Just heal up and get better) B.O.R.I.N.G. Each day I do something off my Never-Never list. It's never ending, and I never have the enthusiasm.

    I want to go and swim over some lovely rolling Atlantic surf breakers. It's fun. (My hands won't heal if I do try swimbling....)
    Yes it's vital to expect that Tenby swim will be hilly. But I have swum in Tenby loads and loads of times, and it's almost always as flat as a hedgehog on the M4. Glorious. My favourite sea swim. Semi- sheltered, that's why....

  • are a fit long as you drop your expectations for this year you will be fine.

    FM.Ironman do not need to change their policy as they sell out with people who are willing to agree with the terms and conditions........

    I suppose its up to individuals to take out indivdial insurance if they want to

  • Blisters wrote (see)

    I love the irony. You were clearly worse off than me. 


    Says Mr Coma! image

  • blimey I can't believe this thread has been so quiet. Anyway, just to say good luck to all of you on Sunday. Tenby (and North beach) is currently quiet but it won't stay that way. This year I am volunteering at the Lamphey bike station so will shout a hello to any Pirates I spot.
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