hi I am a 61 old runner ,i have been dianostic with IBS and that normaly bother sometime and goes with treatment. but now from more than two months nothing works.SPASMONAL.APERCAP.BUSCOPAN

I have a constant pain in my lower tummy

My GP has send a referal to a gastroenterology but they ve go a waiting list of 34/36 weeks

anyone got a suggestion.treatment place to go?


  • Have a look at your diet and keep a food diary. You may find that some things irritate it. Especially think about dairy, spicy foods, alcohol, red meat, caffeine.

    A lot of learning to managing IBS is about working out the trigger foods, working out times to eat and getting the treatment right.

    I was diagnosed with IBS in 1993 and take a combination of spasmonal and loperamide.

    It is a fairly individual thing but you might find it helpful to join an IBS support group or forum.

  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    Hi Eric,

    Try and isolate the issue? There are a lot more people lactose intolerant than is reported.

    Also white bread is better than brown bread in this instance, I know how silly that sounds but take it from someone who knows, wholegrains in general should be avoided.

    Also, if you can mash and puree vegetables and fruits, soups, etc fibre is not the best for IBS.

    Drink plenty and if you can get hold of buscopan from your pharmacy, it eases stomach pains related to IBS.

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