Ron Hill tracksters

Hi, im looking for the thicker styled Ron Hill tracksters

iv got a few pairs from a few years ago (still going strong) but getting a bit tatty, so im looking to buy a couple of new ones

the ones ive got are Bikesters (if i rember correct) as these with the thick ones i found at the time, as didnt want the thinner legging type trackster

there seems to be a lot more of these available now with different names, so woundered if anyone could help with some info on the newer version

ideally a link or Ebay (as they will be bought on-line) thats why i need the help, as i dont want to order a few pairs trying to find the ones im after

ideally looking for blue, so if anybody has any info on the above, id be greatfull




  • Embrace the lycra Ray - they're faster....image
  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    Not really sure what you're looking for, but here's a guide to the different tracksters.

    Wiggle still do the classic style, but don't seem to do the Bikester any more. I had a pair of each some years ago and they're probably still running on their own somewhere today. T.B.H most people have evolved to thinner lycra tights as they're more comfortable and the tracksters are a bit too '1980's PE teacher'.

    Just buy a pair from a well known brand and you won't really go wrong. I've had pairs from Ron Hill, OMM and a few others and they've all been okay.


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I've just bought 2 x classic tracksters from Sportsshoes Unlimited, for £20. That Ronhill site link about the various trackies isn't very informative tbh but I suspect the classic or "origin" is what you want.

    I wear mine with a bouffant wig, lambchop sideburns and chest medallion for that proper 1980s PE teacher look.

  • Ah, tracksters.  Proper classic ones would be in blue with a red stripe down the side, not this black and white rubbish.

    Nobody ever asked if shorts should be worn over their tracksters, and that's good enough for me.

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭
    Muttley wrote (see)

    I wear mine with a bouffant wig, lambchop sideburns and chest medallion for that proper 1980s PE teacher look.


    You must have gone to the same school as me.

    The only other thing you need to wear to perfect the look is the narcissistic personality disorder.  

  • My pe teacher would use his car to go to the cake shop at lunch. It must have been a good 300 metres away so you can't blame him.

    He had tracksters
  • I've just come into this conversation and my sympathy goes out to Ray Doyle. I don't know what Ron Hill's company is thinking of by not producing the old style classic heavyweight tracksters, whatever they may have been called. OK, they may no longer be fashionable, but they were functional, not so much for runners but as a quality practical product for those of us who venture into the hills in all weathers. I've walked and run throughout the hills of this country and no matter what the conditions are like the heavyweight tracksters have been perfect for the job - loose fitting, very comfortable, warm when wet, quick drying, long lasting. I'm sure that there is a killing to be made by anyone re-inventing them and getting them into the sports shops. There was also a Fastrax version of these available at The Complete Runner at Ilkley, but I think these too have been replaced by the 'fashionable' but useless tights that have been forced upon runners by the designers. The modern version of the trackster is useless. I bought a pair and wore them 3 times before giving them to a charity shop. No need for shiny materials and reflective tape, just 2 decent side pockets and one pocket at the back with a zip. I too would be glad to know if the old type product can be obtained anywhere.
  • They were quite comfy tbh - but very old skool. Best worn with one of those zip up 'paper jackets' for the proper 80's look.
    Lycra is definitely the way forward but for those of you still searching for RH Tracksters I've seen them on Pete Bland Sports website.

    Poplarhawk - Ron Hill sold his clothing company decades ago.

  • Thanks, Shades, I'll have a look at Pete Bland's site. Yes, I'm aware that Ron Hill sold out but the brand lives on.
    Not a very useful contribution, Simon Coombes 2
  • Sports direct sells some cheap tracksuit bottoms that are a similar material - good for cold weather (unlike lycra). unfortunately they lack the zipped pocket that is so useful for keys.
  • I've just bought some running 'tracksters' and used them in wet sleet. They were great. As it said on the tin, they were water repellent and unlike my top half, didn't get soggy. Mine were the slim fit, so not baggy but not skintight either. There is a zip pocket big enough to take a small mobile ( I stuck a CC and keys in there), a waist drawstring. Only criticism I'd make is that the waistband could be higher. I have a reasonably substantial derriere and by the time the material is stretched around my arse, the waistband is only just high enough to comfortably tuck in a top.
    32" waist and 30" leg - a medium fitted me.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    Zip pockets?
    None of mine have zip pockets, just a little flappy kind of thing in the front.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Just leave your little flappy thing out of this, Higs. ;)
  • Hi all. I love my light weight tracksters but they are getting tatty. The pocket is zipped and holds my large phone. However I want the same thing but with two pockets, because I need to carry a bunch of keys too. I think all the Ron Hill trousers have only one pocket?

    I have a pair of Nike's with two pockets, but they are too heavy and have no heel cups. (My friend sewed on some larger elastic heel cups which is great).

    Any recommendations on a lightweight trouser, with two pockets, and with heel cups?! At some point I'll get a pair of lycra tights too but I'm not there yet!
  • Keys jangling around on your leg ? That'd annoy me immensely. I have a lil carabiner clip for my keys so I can clip out my house key for runs. 

    You can get waist belts for the keys if you need them - then you'll have more options ?
  • Thanks cougie, The rear bum pocket works great; not much jiggling. But I'm pushing it with my keys and the phone. Really though I cycle everywhere and that is when I'm carrying both. And I've been wearing my two pairs of running trousers all day lately so having an extra pocket would just come in handy.
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