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  • Dear RW could you setup a 2015km challenge in Runhub for 2015. Don't need prizes, just would be nice if we could have a central point to see how we are doing on the challenge. 

  • Hi

    First post so please don't shoot me down if I'm in the wrong section. Can anyone explain the difference between the free plans and the premium plans(other than the cost).

    I am looking for a sub 4hr marathon plan that will download into my garmin watch



  • Brilliant Site!!

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    image Runhub won't allow me to upload my file... It says file to large! The tcx file is 29m

  • Mmm, I can't find an obvious way to restrict the visibility of the GPS info if I do upload stuff. Given that a lot of people run in the same place and same time each week, that seems like a bit of a privacy issue.

  • Can you please setup a couple of challenges?

    1000 miles for the year

    2015 km for the year.

    Both hopefully retrospectively from the 1st if not then as early as possible, hopefully not waiting until the beginning of Feb image as that only gives everyone 11 months.

  • Hi,

    I have recently signed up to Runner's World but can't see to gain access to RunHub. When I go to the Get Started page it tells me there should be a toolbar along the top to log runs but this doesn't seem to be appearing. Most annoyingly of al, when I got to add a training plan I'm told I have to be a registered member but I already am! Can somebody please help?


  • Good luck.  RW seem to have completely abandoned it after doing it for one year.


    I think so many use Strava they just gave up, but, that's just my opinion image

  • Help! I've not been able to use it yet. It keeps asking me to log in, no matter what I do.
  • When you go to runhub there is a small toolbar that appears right at the top of the page and you create a login i think up there.... So long since i've done it image

  • Nope. Tried login and sign up, goes to my profile page. If I try going on to Run Hub it says I have to register.
  • Same here, can't log into Run Hub. I'm getting the same response as John Robertson and Roscoemck.  Seems like it's a problem on the techy side of things... shame that RW don't seem to think it's worth fixing but then again, the RW website has never been bugfree...

  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    Guys, how does this work? Does it work with Nike, Garmin or Strava? How do you record runs?

  • When I try to access run hub it asks me to log in, even though I am already logged into the RW Web. When I enter my e mail and password it doesn't recognise them.
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