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I am an obstacle course runner and I wanted to have a go at a half marathon. I've always thought this would not really be my thing but I want to experience the atmosphere and the challenge. Out of the half marathons Ive looked at I managed to narrow this down to a choice of 2, Reading and North London. 

Both finish in a football stadium which appeals to me most, however with the way the course is and having looked at the finish in Wembley for the North London last year this just seems pretty empty at the end in comparison to the Reading one. 

Which one is the better overall for the whole experience? 


  • PiersPiers ✭✭✭

    Reading is a good half well organised, generally quick, well supported round the course and a good stadium finish

    Downsides are that it is a narrow start and there's a sharp hill at two miles which means it can take a while to get into a rhythm. The last two miles are rather dull down a dual carriageway and just when you think you are going to finish you are directed down into an office park for 1/2 mile.

    Getting out of the official car parks around the venue can be horrendous; best pick the car parks further away.

    Never done North London

  • I've done both and would say reading is better if you held a gun to my head, but both worth a jolly. I'd base your your chose on which is better for you logistically if it's your first one you might to think about getting home after for ever the tube or driving. There are a lot of races down there though I'd see what else is on you might like before entering. Northern monkey so got limited knowledge for London village.

  • I've only done the Reading half but would echo the comments above, it's well organised and well supported, especially through the town centre.  The dual carriageway near the end is quite boring and I've always found it quite tough as it's near the end when you tend to be hanging on. 

    They've revised the course slightly so the diversion away from the stadium is at the beginning and not the end which was always a bit soul destroying.


  • Never done Reading but have done the North London Half and think that it's a great race. Well supported now by the businesses in the LDO and Hotels in the area.

    I have no idea what you mean about Wembley looking empty? It's a huge Stadium and they opened the lower tier of a side stand for friends and family last year, although this may not show up on many photos. It was very busy in and around Wembley and the LDO after the race with over 12.000 runners, friends and family in the area. It was only the 2nd year of the North London Half and the first year that the Finish was staged at Wembley. It's good running around Allianz Stadium track of at the halfway point and the support on certain sections of the course was excellent, especially at the Start and over the last mile towards and up Wembley Way to the Stadium. Amazing experience running in to Wembley via the entrance used, really well organised, good photographers, medals, merchandise etc, as to be expected from a race organised by Vitality.

    A race that I will definitely be running again. One of my favourite HM's.

    The North London Half is only likely to grow year on year and has the potential to become the 2nd biggest Half in the UK if you ask me. I am not sure how Birmingham will cope with having a Marathon on the same day as their Half from next year.
  • I have a place for north london half this sunday. Anyone interested?
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